CCRP using switch mission target?


Yeah I know. Really hope this gets improved in the future…

The bombing targets 1-22 should be relayed to you on the minimap, don’t care it’s a game because in real life they would tell you what 1-22 corresponds to before take off anyway. don’t need hud for rest.


Ya know, I wasn’t really interested in modern jets, but these new weapon systems do intrigue me, and now I’m totally interested in trying theses systems in a Sim environment. Improving them could do a lot to bring new players to SimEC.

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I can’t figure this out on any aircraft I have unlocked; is there a good guide for how it should work?

After reading through this thread it looks like it’s mostly broken for sim on many aircraft but at least a guide to how it should work would be helpful for new players to this level.

This is in part why it needs such a desperate overhaul, its too complicated and difficult to use in its current state.

What aircraft are you in and i’ll see if I can help “talk” you through it.

I’ve written a guide for CCRP in SB


Thanks for the Guide; I’ve setup most the buttons but I’ll have to confirm which ones I actually need; I fly VR and with a custom setup joystick, pedals, etc…

Currently the types I have unlocked are F4 and A-10 but I haven’t tried bombing much because I couldn’t figure it out and didn’t want to waste time trying to figure it out.

F4s, It doesnt work, it should, but they lack the HUD interface, It should work in the A-10 I believe though

A-10 works, I think.

I believe F-4’s, A-4’s and F-105 work too - if you happen to have selected the right base and are aligned well, which is of course nearly impossible with current lack of visual guidance…

Oh yeah, the ballistic computer works. Otherwise no CCIP., but you have no way of telling what you are lokced onto

I’m about to unlock the F-4J, is that any better?

Dont think so, all the F4s from the different nations all share the same HUD i believe. @Schindibee. Is that the case? Im not familiar with the US tree.

not all planes were designed to level bomb with ccrp, or all have a director and fall line. This only became a norm way later like late 70s/early 80s and mostly on attack or bomber aircraft, multirole fighter bombers only got it mid-late 80s

as for everyone else, I made a quick tit-oral a few years ago

Then what’s the point of CCRP ? I only see it usefull for bombing when the target is not visible, because of clouds or similar.

I gave useful scenarios in the video -.-

Bombing from high altitude
Bombing from further away
Bombing without changing nose attitude
Toss bombing

All of these benefit the survivability of the launching aircraft and the efficiency of the bomb run.

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I think there is also issues of IRL meets WT. Some of these jets may have had pre-programmed release points and so didnt need to necessarily identify the target in the HUD as it was the job of the navigator or a lead aircraft to keep the flight on course. In WT the lack of a decent target selection method, whether pre-spawn or mid-flight results in these jets not being able to fully use their ballistic computer. If you could select the desired base from the map for example, the the F4s limited HUD would be all youd need

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Yes, but you have to make it blindly.

I’m not saying it can’t be used, I’m saying it looks a crapy implementation, and I prefer not using it.

lofting is pretty much my entire reason for using it. with SPAA so deadly around bases, to “safely” attack a base, you have 2 options, loft or drop from height. Dropping from height, especially in EC9, is quite risky. So I loft bombs.

But yeah, the system is a shadow of what it could be

The HUD in the Tornado seems pretty decent, I’ll try it

Well, not for the Tornado: I always attack fast and low in my Marineflieger Tornado, and this even on bases under the “umbrella” of nearby airbase SAM’s. Staying low also keeps you off the screen of most enemy aircraft…

Tip: carry 6x Mk.83 LD and 6x Mk.83 AIR, so you can attack an dkill two bases in one go using the [S] ripple setting. I always use the LD bombs first as then the weapon system cycles automatically to thhe AIM9’s. If ou start with the AIR’s, it cycles automatically to the LD bombs, and sometimes drops some of them as well, which is not what one wants…