T-72AMT: Next Generation T-72A

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T-72AMT: Next Generation T-72A


A T-72AMT on display next to the T-84 Oplot-M.

  • Description :
    • The T-72, a Soviet design that first was produced in 1970, was a revolutionary design taking the best features of the T-64 main battle tank, while making the vehicle cost effective. The T-72A was the first modernization of the T-72A, enhancing armor, the autoloader, and more. The T-72A became a mainstay in many military’s throughout the world, with several different variants being created/developed. One variant took the T-72A to a new level, this variant is known as the T-72AMT.
    • First unveiled in 2017, the T-72AMT a modernization of the T-72A that is designed to be Ukraine’s strategic reserve tank, being fitted with multiple new electronics, tracks, armor and a refurbished engine. Developed at the Kyiv Armored Plant, the T-72AMT was developed from the feedback of individual tank crews in order to better accommodate the changing battlefield dynamics. The T-72AMT features an upgraded 1K-13-49/1 & 1G46M sight/laser rangefinder that allows the T-72AMT to fire the Kombat GL-ATGM’s, installation of dynamic protection in the form of the Nozh Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) capable of stopping HEAT-shaped charges as well as some modern APFSDS-T rounds. The Nozh has similar to slightly better performance to the Contact-5 ERA. On the rear of the turret and engine bay cage armor was installed to offer protection against HEAT-shaped charges. Other features are the enhanced CH-3000M navigation systems, radios like the Lybid-K-2RB which are fully NATO compatible, the wider T-80 tracks, rear view camera to aid the driver when reversing, better side mirrors, new anti-aircraft mount similar to the one on the T-64 which is able to remote fired from the inside of the vehicle, a rear folding ladder to assist the crew with working on the top of the vehicle, and more. This vehicle was tested in 2018 with acceptance of the first 5 vehicles in 2021. At the beginning of 2022, the Ukrainian Army received at least 47 T-72AMT’s and have saw active service in Eastern Ukraine. At least 10 were either lost or captured due to combat.
  • Role: Main Battle Tank
  • Origin:
    • Ukraine
  • Armament:
    • Primary: 125mm 2A46M Smoothbore Gun
      • Ammunition:
        • APFSDS-T
        • HEAT-FS
        • HE-FRAG
        • GL-ATGM
          • Kombat
      • Feed System:
        • Autoloader, 44rds total.
    • Coaxial: KT-7.62mm Machine Gun (1,250rds)
    • Roof-mounted: KT-12.7mm Machine Gun (300rds)
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 840hp V-84-1 Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Synchromesh Manual, 7-Forward, 1-Reverse
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: 60km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 9.830m w/ Gun Forward
    • Width: 3.560m
    • Height: 2.226m
    • Weight: 46.6 tons
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Accessories:
    • 8x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Cage Armor
    • Luna Infrared Searchlight
    • Entrenching Blade
    • ESS
    • NVD:
      • Driver: TNK-72 Day/Night Sight
      • Gunner:1K-13-49 Day/Night Sight
      • Commander: TKN-ZUM Day/Night Sight
  • In-game:
    • This vehicle performs similarly to the T-72B (1989) with similar armor and firepower values which would sit well at Battle Rating 10.0-10.3.
  • Imagery:


Specifications if the T-72AMT.


Newly built T-72AMT’s.


Closeup of the T-72AMT optics.


T-72AMT on display.


T-72AMT during firing evolutions.


A Ukrainian T-72AMT that has served in the war.


Nozh ERA than can be used on the T-80BV zr. 2018 along with Contact-1.


Another view of the Nozh ERA block.

T-72AMT: Ukraine's Strategic Reserve MBT - YouTube

T-72AMT video.


+1, forked after the T-72B.

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