Ukraine Ground Forces Tree

It would be nice to find such a video about 3BM44U1 or 3BM44U2. Maybe someone knows something about it?

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maybe look at this thsi way, gajin, example : gajin has 50K budget. for this 50K thez can either repair the game or add the new conntent. This depends on what the players want more. Is it now more understandable for you? even this game is just project to earn money, like every company part of the earned money is used for improvement of the product. thez will not spend money to develope new tree and + extra money to repair the game. Maybe now you understand how bussines works, it has nothing to do with online gaming, Every game is just a product, which has been developed to earn money. Single palyer games earn the money once, MMO games earn tho money continously.

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I understand your point, but I don’t agree with it. If a developer has 50k and fixes the mechanics of armor penetration for this money. It will be just a working mechanic that everyone will forget about in 3 months. And if you make a new vehicle for 50k. By obtaining it, players can pay for premium days and gold. Not to mention premium vehicles. Then these 50k can be profitable…


Looks like there is a third T-90M captured and pressed into service with the AFU, reportedly used in the south.


maybe yes and maybe no, game experience will increase what can lowe frustration and keep players longer at the game. Maybe also give them a reason to pay for premium account. I can not say I do not agree with adding vehicles, I just do not agree to add whole new tree. The migration in the game is big enaugh, there is not so many players who have grinded all the vehicles allready, i met newbies everyday. But zes, adding new tree will make profit, short, maybe not so big as we expect. Repairing the game is long term profit, becouse of how I said, it is game experience what keeps you at the game. When I started with WT, back when it was only BETA, we were 100 people in the clan, I remember old great clans and lot of very good players. Today from my friendlist, maybe 10% are still at the game. I am in contact with some players in other games, the reason they stoped playing WT is allways the same , bugs. But yes you may be right, my opinion on what is important after all this years is diferent.

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Maybe someone doesn’t know, but there are 21 proposals on the forum to add Ukrainian vehicles separately. If you are interested:


They could be a huge sub-tech-tree for URSS

And if you don’t mind why USSR needs a sub tree? Is it in desprate need for vehicles - no. Lets forget about Russia and Ukrane, there are hell a lot of soviet objects yet to be added and dont forget that currently game iu doesent allow more than 5 lines of vehicles per tree so its techniclly imposible. So… why it should be so.


What is a iu?

It’s great that he could share this with us. Thank you, and thank him too.

1700 votes guys keep it up

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In the other news, dev server now received new nicer stat cards for vehicles, consisting of vehicle 3d render and country flag in the background.

All vehicles in the game have received new and nicer images on their stat cards. Now, they’re all made in the same style — we hope that you’ll like it and that they are easier to see.

And Ukrainian flag is there too according to gszabi99 findings.

That’d actually be really cool, it would be a better way to distinguish the nation when clicking on a certain vehicle too.
For example, like this.

Here is the statcard background


Devs added Ukrainian flag (as little flag on the stat card i suppose) to the dev server judging by this Reddit - Dive into anything datamine.

So we might be getting somewhere close finally.


Hopefully it’s a sign we are getting an independent tech tree as stated by this thread Ukraine is too big to be a sub-tech tree and we all know the USSR/Russia doesn’t need a sub-tech because that tree is already too big as is plus adding Ukraine to the Russian tech tree would be a massive mistake as A it’s incredibly controversial to do that and B it will make a lot of players mad as a huge chunk of players are pro-Ukrainian and Ukraine itself funny enough has a larger player base than Russia.


As much as I want independent tree, I don’t see it realistically happening in the nearest year or two, not before some other trees like Poland or India got released. Simply because modelling and development takes a lot of time.

As for the flag background, my bet would be for some simple (and ready to implement) additions for allied trees: L2A4 “with Kontakt” (isn’t it Nizh inside those blocks?) or Gepard in AFU camo for Germany, some Bradley variant or trophy T-90A “Maestro” for US, maybe something else along the lines.
Some little additions to test the waters and monetize, for now.

Nobody knows yet. Blocks are same , so impossible to know for sure

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Perhaps a Ukrainian vehicle will be apart of the autumn crafting event which is happening soon. Maybe they’re finally using DanPogans user models.


It could be, but I honestly think it’s about Rank 8 tanks.

They might add something like the T-84 as another Rank 8, to complement something like “T-90M 2020” which has already been datamined to have minor modelling work done (tracks, etc)

But this prediction is never all that fun, because we have no idea.
Watch this be totally wrong.
We’ll come back in a year and laugh about how wrong we were. How it was sooooo obvious!

Could be about BTR-3s, BTR-4s, as USSR finally got their first BTR in game recently, and Gaijin might add Ukraine as a subtree (shortsightedly).
Could be rank 8 tanks.
Could be a crafting event.

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That’s what I can see happening

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