Air in GRB

Sorry but why are planes available in GROUND games. I mean, it’s called “ground battles” not “combined arms battles”

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Warthunder GRB is combined arms battles. World of tanks is just tanks. I guess Gaijin considered that the tanks only seat was already taken.

Many have been asking for a ground only game for years and the debate is all around this forum if you read it.

99% of the ground battles (at least the ones that I’m participating in) are unplayable after 1-2 minutes because oponnents are spawncamping with cas. What’s the point of the game then? If I wanted to fight planes I would play air RB. This doesn’t make any sense

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there is no free ‘realistic’ tank game on the market other than war thunder from what I’m aware of. WoT isn’t really realistic, GHPC is great but not everyone is willing to spend money on a game. Argument that “tank only game is already taken” doesn’t really make sense

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Yes, hard to argue that one. The clowns will come on and arrogantly cry “Skill issue” and leave it at that.

I play planes as well, but I did not used to so I understand where you are coming from.
For a newer player it is hard to watch the ground without having to watch the sky as well.

Look around the forum and you will find those who agree with you, and many have been playing for years.
There are a few precautions you can take against planes.

  1. Never fire your machine gun or main gun unless you have to. Separate your MG from main gun if you are on a console. When I am up there in a plane I don’t really know where the enemy are but when I see that muzzle flash or MG fire I know.

2 Use cover if you can when planes are up. If there is any.
3 Keep moving if you can in the open.

I am aware that these tips are of limited use. CAS can often pass in waves. Sit tight for two minutes and all the planes get shot down or have to go back to reload.

Yes, where spawn is open, I have left games when they are overrun with CAS, just time to go, that is the way it is sometimes and why so many hate CAS and want it gone. You are not alone in your frustration I can assure you.


I think a TO game mode should be added as a separate mode from ground RB because when they first added tanks they stated it would be combined arms I started playing the game with British tanks were first added and combined arms is one of the main things that attracted players not saying it isn’t unbalanced because it totally is and a plane isn’t supposed to be balanced to tanks just based on the nature of it being a superior weapons platform and im not saying that concerns about tank battles isn’t true or doesn’t matter