An actual up-to-date, intuitive, visually pleasing bomb chart - LEGION's Loadouts

Hey guys, I’ve decided to make my own bomb chart, because there hasn’t been a single accurate and up-to-date one in the last couple years.

Being a media designer I also put a high focus on an intuitive user experience and a visually pleasing design.

USA, Germany, Russia and Britain are already finished. That means every vehicle, be it a dedicated bomber or a pure fighter, which can bomb one base at minimum.

The higher tier jets were especially difficult due to the insane amount of possible variations combined with a relatively low maximum weight on some of the jets. And also combined with providing you with the most optimal anti-base, anti-air mix.

After several requests I’ve also added alternative loadouts with bombs for less bases, which are lighter and allow more anti-air weaponry, to all four tech trees in my chart, I hope you like them.

Check it out here:


Very nice work for compilate that all datas :)

Just a slight downside: There is no information for bases in “Frontline” mode, which are sometimes used in RB at high BR (10.0+).

Very VERY nice, I have a few suggestions though:

  1. Where is Sweden?
  2. Where is Italy?
  3. Israel? Okay, that one we could omit as the Israeli B-17G is in the US tree as well - however, the Israeli one comes with different loadout options…
  4. You give different instructions based on different BRs, which is natural, as base “hitpoints” increase with BR of the match, see:
    However… how do I know which BR I am in?? Before spawning, while I have the chance to choose loadouts??

Happy to contribute to testing with the missing nations and planes, chat me up!

Kind regards,


Thank you for your work !

Good chart, but make sure that its clear that this is accurate only for AAB and ARB. ASB has had some very recent changes:

  • 6.7 - 7.7 base HP: 22000 → 24000
  • 8.0+ base HP: 28000 → 32000

Its gone from 5 → 6 Mk13s and 6 → 7 Mk83s for a base kill in ASB above 8.0

can’t comment on all nations, but can for GB at 8+ and a few others that also use the Mk83s, like all the Torandos

also a side note, some top tier aircraft, like the FGR2/FG1, Buc S2 and Jaguar can’t single release all bombs. So it can be unavoidable to not drop an even number of bombs and “overkill” the base. for example the FGR2./FG1 wing bombs only drop in pairs. With this set up, All 6 bombs would need to be dropped for a base kill, even though it only takes 5 in AAB/ARB. The central pylon does single drop. So you could take 4 on wings and 3 central, drop 5 on one base and 2 on another however or with full loadout, 4 on base 1, 4 on base 2 and then swing round and drop 1 on each base to finish it off and then drop bomb 11 on a third target.

Let me know if I can provide any additional info on this


He literally says it’s WIP…


Jesus christ chill, ive been working day and night for hours every day for the past 2 weeks, I simply didnt get to the other trees yet. Its WIP.

How do you see which BR youre in? Also WIP. But to answer your question here and now.
You dont. Figure it out by checking out the other planes or asking in chat.

Ill get to it, but it takes time. You gotta be patient.


Yep, Ill add it to the title screen. Youre right.
As for the double drop planes, I cant really test those myself, I dont own many of the high tier jets.
So all I can do is wait for people to tell me that it doesnt work and then fix in accordance. But I already took it in consideration for some planes, such as the He 177 with its wing mounted 1800 kg bombs.
Ill check out the planes you have mentioned, do you know of any other aircraft with the same effect?

Looking back I made some minor mistakes


wing mounts drop in pairs, but in your config you have an assymetircal weapons load for the 1 base run. So you’d have a drop sequence of 2-2-1-1 which would allow for the damage you said it would, But with the full bomb load build, you’d drop 2-2-2-2-1-1-1. So the amount you specified is possible but would mean multiple runs on bases.

No idea how you’d show it on the charts. My usual recommendation is to drop 6 on first base, then 5 on the second. Just a little simpler.

Jaguar Gr1

I think the centre line bombs are single release, so again thats actually 2-2-1-1. So the config you showed is right.

Jaguar Gr1a

That is right, It drops 2-1-2-1-1, so that amount of base kills is correct.

My usual loadout usually ommits the 540 and 7th 1000 and just runs 2x rocket pods or 6x wing mounted bombs and a TIALD pod, but I like a symetrical loadout in ASB. The config you’ve shown is likely the highest bomb value you can get out of it currently (I think its a bug and should actually be able to take 8x Mk13s, but not sure)

Buccaneer S2

is wing first in pairs, then central in single. I’ve never thought to run 540s for base bombing, but might need to double check if that is enough for a base kill, even before the ASB buffs.

For 1000s, its 2-2-2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 with a full 16x mk13 bomb load

So again, I’d usually recommend 6-6-4 drop sequence onto bases to save doing multiple paths (otherwise you’d have to do 4-4-4-1-1-1 to kill all 3 bases and then you are left with 1 bomb left over)

With the loadouts you have shown with the AAMs. then the first would be 2-2-2-1-1-1-1. So multiple passes needed for the base kills shown. The one below it though, would definetly be 2-2-2. So you could only hit 1 base with that config.

The buc S2 though can wierdly take 2 different kind of Mk13s. Same explosives just different named bombs, so you can skip around multiple passes, but that just gets kinda confusing

Harriers and Tornados are all correct. they drop singles. Though would add a slightly word of warning with the Gr7 using the paveways as they can be a bit funky when used for base bombing. So maybe a 5x Mk13 and 2x 540 loadout might be another good addition. And the Torando Gr1 can run both Mk83s and Mk13s which have different profiles. So prehaps worth adding on there which bomb you are using for that. (In ARB its 5x Mk13s or 6x Mk83s)

Also another possible option (honourable mention) for the Gr1 and other IDS is actually taking 8 bombs on the belly and the fuel tanks. So for most its 6x Mk83s on base 1 and 2 on base 2. Or for the Gr1 with the Mk13s, 5 on base 1 and 3 on base 2. means you can keep the fuel tanks. Also with the GR1 you can kill a base with 3x PGM-2000s.

Though I dont know how complicated you want to get with it :D

Unfortunately I can’t comment beyond the top tier british bombers and their international counterparts. But I hope that helps

Ive mentioned a simpler loadout in the little info box on the left. Im aware that its one hell of a goofy loadout haha.

Might be worth making that info box more visible. didnt even notice it was there :P

Yeah usually theres a question mark in there but the names were too long… Inevitably im gonna have to resize the boxes again but Im gonna have to do that for all 9 tables and im too lazy rn. But Ill do it sometime.

hehe, Fair enough. Its as good a reason as any :P

Just double checked this as I wanted to see if it would drop 2-2-1-1 with a assymetrical weapons load and it turns out, the FGR2 has been updated since i last flew it. It now drops single drop. So both configs are correct as shown.

so my bad on that one

Great work! Have you done any study with incendiary bombs?

Thanks for doing this, must of been a right pain. Very much appreciated.
Asked for the old one to be deleted, but I’ll just let it die otherwise

Thank you so much for this, I needed this urgently!

So, SB changes have been undone, so whats true for ARB should be true for ASB again now.