A guide to: CCRP

This guide is for the perspective of SB, and thus will mostly be looking from within the cockpit, but I will add any relevant details for use in other gamemodes



The first thing you need to do, is set up the necessary controls.

These consist of

  1. Switch Sight mode in Cockpit
  2. Switch Mission Bombing Target
  3. Activate Target point
  4. Deactivate Target point

Main controls

Optional Setting

  1. Secondary Weapon ripple quantity


  1. Drop Bomb Series
  2. Exit selected weapon mode

These are the main controls you will need within SB to perform CCRP bombing runs

Bombing Basics
Recent change to the SB base HP have changed the amount of bombs needed to destroy a base marignally, so you may need to adjust what you are taking/dropping

It typically takes around 5 to 6 1000lb bombs or equivalent to destroy a base.

Check out this amazing info-chart An actual up-to-date, intuitive, visually pleasing bomb chart - LEGION's Loadouts to help with other nations.

If you wish to use bomb series, make sure to select the correct amount before taking off, I recommend 6, but All is another good option if you can only carry the minimum amount to destroy a base.

On a personal note, when in SB, its generally considered good form to “ping” the base you are going for once you’ve taken off. This is done by clicking on the map, over the desired base giving a “attention to the map” notification. If a teammate has already done this for that base, then you should go for another base. Not all do, but its good etiquette

Pre-attack run

Once within the game and on-approach to a target, you will need to set up your aircraft for the attack run. CCRP will work from any altitude, but the higher you are the harder it is set-up CCRP, and I have found that accuracy is an issue passed around 15’000ft, as its easy to introduce minor errors in alignment, that have a big impact on accuracy.

With weapon selector/Ripple mode

  1. Select your bomb load
  2. Switch to your desired ripple mode
    There is 2 possible options here. Select “8” and drop more than is necessary on target, or take 5-6 bombs of a perticular type, and use “S” to drop all of that specific kind of bomb. If your aircraft can take 2 types of bombs, such as normal and drag bombs. Then you can use this to drop 5 or 6 per target. But this does require an aircraft with large bomb capacity
  3. Enable your target selection.
    I recommend doing this by pressing “Switch mission bombing target” key, as it will give you a message at the bottom of the screen
  4. Switch your gun-sight mode to “Sight Mode: Bombs (Auto)”. If your aircraft has a functional CCRP mode, then it is at this point you will know. As your interface should change

With Bomb series

  1. Disengage weapon selector, if used by pressing “Exit selected weapon mode”
    This is due to a bug with bomb series when used with weapon selector enabled. It will cause bomb series to release all bombs and not the pre-selected amount
  2. Enable your target selection.
    I recommend doing this by pressing “Switch mission bombing target” key, as it will give you a message at the bottom of the screen
  3. Switch your gun-sight mode to “Sight Mode: Bombs (Auto)”. If your aircraft has a functional CCRP mode, then it is at this point you will know. As your interface should change

Target Selection

The next step is the hardest part within SB, as the target selection is overly… fiddly

  1. Roughly align your aircraft with the desired base
    As you start learning how to do this, I recommend doing so from further out, and then as you get more confident/comfortable with the controls, starting swapping over later, in case the situation changes
  2. Cycle through your your targets using “Switch Mission Bombing Target”.
    Airfields will be first in the list, and consist of 4 targets. Not always the case, but usually the first 8-12 targets will be AF. Additionally, if 4 targets seem very close together, its likely an Airfield, not a base.
  3. You should eventually see a marker (this will vary from aircraft to aircraft what this marker looks like, but usually a dot or cross) somewhere in front of you, you will need to be fairly accurately aligned with the base for it to appear within your HUD, so doing this from further a field can help.

You can tell if you have selected the right base, as most aircraft will have some kind of timing indicator, that will be begin to go down as you approach the base, if this does not happen when you are nearing the target, you either do not have bombs selected (See previous section) or you have selected the wrong target

If you have a targetting pod equipped, the camera will snap to your currently selected target, this is another highly effective way of knowing what you have selected, though does require a little bit of altitude to see the target.

Target selection in ARB

Target selection in ARB is far simpler, as you will have a large green line indicating the selected target.

Manual Target Selection

It is possible to create a manual target point to use in conjunction with the CCRP. There are two main ways of doing this. The first is without a targetting pod, point your aircraft at the desired target and press " Activate target point" this should create a target point at the desired location to use with CCRP using the the next steps. The other is with a targetting pod. When you use the targetting pod, it automatically creates a target point at whatever the camera is pointing at, allowing you to use this for a CCRP drop. But note with this second method, there is a limit to how far out you can lock, its currently about 15-20km.


As you approach the base, with everything set-up and ready to go, the timer within the HUD will begin to go down. It is at this point, you will want to press and hold your desired release method. Whether that is weapon selector or bomb series. This will give you a message at the bottom of the screen, saying “Bomb Release Permission”.

Now at this point, its important to keep your aircraft steady, otherwise your bombs may miss the target. When you reach the right point, and the timer hits 0, your aircraft will automatically release the desired amount of bombs onto the target.

Here you can see me performing an attack run in the Tornado Gr1 in an SB match. You can also see the dangers of low level attack runs.


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Please note, that even if you have done everything right, CCRP will sometimes not release the bombs, this is due to a bug, possibly due to bases in elevated positions. In these instances, you will need to manually drop the bombs onto that base. To do this, you can disable CCRP using “Deactivate Target point”. Your HUD should remain in “Sight Mode: Bomb”, but now you’ll see a CCIP indicator instead. Alight that indicator with the target, and press your desired drop method, the bombs should hit the target

Special tactics

Within SB, bases have SPAA to protect them. (see “CCRP: Level bombing” video above) This AA is perticuarly deadly if you are below approxamitaly 3000ft. To avoid this AA Fire, you can either drop from a greater height, or you can perform what is called a “loft” maneuver, Where you essentially throw your bombs at the desired target.

To do this:

  1. Set up, your aircraft in the same way as you would with a level attack.
  2. When the timer reaches around 1/4 left (will vary from aircraft to aircraft, so some exerpimention will be required) pull back on the stick gently and enter a gentle climb to about 15°-30° whilst giving weapon release permisison. The bombs should release at the right moment.

It is really important to keep your wings as level as you can, and remain on target. In some aircraft this is fairly simple, as you will have some form of guidance indicator, but others can be a lot harder, due to HUD limitations. In these aircraft, I recommend a more gentle “Loft” from a lot closer. As there is less chance to introduce errors suffecient to miss the target. This tactic does take practice. I would also recommend not using sequential release for this method as it can spread the bombs over a wider area, meaning some can easily miss the base.

Here you can see me performing a Loft attack in the Tornado Gr1 in an SB match.


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Additionally, if your aircraft can equip a targeting pod, then the targeting pod will snap to your CCRP target selection, you can use this to check which target you have selected. Ideal when dropping from height. You can also turn on the laser designator and you’ll have a marker for where the base is, outside of your HUD (though this last bit is likely a bug)

If you have any questions, please ask


Is there a list of aircraft that have capable HUDs and those that do not?

Not that I am aware of I’m afraid

Thanks for this - i was able to use my Harrier and A-10 in Sim now and actually get something done. (and unlocked the F-4J).

I wasn’t able to find the “timer” on my HUD for those aircraft and accidently flew into the middle of an Air Field instead of the Base.

Does this select moving targets like the mission objectives (for bombing the Convoy?)

No, only the AFs and Bases are pre-programmed. You can manually create a static target though for ccrp to hit

How do you create a manual static target (and how would you know which ‘target’ to choose for to display in the HUD)?

You can make a manual target by point your sight at the ground or using a targeting pod and pressing the “Activate target point” Keybind. Im not sure if this gives a HUD marker for those jets equipped with it but your CCRP computer will drop bombs on that point as you fly over it using the steps used above.

This doesnt create a full target point though, and it is overriden and “deleted” if you cycle through the targets.

As for target selection, it just takes practice. I have outlined this above a bit, increasing your altitude can help immensely for seeing what you are targeting.

For the AV-8C the timer is a horizontal line on the vertical bar. I believe the drop point is when it meets the nose indicator symbol.

For the A-10A Late the timer is a thick line on the circle over the target point that IIRC receded from the 6 o’clock to the 12 o’clock position.

I figured it out - it doesn’t start ticking down the timer until you’re almost on top of the target which is why I wasn’t seeing a timer.

I also just found today that you can create custom loadouts - I have been having fun making bombing runs with the capable aircraft - now I can grind my way to my F16 and F14 with a lot less frustration.

So… now that I have an F-14 and working on unlocking a bomb capable F-16…

I’ve noticed that the F-14 doesn’t release the bombs for the pre-programed target (i.e. target: ##) but if I manually target it will release the CCRP. Is this just the F-14 or does the F-16 do that too?

What bombs you using?

500lbs, the first ones you unlock.

And rockets… but rockets aren’t guided so…

Interesting. I dont have the F14. So cant test it. But that is strange behaviour i cant think of any reason why CCRP wont work with preset targets but work fine with manual

It was on Denmark so I don’t think it’s related to another bug reported (as the OP believed it to be an issue with bases at altitude but Denmark is nearly all sea level).

It sucks because I wasn’t sure what was happening and got shot down several times trying to trouble-shoot it (Shakes fist at AA)

Yeah, im OP. Yeah denmark is usually a fairly stable map

Well I just played a game over my lunch break and it released for me… but this time I had upgraded 1000 LB Mk 83 bombs.

Might be the 500s then. Interesting

Tips for ccrp bombinh in the a4e or a sim video tutorial. I struggle to know where my target point actually is as if noticed it drops eiether infront or behind

There is at least one base in Denmark where CCRP does not work, and that’s the one in the south-east, just by the border of a almost circular lake (am at work rn, so can’t say exact grid…).

If you check it in RB (e.g. custom battle, you see that the marker for the base is not at same elevation as the base itself, maybe this screws up the CCRP (as is the case I believe for many higher elevation bases in Afghanistan and Vietnam where I never can get CCRP to work…).

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I think that might have been it; I was on the south team but the base was on the right (east) side of the map.