How does CCRP work for bombs?

So first plane I’ve used that has CCRP - Israeli F-84 - and I looked up the wiki -

Followed that section (having assigned keys to “activate target point”, etc)and nothing at all showed up - doesn’t seem to work in test flight either.

any tips please??

[Using The CCRP In War Thunder

Are you pointing your plane at the target? It only activates at the point where the nose of your plane is facing.

I think I didn’t have “Switch Mission Bombing Target” set… can’t check now but that’s the only thing I don’t recognise from het video…

Have you played arcade mode and dropped a bomb?

It literally just gives you the arcade bomb marker on the ground if you’re nose down enough. You have to have it activated but thats normally just one button, and then you may have to have the weapon selection activated and the bombs selected. But its pretty easy.

Here’s one I made earlier

A little more focused for SB, but much of it can still be applied to other gamemodes

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What you are referring to is CCIP, not CCRP.

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Well so is he if he’s asking for bombs?

CCRP is for rockets

That is not true. Bombs can utilize both CCIP and CCRP.

No its not…

CCRP just mean Computer Controlled Release Point

It doesnt even work with Rockets (I think)

If thats the case I stand corrected, however on my HUD whenever I have each weapon selected on the aircraft that have it, its always said CCIP for bombs and CCRP for rockets.

And it does work with rockets, you get a little crosshair pointing where on the ground the rocket will land.

Edit, according to this: Constantly computed impact point - Wikipedia

I dont think war thunder does how that article explains CCRP to work, Its always been just a marker showing where your bullets/bombs/rockets will land if you fired them at that moment, so you just use it as a crosshair/weapon sight.

but that article says CCRP marks the target and gives you an indicator of when to release the weapon.

CCRP IRL does work with rockets and is a tactic weve seen heavily in ukraine with helis.

But WT implementation of CCRP is at best limited.

That is CCIP - I’m talking about CCRP - different system - perhaps read the question next time! :p

Already clarified in my conversation with the other posters above.

Thanks for all the answers - I’ve now got the controls set up - but this doesn’t seem to work in test flight - I have a target (tank or AA) selected, hit the “Switch Mission bombing target” key… and nothing…

Is that just a test flight issue does anyone know??

ETA - just tried it in a game and working - at least the indication did… bombs didn’t release as I expected on 1st base selected, but did on next one - will play around :)

thanks all!! :)

An ongoing saga - so I have a target indication, I give bomb release permission, and when I get to the release point 0, 2 or all 4 bombs release…??

I’m not supersonic or too fast - this is the German F-84F currently carrying 4 x 1000lb…

Very annoying - back to AB to calm down I think! :(

Pre-set missions dont exist in test flight. Only bases in AAB/ARB and bases and AF in ASB

Try using Ripple mode to select how many bombs you want to drop. With none selected, bomb release will just drop a “one” bomb (if thats pairs it will drop a pair)

If you are using bomb series, then bomb series is currently bugged with weapon selection and it will drop all sequentially, no matter how many you have selected before hand

It’s just too bad that we don’t have more options in choosing the amount of bombs we want to drop in a ripple for planes that had that feature. Instead we’re just stuck with 2, 4, 8, or 16.

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Yeah, the whole system is really restrictive

was a suggestion on the old forums. but has yet to be done