Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

What? US has gotten something every single update this year. I think 7 new aircraft. Including THE meta airframe, the F-16C. They probably will get something new this update. But they dont NEED anything. The F-16C will probably be THE meta aircraft for a while yet. even without ARH. Its US we are talking about. They’ll probably get F-15 with AMRAAM by March, but it would be nice for one. single. update. For them to NOT get something and instead perhaps one of the nations that havent gotten anything in the better part of a year to get something instead.

It is incredible childish and selfish to DEMAND something every. single. update. And minor nations to be denied anything because “MERICA”

And you completely misinterpreted our intentions

Jealousy is least of it, probably. But at the end of the day, the US and USSR simply have more options and a much larger player base, so it would be silly for Gaijin to treat them like minor countries like Britain.


Just imagine for a moment, if the last aircraft the US recieved was the F-14A. That was it. No F-14B, No F-16, No F-111.

A year on and the best thing you had to fight the Mig-29SMT and F-16s of other nations was the F-14A. Would you be happy? Or would you expect something new eventually?

Britain and Sweden have been promised a new top tier aircraft this update already. We know something is coming for us. But just because 2 minor nations that are still fielding 11.3s is getting something new. Does not by default mean that the US is required to get something as well. That is just childish


Warthunder forum users when the countries that make the most types of advanced jets have the most types of advanced jets: :0


That is false

Britain has plenty of airframes they havent added yet. It’s just that they care about US and USSR more

Britain even has by my count, 3 competitve 12s they havent added yet and if it wasnt for the fact that the US never made anything equally as good. We could have the Typhoon

Its not the fact that the US made aload of jets its more the fact they keep getting more of them over other nations


And the gap between the top nations and minor ones will remain

I think it would be nice to have something for the Japanese tree as well.
And here comes the main issue: The Self-Defense Forces are not equipped with the F-16AJ.

Also you of all people saying people shouldnt be jingoistic and obsessed with their one nation is really a bit rich.


I think this was exactly what we asked for 2 or 3 years ago and it’s exactly what Gaijin is doing now.

Look how the situation of some minor nations improved these last two years:

Italy received a lot of love and even a subtree. It is even receiving battleships.
Japan received its long-awaited MBT, a paper fighter (it’s the most romantic thing here) and a new and long-awaited SPAA.
France received its navy among other things.
China received its mbts and spaa. (I started playing China since it came out and stopped playing it because I didn’t have an MBT and a SPAA at the top level and the same thing happened to me with Israel)
Sweden reinforced its ranks on land and in the air with Finland.
And Great Britain received light vehicles on all lines.
What is happening today are our complaints from a couple of years ago. The development is not as fast as we think, it is very slow in fact.


The JASDF are not equipped with the F-16AJ.

It is definitely not, especially if we give the Soviets and Americans as much leeway as you want to give Britain in terms of adding new vehicles.

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Britain hasnt had a new aircraft for our TT since March and it was a rather DOA 11.3.

Maybe I want the best for Britain. Im British. But the fact that Britain by the time of the next major update, Wont have had anything new for 9 months and what we do have. Is not by any stretch of the word “top tier”. I think expecting something new more than once per year is not unreasonable.

Meanwhile the US has had:

5x F-16s
1x F-14
1x F-111

and is expected to get at least one new airframe this december.

I dont expect Britain to get a new vehicle every single update. I dont expect any nation to get something every single update. Every Nation should get something at equal and regular intervals. That would be only fair way to do it.

But no, The US and USSR have gotten what 7 new airframes this year. Britain has gotten 1. If you think that is fair. Then you need to re-evaluate that stance


Yeah the f16AJ isn’t real

What? We arent allowed vehicles that actually saw service? Maybe a few prototypes on there, But for the most part i’ve avoided prototypes for that list. Focusing only on airframes that actually entered service

You’re the one person on this forum that I know what your comment going to be before you post it, mr. America is the best nation the planet and therefore we must be the best nation in game.

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They confirmed a new aircraft for the UK. I do not mean to be pedantic but a new fighter would mean it would have to be something from abroad as the UK has no fighters to cover this gap given EF is denied.

By making it an aircraft they open it up to the Tornado (interceptor) or the SHar(strike/fleet air defence fighter).

I hope so. This is meant to be a realistic game, but the tank steering mechanics for top tier MBTs is worse than world of tanks.

However, the in-game armor of Japan’s most advanced tank, the Type 10 tank, is extremely unreliable. Especially the composite armor on the sides compared to MBTs from other countries…you guessed it.
Furthermore, most of them, such as TKX(P) and TKX, are only prototypes.