Wishlist for Germany (WIP)


now i would really like to know what it does so i shall wait for the suggestion to pop out

Ohh, you made a suggestion for it? Nice.

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Surprisingly didnt take as long since theres not much about it online anyway.
I did contact rheinmetall though. Hope they respond with more info

Me-263 Scholle: Planned successor to the troubled Me-163 with several improvements including increased fuel load and a proper landing gear

Ju-290: Cargo, Recce, Maritime patrol and Heavy bomber, can carry up to 3000kg of bombs with Fritz’s Guided bombs, Hs-293’s Guided Missiles and Torps (A-5 variant), multiple variants can be added


BV-143: Not a plane rather a anti-shipping glide bomb, it was tested on a He-111


I would like to add some additional points to the Hs-132, there were 3 armed variants, the Hs-132A (only armed with a single 500kg bomb), Hs-132B (armed with 2 MG-151/20’s and a 500kg bomb) and the Hs-132C which can choose between the 2 following armament loadout options. The 3 variants also had separate engines

  • 2 MG-151/20’s and 2 MK-103’s (unclear if it could carry bombs in thing config)
  • 2 MG-151/20 and 1 1000KG bomb (either AP or HE variants)

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Its here guys!!!


Let’s goooo i can’t believe they approved the skygaurd finally we have the chance to get something that can fire more than 2 missiles at a time

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ikr im so happy broo

Btw guys…
Have you seen this?

Can we get a suggestion put up for a buff to the flakbus?

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weird, where did you get that picture from? seems like its the same as this one

eh dont ask… i was searching for more stuff about the skyguard-M and found this lol
lemme share the link


its kinda odd can it reallistically reload those upper missiles?

i would assume so
this is a picture of a photograph lol so i dont think its photoshopped. plus why

would be cool if you could add such modification to the already existing fla rak rad

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ill try making a suggesstion?
whats appropriate in this case?

also found this so its real:

pics of 4 tube roland



found some info about it its called the Roland 2C, only difference its having more missiles and having extra 2 launchers

missilery info right?
yeah apparently it was mounted on the MAN chassis and this one only

Two internal rails are recharged automatically and two external rails are manually recharged.

sigh, still we can have this made into a modification