Britain Air Forces

7.7 Britain is the worst with that i don’t understand why apds does almost no damage

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I’ve been tring to spade the two heavy tanks at that BR and just want to go back to the cent mk 3 and Axtion X. I enjoyed those tanks

Honestly about to just bite the bullet and buy the F4J to grind tbh

I didn’t that was pain but bombing bases does work well

I went back to them and had lto use soild shot

I’ve started that list

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Domestic only yeah

For this list, yeah thats the idea, though could include export variants

Ok good to know

I can’t lie thats a great idea, I was debating asking how to make the updated TT things people do in like MS paint but background everything new with gold. But this works just as well

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I think it wouldn’t since SAAF JAS39C is mostly used for A2G which is why I think it might be added with IRIS-T, A-Darter and CAS weapons after Tornado GR.4.

Why tho? If CF–18 line continues CF-35 should be added exactly there. I don’t see how it would fit after Tornado GR.4.

I mean we already have the multirole Mirage 2000-5F after non-multirole Mirage 2000C-S5 instead of Multirole Mirage 2000D. I think they will add Typhons in the pure british interceptor line.

I see it as Mirage 2000 line analogy where pure A2A-dedicated line unlocks A2G capabilities at some point.

So Britain can get a the F-35B from the RN and the F-35A from the RCAF or the RAAF.

Britain should not get the Gripen, in any form. It should remain explicitly Swedish. You can moan about SA fielding them, it would not be at all fair on Sweden for the pinnacle of Swedish aviation industry to go to another nation because “Oh this tangentially related nation fielded them”. Britain isn’t the only nation getting shafted in the air department.

Honestly if they’re struggling to add stuff to Britain, they should just take their pick of Australian/Canadian aircraft. No real reason to stop them from being added. Or Gaijin can just stop being cowardly and add the typhoon. Australian F18 would be nice too, especially if they’re still scared of the typhoon.


Italy will get them anyway.

And add “pinnacle of US aviation industry” to UK instead?

“Oh no, my mass exported American plane is going to a nation that would benefit from it”

Do I need to highlight the stupidity of arguing American jets that are mass exported can’t be used to benefit a minor nation tree?

Sweden is a minor nation, Britain is too. It makes no sense at all to take something from Sweden and give it to Britain to patch a gap, when Sweden has nowhere to go after the Gripen except Gripen variants. There is no logic where this is a fair idea on those who have gotten through the Swedish tree, hoping the Gripen gets added.

The Australian F18, on the other hand, is completely reasonable as the F18 saw notable exports, and Australian equipment shows primarily in the British tree, with one very stupid exception that we will ignore as it is an outlier. The F18 is also not the pinnacle of US Aviation Industry, unlike the Gripen is to Sweden.

Not to mention the fact the game already has precedent for using American aircraft to bring a tree up to par in the event it lacks effective options for the state of the game. There is basically no precedent for taking something from a minor tree to patch another minor tree, with exception for the event those vehicles were fielded by the receiving nation. The Gripen does not fit neatly enough into that exception to reasonably be added, especially with how strong its ties with Sweden are. Especially not when aircraft from a major nation (America) can be added quite easily following current precedent.

“Oh no, my exported Swedish plane is going to a nation that would benefit from it”

Works both ways


“Mass exported”, sunshine. The Gripen has had minimal export success. American aircraft, including the F18, have had significantly greater exports. The F18 alone eclipses the exports of the Gripen. I get you’re a yank, but surely you can do a bit more reading than just taking a snarky response and then failing to make a valid argument against it.

Honestly, you’re probably not worth responding to given you can’t seem to fathom anything outside of “Oh no, American plane being used to help other trees bad” when the game literally has done this and set a precedent for it. When this is not the best airframe the Americans can get. When there is no precedent for the alternative you suggest.

This position of giving Britain the Gripen for such a stupid reason could lead to Britain getting the Mirage 2k. The Mirage F1. Minor nation equipment should stay with the nation that built it, or nations who explicitly fielded it. Not getting added to fill a gap, when we have major exporters that can progress past what is being considered.

Now i really want the SA gripen