Nederlands leak list for france

Yes but typically their own variation of it. This was kind of bound to happen when the largest exported NATO tank of the modern day is the Leopard 2

AMX-10RC is amazing, I have no experience playing it, but it’s always fascinated me.

Why would the Germans get the Polish? That makes little sense.

Germany doesn’t really need a subtree.

Idk that’s why I said “Maybe the Polish?” The Polish could be their own tech tree tbh.

Don’t think they have enough for their own, but mixed with another 1 or 2 nations sure.

The most worthless helicopter imaginable because Gaijin is too cowardly to model AGM-114Ls

In the same way you are.

There was this little thing called the Second World war. There’s a reason Fokker left natsoc Germany. 'cause he wanted nothing to do with the crazy man stuff over there. How would you be able to fight against bf109’s and pzIII’s in WT if the Dutch were to be included in Germany? Your argument would only hold for the most recent Dutch vehicles, as only then the combined armoured division was formed. There’s no need for the Netherlands in Germany, even when the Germans invested so little in their procurement since the end of the cold war, leaving them with a poor top tier availability of in-service vehicles in WT. Basically three quarters of a Dutch sub tree would be cursed in your proposal. Either the lower and mid tiers would be in a country they fought against or their top tier (tanks) wouldn’t be in the nation where they actually share a division.

For naval this is something else entirely, as BeNeSam is actually a thing, same for the Air force, as Belgium and thé Netherlands have a shared admirality and share defense responsibilities For their airspace. Therefore putting Belgium and the Netherlands together would make the most sense.

Personally I disagree with the choice of France as a host tree (as far as we know from leaks), as a BeNeLux TT would have been my preference. Read more here: Potential inclusion of Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the French Tech tree

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lol no I’m not.

The whole “they were enemies” thing doesn’t work what’s so ever when you have the Chinese and the Taiwanese in the same tech tree. They currently are enemies and are in the same tech tree. Also so we are going to nit pick a 6 year war over the almost past 30 years of Dutch-German military integration? It’s been happening since 1995….

CV9035 (all variants)
Plus some low tier Armored cars and other sorts of vehicles.

They’re both China…

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They both claim to be China yes but they aren’t the same country and are enemies.

They quite literally are both China, where else did you expect Taiwan to be, the US?


Well if we want to go off of the whole “The Dutch and the Germans were enemies in WW2” then yes. Where I think they should’ve actually gone is in a tech tree with Japan (plus South Korea) then North Korea could go to China.

Taiwan going to Japan. 🫥

Considering the ROC army did most of the fighting against the Japanese, that would even make less sense.

From what I can gather from you opinions is that you are only looking at recent (1990s) political relations to determine where you’d like a country in WT to end up.

The game spans about 110 years right now. Please be a bit more open minded. Not like (‘oh just the CV90, Apache and leopard. And there are some light vehicles as well I guess’), when the Dutch had plenty of different armoured fighting vehicles outside of the only two recent ones you mention so often.


Well, in WW2 there was only the ROC, so that makes sense.
Only after the war there was a civil war in China, in which the Guomindang lost to the Communist party and fled to Taiwan. Shortly after the Communist Party founded the PRC, but the ROC still exists until today on Taiwan. And they hated each other, even before WW2.
Also Taiwan was a Japanese Colony until the End of WW2, so Taiwan to Japanese TT would have the same reason as SA or India to GB. Also Japan couldn’t get any other subtrees because they fought the whole of Asia in WW2.

Then why not put existing French vehicles into the French Tech Tree instead of filling it up with even more copy-paste vehicles. If the french lack something, then they should fix the current tanks in the TT or just add, idk man, other French vehicles to the French TT. If you want the Leo sooo bad, play the German Tree.

If French is lacking it is their own fault too and they shouldn’t get any other vehicles to fill any gaps that might or might not exist.


Well funny thing is all other Dutch brigades are integrated into german divisions aswell

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The thing is I understand that Belgium will end in France as they have close ties but the Dutch? Like dam France dosnt need 3 nations as a sub tree either do Benelux as its own tree which it is perfectly capable of or you split it up in France= Belgian sub tree and Germany= Dutch sub tree