Laser guided bombs

Anybody have mastered these in sim?
There is basically 2 buttons, laser activation on/off and stabilisation which can also lock.

Is it buggy or it’s only that i am not used to it,
I stabilise, activate laser, point at the airfield,
How do i know after that the proper time to release, or the angle of attack i must have to hit bulls eyes?

Is the movement of my plane influence the trajectory? I try to slowly bank off but i feel if i move an inch it will miss.

I play the f14b by the way.

Ah, you have just landed on something that absolutely drives me nuts.

Short answer, there is no way of knowing when to release. CCRP “should” work, or at least you “should” have some kind of HUD indicator telling you when to release in the cockpit, but you don’t. Though I hope it gets added. It is definetly needed

The only way to know when to drop with any kind of accuracy is to dive bomb essentially.

The rest of it looks about right, lock on with stabilisation, laser should automatically activate (its default to do that, but can be toggled off in the settings) release at the right time and the bomb will hit the target.

Your movements when you are releasing may have an impact on the tragectory of your bombs, but after release you can do whatever move you want, just keep the target in your sight

If you are just hitting large targets like the AF or bases, then I’d actually recommend ditching the GBUs, and just use conventional bombs like the Mk84s along with CCRP and drop from alt that way.

Here’s a guide on how to do it:

You can still use the targetting pod to check which target you have selected or even to actually use it to make a target point just by point it at the target you want to hit. (though it can’t hit a moving target obviously), once you’ve released you can just RTB and the bombs should hit the desired target.

I don’t have first hand experience, but my understanding is that as long as you carry some dumb bombs you can use the dumb bomb CCRP to determine a good drop for the guided bomb. It’s definitely a bit clunky.

I think this video shows it:

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Whilst taking a mix of bomb types does make CCIP work and the CCRP timer… kinda works on some jets (does kinda work on the Gr7, but not really on the Tornado Gr1). It doesnt automatically release and the timer isnt quite right sometimes.

I see.
And is it possible to drop multiple laser guides bombs to différent target at the same time? Exemple : a bunch of tanks get 1 bomb each.

I Feel they may change trajectory midair?

Also do i have to switch HUD modes to drop bomb in the f14b?

At this time, no its not. (At least i dont think so, TV guided bombs are probably fire and forget though) They’ll hit whatever you are looking at. Some weapon types are fire and forget like the AGM-65Ds or PGM-2000s, and those can be fired at multiple targets and they should all hit the different targets.

But thngs like Paveways will hit what you are aiming at and you need to keep the target painted

You dont have to swap modes, if its a GBU, then swapping modes doesnt really help, but id recommend it for conventional bombs as it will give you targetting cues

The answer is to wait for a word POINT appearing opposite to the selected guided bombs in the list of indicators in top left corner. 100% guaranteed hit.

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~6500m from the target for paveway bombs

*but not for everyone, paveway 12 probably from a greater distance, check it out

nope, the point mean that the target is “lock” witch is only useful for laser guided missile. With gbu you can have a “point” showing but your plane may be too high or low (generaly the “point” appear around 10km from the target)