Rheinmetall Oerlikon SkyGuard-M: The Swiss-German six-shooter

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The Swiss-German six-shooter

The Skyguard - M

The SkyGuard System is by itself a stationary air defence radar system for detecting airborne vehicles, munitions and for Critical asset protection.
Originally built as as a target detection and fire control system to work in tandem with separate but connected Oerlikon GDF gun systems as well as VSHORD SAM systems, this specific version was adapted for fitting and use on top of a Volvo SM 868 chassis.

Standalone SkyGuard Radar System



Skyguard-M sections

The Rheinmetall Oerlikon SkyGuard System, developed by Contraves, is a modern and state of the art radar system capable of engaging a wide variety of air threats from both surface and aerial launches like low-flying aircraft and air/ground guided weapons.

The SkyGuard-M was equipped with Pulse-Doppler search and tracking radars from Oerlikon Contraves and an IR goniometer for measuring the entry phase of guided missiles. It also possesses an electro-optical Target tracking system.
The Search radar operates on IEEE S or X band (switching capability)(NATO E-F or I-lower J band) while the Track radar operates on a solid state IEEE Ku or X band (switching capability)(NATO I-J band).
This system was combined with a Guided missile launcher to form a fully integrated fire unit.

The SkyGuard-M is operated by a crew of three, a driver and two operators as can be seen in this glancing peek of the inside of the operators cabin.

The modern digital computer interface by Contraves is the nerve centre for the Skyguard-M and carries out all calculation tasks required.

The SkyGuard-M system and crew cabin, which has six weapons mounted on the sides, can be rotated freely in relation to the drivers cabin and vehicle chassis.

SkyGuard-M is designed in such a way that a large number of anti-aircraft guided weapons can be integrated. It also allows for engaging multiple targets simultaneously akin to Track While Scan techniques.

The radar can also be folded in

Missile options
Roland SAM (Family)
  • Roland 1
  • Roland 2
  • Roland 3
  • VT-1
  • HFK-KV
  • Crotale SAM
  • Rapier SAM
  • Aim 9C AAM
  • Aim 7 AAM
  • MIM-72 SAM

One of the six missile launchers (here a Roland) can be replaced by a high-performance machine cannon of any type (single-tube or gatling). In the picture it is a six-barrelled 20mm Vulcan cannon, with the associated ammunition container attached underneath.


Stock SM 868 images (Warning: Ugly)

SM 868 specifications

Screenshot 2024-03-22 175326

Screenshot 2024-03-22 175411

Other applied mountings of the Skyguard Radar system

RhMtl contraves skyguard on m548 chassis
The production Skyguard can and has been installed on a tracked M548 vehicle to which up to three guided missile launchers can be connected.

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+1 Would be great to see Germany get a good gun/missile SPAA. Is there any evidence that missile types other than the Roland were fitted? If not, it’s very unlikely we’ll see anything other than Rolands, unfortunately.


Hell yes +1


its finally here boys! and i found the chassis specifications too!!


Tho i am also happy with the (objectively and subjectivly) better Revolver cannons.


Can you change the title to “Swiss sixshooter”? = )

Skyguard was the development of the Swiss company Contraves, which only in 1999 was taken over by Rheinmetall…


+1. Finally a armed tractor

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1+ Traktoooor!

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Hehe you mught be onto something.
Although ironically i dont exactly know the date this specific experimental vehicle was made.
Ill rename it a Swiss-German six-shooter lol

Forgot to add Aim 7s so added those nowe ;)

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Heck I want this just for the articulating chassis!


that overhanging front is enchanting ngl lol

Huge +1, would love to have HFK-KV missiles on this ridiculous tractor


the HFK also had a few other prototypes that were launch tested, like the HFK-L1 and L2, the latter being a 50km ranged missile… now that’ll give the SM3 a run lol.


god please let me swat those bastards out of the sky…

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especially with that terminal phase IR seeker lol


The wide array of customization would make this a really interesting vehicle to play. I would like it especially if the option to swap in a gun would be a researcjable modification. +1

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It should be as we have two pictures showing both loadout options. And seeing as we have the ammo mixes for the Vulcan from the Germans too, we will have both AP and HE for the stored ammo.


+1, definitely

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Sounds great! Maybe the option to swap missiles too?

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