Cas spam in Ground RB ruins entire match

I want to share with those who is even playing the game with my replay in the match when +5 planes and 3-4 helicopters takes into the air and ruins the game and it’s allowed by the gaijin from grb becomes airrb and there is nothing you can do about it with single spawn point maybe it’s time for some changes no?
Watch somewhere in the middle when the spam starts.
This is not funny at all literally you just loose your sanity by those types of matches.


GRB never was intended as a Single Tank Only mode,… everybody knows it,…

And despite many TO fans are saying whatever they want to impose their views:
TO never would be a thing unless Gaijin wants it, and Gaijin is having none of that.


0.10 cents per threads would have been enough ^^"

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It is a single tank mode when no CAS is about lol

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But everywhere exists limits no? But when the half enemy team takes off it’s not that funny when you can’t leave the spawn because you have to deal with everything and i mean everything! HELIS,JETS,TANKS at once.


Watch my replay then speak, in my shoes you would speak the same.

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Hardly worth investing in this post because the mods will pull it due to repetition but you are just another one unhappy with CAS in the game.

More and more posts will be made and more idiots will leap to the defence of a game that is obviously at fault.

People just want a game with no planes its that simple so why not give them what they want and lets move on and up.

And despite daily threads for the last 10 years, nothing has improved, so more to come.

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Exactly ,here’s to the next one and the next one …

Go read description of Gamemode in game,…
Go read it under aswell,…

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Is there a limit to bring heavy tanks? Or SPG? Or MAUS? Or anything in this game? No,…

why should be one then?

Treatment is NOT Tank-Only mode,…

It’s balancing things out,… i agreed on several potential things we can add to current gamemode in other threads, but you claimed, with ULQ, that those are meaningless,… therefore, i won’t discuss with you anymore.

Tank only mode is the cure not the treatment.


TO is a sinful dream YOU have,…

Ahh yes the daily, CAS ruins the game post.


It wouldn’t exists if there was not an issue and this post would not have been made if the OP did feel there was an issue so lets address the issue for God’s sake and move along.


I could make ten a day

Adressing the issue means balancing things out,… not create a whole new mode.

TO have no interest in Gaijin eyes,… and YOU refuses to invest time into solving the CURRENT gamemode problems with balancing updates,…

So there is an Impass, into your argumentary,… keep dreamin’ boy

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Cause there’s already a game like that, it’s called WOT.


And Armored Warfare,…