Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

It’s treated as an AGM by War Thunder, even uses the same keybind as AGMs to launch. I also use the same binding to lock both Air to ground missiles and bombs.

It’s TV guided so it doesn’t need a laser lock.

I get this all the time. Why I dont bother using them currently. I think there is a hard cap on their range. Never seems to let me fire past about 13-15km usually but sometimes just refuses until a lot closer. I also think the game just doesnt like them being fired against bases. Like you said ,they are treated more like AGMs than guided bombs

. How do you “arm” the seeker currently?

I guess doing the event won’t be as easy as I thought :(

Lock air to ground missile keybind

That I think is usually the more reliable method to get them to lock. Yeah, You could also try lofting bombs. Though the recent bomber nerfs in ASB designed specifically to hamper players in ASB grinding the event arent going to help either. I dont think 3x PGM-2000s are enough anymore for a base kill. Need more than that now. I think

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how hard would setting up sim controls be for bomb runs in sim with the marineflieger and how long /effective would base runs be for the event?

Would be effective, more so than the Gr1 as its 11.0.

Its pretty simple to base bomb with CCRP, including lofting, just a bit overly fiddly due to poor interface.

A guide for CCRP in SB including lofting

Though its now 7x Mk83s or 6x Mk13s now (In SB)

Though I dont know how much score you actually get for events in SB. I usually don’t pay them any attention. Im after the Renown this time though, but not going to bother with the air one.

I thought you couldn’t do events in sim?

events were able, battle pass missions only got added recently with the newest updates

oooh right. I never knew that, if I knew that I wouldn’t have done the Tornado event in ARB ahaha

Just noticed the Tornado Gr1 can now carry 4x 1000lb G.P Mk.1 bombs. The stats seem identical a Mk13. So is there any real reason to take these in WT? Or are they meant to do something that isn’t modeled? Im guessing “G.P” stands for Ground Penetrating.

GP stands for General Purpose. So just a normal boom stick

Hmm… Yeah seems like a random addition then. No dfiferent to the normal Mk13s but you can only carry 4 not 12

Isn’t there two types of Mk 13 in game too? With like no difference

Yes what is the difference between the 1,000 lb H.E. M.C. Mk.13 and the 1,000 lb H.E. M.C. Mk.13 No. 117

The No117 have the Drag fins.

Oh right I forgot about that sorry.

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Might have figured it out, maybe the G.Ps are the stock bombs? Mk13s/Mk83s are the “upgrade”

I think it’s just a bug with the loadouts.

Ah, thank you