Cas spam in Ground RB ruins entire match

Ahh but you say there is no issue with CAS then say it needs balancing out.

So why do anything about CAS if CAS is not an issue?

Tripped yourself up there Bro in an attempt to defend the indefensible.

You cant actually quantify in game play terms being in a ground unit with zero AA ability and being eradicated by an air unit any more than you can condone a grown man taking an ice cream off a little girl. You can hope the little girl comes back with an adult later but the actual act is done without repercussion, and it causes frustration to the point where players stop playing or jump on here to complain.

Your issue with me is because I unravel your arguments and you take that personally, but I am only commenting on what is there before me. Its there before you but you can’t see it.

People want a TO GRB. Give them one .See if its as good as they think it will be ,see if they actually enjoy the game without CAS (I bet many actually wont) .

Do it .Do TO GRB for a month or Two and lets see the result and end this once and for all. You maybe correct or I may be correct who knows?

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Where did i?

I never said there was no issue, i said that my issue is that you want TO based on comments asking to IMPROVE current gamemode,…

So TO is a Sinful dream,…
And you have a problem, as you don’t want to solve CURRENT gamemode but create a new one,…

As you can’t see what i’m telling you,

So fine we’re 2 blinds playing a physical game model with intent to recreate ambiant High intensity war,… (and i never saw any High intensity battles being a One Vehicule Type Only,…)

I enjoy CAS-thunder. More exciting than camp-thunder.

Everything they do is profit oriented…why would the game mode design/selection be any different? It’s literally a freemium game, this is how they work.


But TO is no cure but a lie,…
Like the Cake,…

Are you basically Glados trying to sell me a Cake?
See how it worked out? Having to brave out multiple tests (Current Game mode if TO is introduced) while some AI computer tries to kill you? (TO)

(Btw i can also use stupid comparison, as you did with the Icecream)

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No anti-CAS posts have been removed lately. Only the topics that were pro-CAS were closed within 20 minutes.

Besides this we currently have:

And those 12 threads are only the results of scrolling for 5 minutes…all of them are open and running, so quit whining about moderators being mean to CAS-thread spammers, as it is obvious that they are just being ignored.


Gaijin has stated multiple times they have no intention of making a TO game mode and GF was always intended to a combined arms game mode.


Im not unhappy i love cas but not at this rate mate.


Gaijin has said many things in the past which they then went back on or changed their mind and done it anyway.
Literal non-argument.


If players are leaving because of CAS as some have and others join or rejoin a Warthunder ground only game then its a positive. Why not make an addition to a great great game and make it even greater?

Same here but I also discovered what fun GRB is when nobody flies? Ever witnessed it?

Gaijin have said many things and not everything goes their way the Review bombing being one of them.

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Its a death match, unfortunately your team spammed leopards and 1 helicopter at start, not many USA on your team.
6 mins into game your team has 6 air vehicles the enemy has 3. You are down 4 players, enemy none and you have ticket advantage
8mins you are down to 6 players enemy 15 still only 3 air units.

13 mins just 2 of you, 14 mins just your self

Your team just lost because you was short on team, nothing out if the ordinary

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I’ve said it before but CAS is primarily an SPAA issue. People are too lazy to grind out AA’s and honestly I can’t blame them. It takes an extra few hundred thousand RP to get high rank SPAAs when that research could be used to grind out something more exciting like an MBT.

Call it bad for the game that people are lazy or whatever but most people play War Thunder for entertainment, not staring at a blank monitor for 15 minutes and maybe getting a couple air kills. Yeah it’s lazy but you can’t expect anything more of them. People will take the shortest route to top tier.

I grinded all the way to the Chally 3 in Britain and the highest UK AA I have is the Falcon. A lot of people don’t really see SPAA as necessary.

SPAA lines also aren’t all created equal. And even the “good” or even “broken” AAs like the Strela are still boring to play first spawn. I don’t like staring at a blue sky for 15 minutes while literally one or two aircraft show up and then my missile just decides that it doesn’t want to lock anyway, like “eh, I don’t really feel like it”.


Except the game is doing the best it has ever done:


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Good then queue time are no issue to a TO GRB ,excellent news ,thanks


Yeah people want to play tanks and no Anti Air. I dont want to be forced to play SPAA any more than I want to be forced to play Final Fantasy.


Watch the replay, enemy did not spam cas, its a L cry post

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The reason threads are still up, is due to fact that moderation is largely up to the community to enforce in the new forum system. Combine that with it’s a lot easier to post and threads compared to the old system. You end with a spam of threads on the same topic.

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Why only TO what about Medium only or heavy only? I think we need a gamemode for every vehicle class.

Generally I agree that it’s annoying and should have measures taken against it, but also all the new threads are just pixels on a screen, you have no obligation to respond to every individual thread complaining about CAS. So when I see a thread I’m not interested in I just scroll past lol.

But I definitely understand the annoyance with redundancy.

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