Potential inclusion of Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the French Tech tree

More Nations for France?

Some of you might have seen some ‘leaks’ about a possible inclusion of The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the French tech tree for the June update. There are some that do make some sense to add to France, but The Netherlands are certainly the weird one out. With their historical animosities with french influence in their regions and the recent integration with the shared German brigade (13th light) it seems like a random choice. Although the point could be made that, in the chance of Belgium being added to France, it would be more logical to keep BE and NL together in one TT instead of split up from a political and historical POV. There have been many cooperations between the beNeLux nations on Marine, Aerospace and Ground forces.

43 Mechanised Brigade (NL) merged with 1st Armoured Division (GER)

13 Light Armoured Brigade (NL) merged with 10th Armoured Division (GER)

Dutch and Belgian F-16’s Patrolling BeNeLux Airspace together

Belgian and Dutch army signed a cooperation agreement in the field of artillery
Belgian and Dutch army signed a cooperation agreement in the field of artillery

memorandum of understanding (MOU) of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence cooperation between Belgium and The Netherlands

Admirality BeNeLux (ABNL): Belgium-Netherlands Naval Cooperation Accord since the 1950s

CaMo, the Franco-Belgian strategic partnership
CaMo, the Franco-Belgian strategic partnership

NATO: Baltic Air Policing
NATO: Baltic Air Policing

New Nations being added to WT is always a win for diversity. But would adding the BeNeLux in its entirety actually help France flesh out its TT? The French certainly have an underdeveloped TT compared to other nations in several BR’s and ranks (Needs and potential of the French tree during "Kings of Battle").

Potential content for a BeNeLux inclusion:

On the old and new forum there have been hundreds of vehicles suggested for these three nations, the most unique and iconic vehicles have been compiled into these three tech tree proposals:

Belgian sub-tree proposals:

In regards to C&P these countries could bring both hundreds of unique models to the game, but also almost as many ‘slight’ modifications of vehicles we currently have in game (which easily attract C&P protest shouts from the general playerbase). An example is the Finnish TT, which had a lot of technically new models added to the game, but to any superficial observer seemed ~60% to ~80% C&P at launch. An even more recent example, that’s even more saddening (at least for the air TT), is the Hungarian TT, which could have had several very unique props and tanks added, but only started with slight modifications of late WWII props and went immediately for already present models to flesh out the TT, thus giving it a lot of C&P, although some specific Hungarian models were updated.


The approach Gaijin takes are often weird for western WT players, but I think this might have to do with their Russian POV on European history and political thought. (the Western, Northern, Central and Eastern European blocks, with France & UK as the two major Western powers, Italy(Hungary/Romania) and Germany(some Polish, Lithuanian, etc.) as the Central powers and Russia/USSR as the Eastern Power. And Sweden as the Nordic/Scandinavian one.)

I feel like they are trying to make this division, but that’s just a theory and there could be many other thoughts in GJN’s brain.

Please do give your thoughts on the subject, as it has many facets and I won’t be able to cover all of them.

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Personally I am against the addition of this sub-tree in the French tree, there is only a slight link between the Benelux and France (militarily speaking), moreover the French tree has no real gap and does not need to be completed by another nation, knowing that existing French vehicles could fill them.

On the other hand, I think like you that the Netherlands would have their place in the German tree.


Personally I don’t like the addition of German and Dutch 1930’s untill 1950s tanks and planes in the same Tech Tree. (Fighting Bf109’s against Fokker D.XXI planes would be better than fighting with them)
For the more recent 1990’s and more modern stuff it would actually be great (because of the 13th light).

I’m obviously more of a supporter of a Separate BeNeLux TT, as a split Netherlands would be sub-optimal (but better that being completely in Germany or France)

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I feel like Benelux would be good for France but Dutch sub tree should goes to German tt instead. Frenchies doesn’t need or should have a Leopard 2, give that to the German (they own it anyway)
France need fixed Lerlerc and embt, A Canadian subtree would even make more sense than this.


Benelux for france is one of the most disapointing and annoying additions incoming.

More F-16’s being spread around is just annoying, and the french air tree, though somewhat small, is very capable.

France getting leopard 2’s is infuriating.

France doesn’t need the light vehicles from Benelux, they need their own light vehicles that gaijins been too lazy to add.

Single worst incoming addition to the game that i know of. Dilutes uniqueness of trees, more issues in sim, and is just overall going to be really toxic for the player base when announced. Theres literally nothing positive about this, its a lazy copy paste cash grab by gaijin, which is becoming increasingly the norm.


You can have Dutch in France without the Leopard 2

if it was just a belgian sub tree getting added to France it would be ok. But adding 3 nations aka Benelux which have the potential to be its own tree is just wrong. Either do Benelux as its indipendent own tree or split it up in French= Belgian sub tree and germany= dutch sub tree.


Good point, I’ll add those suggestions in the main post as well.


Benelux is definitely triple dipping. Idk wtf gaijin was smoking when they decided this would be a good idea…

And throwing F-16’s or Leo 2’s into any tree that might need a bit of widening is just getting infuriating.

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funny thing is that all dutch brigades are integrated into german divisions

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yeah, 13th, 43rd and the paras

yep its a good thing hope we get the commands of those divisions shared to soonish since right now they are sadly still purely german.

much of their equipment has german roots as well iirc, which is why i know the next update is NOT going to go down well with german players

As far as I understood the Dutch component still keeps their sovereignty, as the command ideology differs a lot between the German Administrative heavy Top-down approach compared to the more free-minded Dutch approach. Most of the fusion was about logistics mostly. The Dutch government still keeps all authority in regards to deployment, etc.

oh yeah no doubt i ment more in the sense of commanding officer being german and xo dutch

That’s more political I believe, as those ‘shared’ divisions are still mostly German-staffed.

imo belgium should have been in the french TT and NL in the german one

we must not be disillusioned, if the Benelux is really added, it will be filled with copied and pasted vehicles like the Hungarian tree, Gaijin would not miss an opportunity to put a new F-16 and a Leopard in a tree that absolutely does not need it and even less want it

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well yes its 3 german brigades to 1 dutch brigade in the tank divisions but still it has dutch parts why not do it as a sign of friendship and trust

I don’t think that’s part of it at all. I think it’s just based on need. Germany doesn’t need a sub tree, except maybe in air, so France gets the BNL instead. It’s that simple.