Potential inclusion of Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in the French Tech tree

I’d rather have a Belgian Leopard 1A5BE compared to a dutch A1A1 in the French TT should one be added, as the Belgian ones would actually have a different model and Fire&Control system (and if Gaijin allows it, even different munitions).

Sometimes simple is just what it is indeed. :)

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that would be better but the ideal would really be to make a separate tree with these nations, putting Belgium in France would not be a bad idea but in the end we would still have an F-16 in the tree

France doesnt need a subtree either though, they have their own domestic production of military vehicles, a capable air tree, and a lot of potential ground additions. This is just lazy

Not every tree needs 5 lines, not every tree needs a leo 2 or an F-16.

Furthermore, its kinda stupid, since it dilutes the “need” to buy premium vehicles to grind by concentrating vehicles in tree’s ppl already have premium vehicles for


they dont have to add dutch vics now but just leaving the option for later is possible. since at some point every nation will get a sub tree. france dosnt need a sub tree aswell they have enough of their own versions which gj just blatanly isnt interested in.

the best would be to have neither one nor the other, I would rather not have new French tanks for several updates than a Leopard

We’re getting something like 300 vehicles per year added. I honestly challenge anyone to find another game that’s been doing this crazy level of content creation for as long as WT and virtually for free for many of its players.

Also, they have more than one guy or even one team working on this stuff. The Netherlands being added to the game does not take away time from work on other French vehicles. In time, you’ll get both.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of in WT is that if it was built, it’ll come to the game.

True. BeNeLux should be its own TT.


yeah that would be the best choice but sadly it dosnt seem to happen and 3 nations get cramped into france

kinda like how the italians are worried atm because they think (know) gaijin is just gonna give up on the italian tanks and their proper modelling and instead just toss in a mostly copy paste Leo 2A7HU in the near future


exactly, given the treatment of the Hungarian tree among the Italians, I’m afraid that the Benelux for France will be the same thing, copied and pasted vehicles with different names to hide them

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It delays from their addition. Not everyone wants to be playing WT in 20 years when they finally add X unique vehicle from the base nation they play because theyve been focusing on adding minor modifications of copy pastes.

France and Germany are incomparable.

Look, I’m a German main. I’m not saying this to bash the German tree or anything. But it’s an insanely powerful tree. At several BRs you have so many viable vehicles that you have to leave some out.

The grind for the French tree is not that breezy.

As of last year, 90% of the playerbase was playing Germany, USA, and USSR. 90%!!

I think it’s not so bad as that now, but it’s still overwhelming. And people underestimate how many problems that causes in War Thunder.

We need all the existing tech trees to be fun and approachable and popular. France already looks very fun, but in places it’s still rough, and that’s exactly where you need a sub tree to give it a boost.

Also, since every country gets more or less 1 vehicle per update, the only chance for minors to start closing the gap with the majors is to get a big influx of content at once, which sub trees do.

I’m sure everything France built will come to its tree eventually, but there’s nothing wrong with them getting the BLN too. Spread the love around. Make all tech trees great to play. Give players a reason to branch out.

Strictly speaking, the only case where I would not mind receiving the Benelux would be the case where the tree would be treated like the South African tree, a tree with exclusively unique vehicles, without any copy and paste and for which it wouldn’t be all the vehicles (for example South Africans don’t really have aerial trees)

if the only way to make the trees pleasant is to add an F16 and a Leopard then the game is in a bad state, I remind you that originally if there are separate trees for the nations it is because each country has a different style of play, making them homogeneous destroys this system

personally I didn’t find it that difficult, it all depends on your style of play, for example I can’t play the Germans because I prefer to play mobile vehicles and I currently have no pleasure in grinding it(I’m starting rank 3)

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The problem is that diluting TT’s and adding copy paste vehicles has nothing but negatives beyond the “approachability” angle.

Diluted techtrees is like making unavoidable mixed battles, and ive yet to meet someone that actually likes fighting the exact vehicle they are themselves in. Its not fun.

This is already a MASSIVE problem in sim and air RB. In sim because differentiating friendlies from enemies can be borderline impossible in some cases, while in RB it makes it difficult to actually leverage your vehicles advantages because the enemy has a mix of different vehicles alongside your own.

Its bad game design.

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I get what you both mean. Really, I do. I even sketched out an alternate tech tree system a while ago where the focus was pretty much on making every faction unique and distinct. In order to make that work and give everyone full lineups, you had to sacrifice the idea that tech trees are meant to be synonyms with individual countries, but it could be done and I think the result would have been very interesting. I certainly would have preferred something like that, 3-4 trees which are basically completely unique with no cp whatsoever.

But we don’t live in that world, the other possible solution to the problem of having too many independent trees was to make every tech tree very similar, and that’s the one Gaijin went with. So now everyone gets a Tiger, a Panther, a Sherman, a Leopard, a P-47, an F-16, etc etc.

Gaijin concluded that since most players only play one tree, the best way to let them experience a bigger part of the game was to make trees converge.

There is no putting the toothpaste back in the tube, guys. Right now the only alternatives are the current status quo, or every tech tree becomes playable and competitive at the expense of originality. While not the best solution available in the universe, I can live with that one, because it’s still better than tech trees having barely any players at all.

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France doesn’t need any subtree as of yet. When there’s proper BR compression to say 12.7 even 13.7 then Belgium could be added as a subtree, the unique (and only unique) vehicles would help shore up some lineups. But the current gap from 9.7 to 11.7 is nothing but the devs’ own creation:

  • There’s a plethora of missing vehicles in the first place
  • AMX 40 should get it’s semi-automatic loading and proper composite (~350 KE) and be moved up to 10.0, even 10.3. Then there’s weaker versions of the AMX 40 that could be added.
  • The AMX 32 (120) is missing it’s armour (~210 KE, enough to stop autocannons). Then there’s more variants of the AMX 32 to add.
  • Prototype Leclercs would fit in well at 10.7 with OFL 120 G1 (all they historically had access to) and historically worse armour (~420 KE)
  • All of the top-tier Leclercs are egregiously inaccurate and there’s still a bunch of bug reports in the making

Netherlands should go to Germany. Especially if France gets a CV9035 before any of their own (much better) IFVs - that’s quite frankly insulting.


be careful not to forget the dozen light tanks and IFVs which are not in play

I personally think that there is no shortage of players and that in any case, with the next update and the addition of Fox-3, the number of French plane players will increase enormously

and besides I’m not sure that copying and pasting vehicles in other countries makes them more interesting, in my case I was considering starting to play the Italian planes but seeing the arrival of the Hungarian tree that made me stopped immediately