HFK/KV: The Ultimate Roland

Its historically innacurate.
The ITO never used nor tested the HFK/KV Missile.
The country of testing was entitrely different.
Its not about the VT-1 as that missile is a joke tbh.
What the ITO and all rolands need is a radar based guidance system that they all historically had.
The HFK is purely a German innovation.

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The VT-1 is amazing now. It used to be complete garbage when they added the new physic model for SACLOS missiles but now its awesome

Germany never used VT-1.

HFK has every right to be added to the Itos as long as the VT-1 exists in the German tech tree.

Yes I agree. But there is always the option to remove the VT-1 from the German FlaRakRad and replace it with HFK/KV


+1, Would bring the flarakrad’s capabilities more in line with the other top tier SPAAs.


id love to have the HFK on this ngl… would make for a great SPAA:

Would this thread be the right one to talk about RM-5 as well? Its kinda the contender project to HFK/KV, also reaches Mach 5, also has an effective range of 12km (though max range is stated at 16km) and also fits the Roland launch tubes
Main difference are the single stage design (compared to the HFKs subcaliber second stage that would reduce drag), presence of a proximity fuze and using the standard Roland guidance system instead of the F&F INS to IR guidance


yep lol

although last i checked it didnt get past the design phase?
i might be wrong though.

otherwise im all for it lol

I’m not sure
some hypersonic AA missile was test fired, but I’m not sure which it is. Visually it looks close to the RM5 both in terms of general shape and the rectangular rudders.
It was called HFK on MBDA’s website, but its certainly not HFK/KV while MBDA fits the producers of RM5 (Aerospatiale, MBB and Matra merged into MBDA … I think … there were alot of merges)
Same missile (just a fraction of a second later) also appears in this Bayern Chemie presentation, together with LFK/NG (lower left) and yet another missile that appears to be connected to one of the Hypersonic projects (lower center)



i think youll like this thread, it had some interesting info about all these SAM projects

Where do you think I got the images from?

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haha fair enuf lol, its been a while since i saw em so i couldnt recognise them
btw the missile in the center is the bayern chemie Exp HVM

also i think the first image is a HFK missile… just not the KV.
i know of three HFK missiles.
the L1, L2 and the KV.
this might be the L2 which had 50km of range

Could be, though I dont see the connection between BGT (which went up into Diehl Defence) and the test shoots being marketed by MBDA.

Additionally, HFK just stands for HochgeschwindigkeitsFlugKörper (or HyperschallFlugKörper) and seems to be the name for the entire German hypersonic missile project

could you also tell me which missiles were under the MBDA development circle?

it’s a franco-german design, so if added, it should go to both of them (we know gaijin…).

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not the HFK because these are purebred german designs

germany got the vt1, that is french. So the hfk should come to france if coming into the game.

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It doesnt work like that.
The VT-1 from thales was offered to all roland operators.
Germany and France both have it.
The HFK/KV SPECIFICALLY was only a german project offered only to germany.
Maybe if it had progressed further it mightve been offered to others but it wasnt so tough luck.
Plus, the french have the ITO with 8 ready to launch VT-1s.
The FlaRakRad has two… for now.


Offered, but not accepted. Germany didn’t use VT-1.

As with the VT-1, the HFK/KV is usable by all Roland systems, and therefore should go to all of them.

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