Helicopters spawn points

Helicopters shouldn’t be able to spawn in straight away, they’re aircraft, you should need to get the necessary xp as it’s GROUND rb not helicopter RB or air rb, it’s rather stupid when you spawn in and there’s just a helicopter rushing your spawn.


jep but gajoob seems to think not like that…
Otherwise i would love to spawn in my mig21 or f4f etc and hunt down those heli…

soon people will come and tell you skill issue…
i mean its always funny to see how you kill a can**50/52 and they hover over the spawn and kill 3 or 4 more with the 30mm…

Very true unfortunately

Heli rushing is fun and provides first spawn SPAA something to shoot

Since they’re coming in close you can use your coax or roof machine gun to kill them

Not unbalanced like other forms of CAS

it is unbalanced, it’s an aircraft, with that logic, let me spawn in my harrier with my rediculous amount of rocket pods, but even with the fact a helicopter is slower, in particular the KA-50/KA-52s can survive easily without a tail especially, and on average are the most annoying helis, at the end of the day in ground rb and aircraft have always come mid-late game, helicopters should be no different.

You can respawn a SPAA at the beginning of the battle, just 70-90sp.

Surprise the Russian variants of a vehicle are the strongest in the game

This does not mean helicopters should not be able to first spawn with rockets

That doesn’t really solve the problem, I don’t play ground RB to be AA in the first 5 seconds of the game when some twit decides to spawn in a helicopter and spam rockets

That’s your problem, I often spawn in AA first and farm the first Helis and support the team with keeping the sky clear.

How do people spawn in heli first? I always have to gain spawn points and then i can play them. how do people play first in them?


By using rocket pods. If your heli doesn’t have optional rocket pods you can’t first spawn.

I’m working on a change to aircraft spawn points including helicopters.

Spam Thunder, its not the vehicles, its the cost of ordinance that is the issue, when it can be spammed