My bombs didnt reach with ccrp

Is anyone in Sim doing bombing with CCRP? I am doing it with Mig23-BN, I am dropping the bombs from high altitude but the bombs are not reaching the target for 5-6 times. How can I solve this problem?

It is difficult to know exactly why without a video of it. But here are my guesses

  1. Release method. If you are dropping using sequential drop, some will hit, some will miss. Try using drop series or ripple mode to drop them all in one shot

  2. reduce drop height. I’ve had issues with accuracy above 15-20k ft

  3. Add a shallow dive, to give better accuracy when releasing

  4. make sure you are actually flying level when you drop. If you are drop from height, tiny errors can become magnified

(I ahve a guide for CCRP, might be worth just double checking: A guide to: CCRP)

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