The issue of "PVE" matches

As did I. Well, I also tried to turn fight Mig-21s in a stock FGR2 and when that innevitably didnt work. I stuck with base bombing whislt I learnt the gamemode. I think I may have become the CCRP expert now on the forums as a result :P

Oh I understand why they do it, I just don’t understand why they ask others to ignore them, and I’d expect more reaction from them when I do go near them

I actually can’t use CCRP, but I don’t need to because CCIP is good enough for me… until my blind ass can’t see the base

Yeah, but that is just what some people will do and I doubt they think its against the rules.

I mostly use it to loft bombs. With SPAA so brutal, lofting means I can totally avoid the SPAA. Just wish the HUD symbology was correct/complete. But yeah, it does help with finding bases as well. Sometimes they are nearly invisible

Took me 5 minutes of flying around a spot just to see it once- then I flew over it and lost it again

I don’t know how, and can’t be bothered learning

Been there done that, gotten that t-shirt. Even a few times more recently than I care to admit

Also, heres one I made earlier, if you ever want to


A guide to: CCRP

Yeaaaa I might try thanks!

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No? As rewards in air sim are time-based, scores have nothing to do with the economy. Furthermore, even if every previous member of the lobby chooses PvE content, new players who join the lobby can still choose between PvP and PvE. There are no problems as long as players do not force each other to play by “hidden rules.”

They do not have the right to force you to play only PvE; likewise, you do not have the right to force them not to play PvE. This is bidirectional. There is nothing wrong with an entire lobby only playing PvE content as long as no one is forced to do so. The only issue arises when someone is team-killing or griefing players for PvP reasons.

Finally, PvE matches exist predominantly on SA servers only during events; this, in my opinion, is not a major issue. As far as I know, many players enter the SA servers during events hoping for easy kills; however, most of the time, some SA players fight back really hard. So there are no issues as long as there is no “forced” compliance with some player-made rules enforced by team-killing and griefing.


Well said

So we can call on enemies in our normal matches to come to a truce and not kill each other, and that’s fine?

Is that what you’re trying to say is fine?

Because that’s what the issue has been the entire thread…

Well, there is an abundance of it in the game and YouTube, isn’t it? Players deliberately do not shoot down enemy nuke bombers; players intentionally allow significantly weaker enemies to go; and some players escort enemy bombers to the bomb base before killing them. They are all, in some manner, a form of truce, in my perspective. Unless you believe they are all breaking the rules and should be reported?

One on one, it’s not a problem, but it’s the mass enagement with the enemy to farm that is the actual issue here…

If you’ve seen it on the SA servers, then how prolific is that on that set of servers, and how many are doing it, because if you even have 4-6 people doing it, that’s still not the same as a small light tank finding a large enemy and wanting to hang about.

VERY different.

It’s conspiring with the enemy, on a grander scale.

I’ve always taken even talking to the team to tell them that someone is in an area, is even bad behaviour… But calling on truces to avoid engaging, is a whole other level…

If one person asks for a truce and no one responds but continues to engage in the same PvE activity they were before. Does that constitute consent/collusion?

In my opinion, it means nothing at all and the only person that “might” be in violation of any rules in the person who asked.

You have different tiers

  1. A lobby in which most are just doing PvE

  2. A lobby where most are doing PvE and someone asked for PvE only in all chat

  3. A PvE lobby with people enforicng that PvE with tactics like abusive messages and TKs

  4. A lobby created and populated with pre-planned people explicity for farming

First 1, not “illegal” at all. Second, technically bad, but not a big deal

Last 2, very bad.

How’s it not the same?

Is someone doing PvE in a “PvE lobby” automatically guilty of violating the EULA?

You have spent the last hour trying to say they were. So how do you prove it?

What is a rule violation and what isn’t?

Even if it’s not enforced and merely accepted, it makes all the genuine players of that mode lose out because they get to do it all in safety, without hostility…

@Bunny_宝妮 I don’t think you thought the issue through, and this guy is using your statements to try and make out that it’s alright.

I think this needs to actually be addressed because there are actual problems with allowing this to even be… Chances are some have already ground out the BP with it, and the current crafting event without a single actual hostility and more consented kills.

Just wastes all the effort that anyone legitimately puts into the game.

Well, are they being forced to play PvE? There are no concerns as long as everyone is just playing without being forced to follow any player-made rules, as a game master has already described quite clearly.

Honestly, during the events, I would rather take an attacker and blast some AI units, which earns me far more points per minute than flying around looking for someone to shoot. Playing in PvP earns you more points per kill, but if I am on a full-turbo grind in the event, I would rather attack some AI units for a more consistent stream of scores (at least in my experience; better air sim players may disagree).

The big distinction here is that I am ready to engage in PvP at any time and anywhere, in a passive manner. However, most of the time, all of the players are just as busy as I am and simply ignore me during the entire match. I do get some opportunistic kills every now and then if someone happens to get into my gun sight, but I prefer not to engage in active PvP because it slows down my point-earning process. So, is this a violation of the rules?


But what denotes “Acceptance”?

Should I immediately quit that match? Switch aircraft? Start hurling abuse at the guy? What am I suppose to do?

If they ask once and press it no further, then I just ignore them and go about my buissness, if they start repeatedly asking, I’d report it using the in-game function. But regardless of a “PvE lobby” or not, I employ the same tactics and in the same manner. If I do it right, I shouldnt see other players.

If someone PvPs and someone starts getting shitty. Then I report them. But if nothing happens or there is no PvP. (it happens if the match is quiet) then it doesnt prove anything. Only that no one has found anyone yet

You’re not calling into the enemy, to not engage… This is what those rooms and the insinuation behind them entails.

I’m sure this breaks the EULA as much as having someone sit on a cap, cap, then back off to let the enemy cap, and so on… I seen someone mentioning a pair did that in a random match and ended up with 20 caps…

It does, technically.

But the point Im trying to press is that simply being in one of those lobbies doesnt denote guilt automatically.