SEPECAT Jaguar GR3A: Sharpening the claws

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Hello everyone! Today i’m bringing on the suggestion of the SEPECAT Jaguar GR.3A Ground Attack Aircraft, operated by the Royal Air Force.


Operated until 2007 by No. 6 Squadron out of Lossiemouth, the Jaguar GR.3A provides a wealth of improvements to an already capable ground attack jet in the form of avionics, armament and engines overhauls to bring Jaguar up to modern battlefield standards.

In the early 2000’s, Pre-existing Jaguar GR1A/B’s in the Royal Air Forces’ fleet were overhauled with a completely new cockpit and avionics. These changes included, A new HOTAS joystick for improved ease of handling, ergonomics and weapons control, A large Multi-Function Colour Display spanning 20 by 15 centimeters, equipped with GPS and “TERPROM” (Terrain Reference Naviation system), a new wide FOV heads up display, entirely new cockpit layout designed with the operation of helmet mounted night vision goggles in mind and now featuring the RWR prominently on the right of the dash. Most importantly for the cockpit however, was upgrades to the Jaguars data bus to allow for the use of a HMSS or Helmet Mounted Sight System and Data Link.
This HMSS allowed the pilot to cue weapons stores and acquire targets without boresight or manual slewing of the sensor POI. This applies most to War Thunder’s gameplay, allowing the Jaguar GR3A pilot to effectively engage and defend against targets with their over the pylon missiles.

(Jaguar GR.3A cockpit layout - notice the extremely large MFCD, RWR and changes to the HUD. This layout would be a Sim players ergonomic dream)

Jaguar GR3A came equipped with a wide variety of Air and Ground based munitions. Most prominently featured on the later RAF airframes was the all familiar AIM-9L and ASRAAM or Advanced Short Range Air To Air Missile.
While Jaguar was never intended for air to air dogfighting, suited much more like the Blackburn Buccaneer in that it’s AAM loadouts were for interception and self defense exclusively, the Helmet Mounted Sight and AIM-9Ls/ASRAAMs gives Jaguar an extremely powerful close range kit for ensuring delivery of guided/unguided ground stores, while having to bemindful of the limitation of carrying only 2 missiles.

(Jaguar GR.3A seen with ASRAAM, and TIALD)

The upgrades to Jaguar didn’t stop at just avionics and weapons suite wiring however.
The then new Adour 106 turbofan engine became the aircrafts powerplant, providing around 6% more thrust, ease of maintenance, digital engine control, and enhanced reliability.
Ontop of this, Jaguar could now field advanced ground attack munitions such as AS.37 Martel Anti Radiation missiles, AJ.168 TV Guided missiles, and Paveway laser guided bombs.

All in all, the Jaguar GR3A would bring a tried and true favourite of the RAF to life in it’s final form. The culmination of years of advancements in avionics, technology and tactics, Jaguar GR.3A would improve upon everything RAF pilots in War Thunder loved about GR.1 and GR.1A
Faster airframe, engines less prone to overheating, more ground attack munitions, helmet mounted sights, AIM-9Ls or ASRAAMs, an advanced and extremely ergonomic cockpit with all the information you need at a glance. Jaguar GR.3A would become Brtiains premier ground attack and intercept platform.

Engine: Rolls-Royce-Turbomeca Adour Mk.106 (x2)
Features: Afterburner, 37.5 kN of max thrust per engine, Turbofan

Wingspan: 28 ft 6 in
Length: 55 ft 3 in
Height: 16 ft 11 in
Maximum speed: 860 Knots/1592kmh/989mph

RWR: Sky Guardian 200 Digital RWR
Helmet mounted sight
Countermeasures: Same as Jaguar GR1A, capable of carrying ECM pods


Air to Air: AIM-9L Sidewinder IR missiles x2 OR ASRAAM Advanced Short Range Air To Air Missile x2
ADEN 30mm cannons x2

Air to Ground: CVR7 dumb-fire high velocity missiles, TIALD laser designator pod, 1000lb dumb bombs, Paveway II/III guided bombs, AS.37 Anti Radiation missiles, AJ.168 TV Guided missiles, SNEB missiles, 540lb bombs

To conclude, GR3A would be the British Air Trees most advanced and flexible air plaform seen thusfar. It introduced a more reliable, colder, faster and more performant engine compared to it’s predecessor, a brand new cockpit with all new ergonomics, displays, RWR and an extremely powerful Helmet Mounted Sight System (HMSS). It could deliver a lethal ordinance of 2 guided TV missiles, Laser designated bombs, Dumb and retarded bombs via CCIP or CCRP, while maintaining the ability to defend itself against modern threats like the MiG-29 owing to its advanced helmet sighting system, decent handling and powerful but limited air to air missiles.
Placed best after the Harrier GR.7, the GR.3A would provide a supersonic, low altitude strike platform for Royal Air Force enthusiasts.

Thanks very much for reading!
If you like my suggestion or wish to see it in game, go ahead and vote at the top of the page!
Feedback is always welcome!



Liking this one a lot. Its a surefire fit for the British air tree for sure, as the British top tier really needs all the help it can get in its current state


Thanks! Seemed like a really sensible choice for UK air.
The ordinance it carries isn’t as much as Tornado of course, since its a smaller airframe, but its far more manuevorable, has a helmet sight system, better engines, and focusses more on precision guided bombs

Good fit for both air and ground imo!


+1, would be cool to see more Jags in game

Not sure if the Jag ever carried Martel, and it was long out of service by the time GR.3A came about. However, the ALARM was tested on a Jag at some point, so maybe we can ask for it on the GR.3A


From the documentation I found, it could carry the TV guided versions for sure.
Would be cool to have some mounted on a Jag in game

On the GR.3? Sounds quite interesting. Do you happen to have more information about this?

I can certainly dig up my research for the post when i’m off from work!

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Thanks in advance!

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Afraid that’s not an ASRAAM, it’s a RAIDS pod. Other images you will see with finless missiles are CATM-9 target acquisition training units.

GR.3 was indeed equipped to carry ASRAAM. But because the missile had a delayed entry in to service, it overlapped somewhat with the decision to retire Jaguar and meant the MoD/Treasury didn’t allocate funds to fully certify it on the GR.3. So it wasn’t carried in RAF service even though it could.

However, since the RAF retired Jaguar from operational service ASRAAM has been fully certified on the Jaguar’s over-wing pylons for India by British engineers, and GR.3A XZ117 which is retained by the RAF as an instructional airframe (maintained at RAF Cosford in a functional state, but does not fly) was used as part of that.

Images of XZ117 with ASRAAM

In short the GR.3 didn’t equip ASRAAM, but was capable of doing it and would if it became necessary.


Would be amazing and somewhat fit that “Multirole” spot the UK desperately needs!

+1 for me


Avid British tt enjoyer here. I’d LOVE to see gr.3/gr.3a implemented into wt. One of my favorite planes in all of war thunder is the gr.1. hopefully this comes later this year! It would help the btt a LOT.

Sure, but without the ASRAAMs. That would just force it to a higher BR than its flight performance and payload merit.

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I agree, 9L’s or L/i’s at the highest. The Jag is pretty underpowered and is fundamentally a strike platform and not a fighter. I’d like it to get an upgrade but if its going to be 12.3 because of the missiles, you might as well just use a Eurofighter or Tornado.


Posting since there aren’t many images of it:
Jaguar GR.3 carrying a 2000lb Paveway III (note the offset of the tail fins showing it’s a BSU-84 type)
The 2000lb bomb could only be carried centreline pylon, but Jaguar GR.3 could equip TIALD on the wing pylons which would facilitate self-lasing for this kind of munition.


Oh yes please

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the GR.1 could carry TIALD on the wings as well



XX108 was a test aircraft built to GR.1 standard so both jags already in game could technically get them


We need more test aircraft in the game. Between this and the Buccaneer with TIALD it would be fantastic additions.

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