T-80UD ‘Bereza’: Efficiency at the Forefront

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Lesser_Coat_of_Arms_of_Ukraine2_svg.png. T-80UD ‘Bereza’: Efficiency at the Forefront


  • Basic Description:
    • The T-80UD, known as Object 478B or Bereza (Birch Tree), is a modified T-80U developed and produced by the Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering/Malyshev Plant, in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, now modern-day Ukraine, that features a 1,000hp 6TD-1 Diesel Engine instead of the GTD-1000TF Gas-turbine Engine. Development began in the early-1980’s followed by mass production in 1985 with an estimated ~600-800 units produced. The T-80UD was adopted due to cost of operating the expensive T-80U and T-80BV main battle tanks. Utilizing the GTD-1000TF, the T-80U and T-80BV can accelerate faster than any other Soviet main battle tank making effectively more maneuverable over the more numerous T-72 and T-64 main battle tanks, however the cost of this maneuverability was high fuel consumption and logistic issues. The T-80U and T-80BV can operate at the very best around ~330km depending on the conditions of the terrain. The solution was to incorporate the 6TD-1 Diesel Engine into the T-80U chassis. The result was an estimated 250km increase in operational range for a total of around 580km at the cost of quick acceleration. This was significant since it made the powerful T-80U cost effective while still retaining its capabilities in firepower and armor protection. This vehicle would be designated the T-80UD. The T-80UD is essentially the same vehicle as the T-80U, featuring the same electronics, armor, and gun. The main gun is a 2A46M-1 Smoothbore gun, produced locally in Ukraine as the KBA-3. This gun is fed by a 28rd autoloader which feeds two-part ammunition to the gun breech. The main gun is fired by the gunner, utilizing the 1A42 Fire Control System which includes the 1V528-1 Ballistic Computer, Laser Rangefinder, 1G46/TO1-KO1E Gunner Sight which is night vision capable. The Commander operates the PNK-4S sight capable of night vision. To aid in night time operations, a Luna IR Searchlight is installed next to the main gun. The T-80UD is capable of receiving the TO1-PO2T thermal imager and Shtora-1 countermeasure installed on some T-80U’s, however it is unlikely that Ukrainian T-80UD’s opted for the additional equipment. The fire control components allow the firing of the 9M119 GL-ATGM capable of targeting light vehicles, tanks, and low flying helicopters. Armor protection features the same layout as the T-80U, incorporating 2nd-generation Kontact-5 ERA capable of protecting against HEAT-shaped charges and APFSDS-T alike. Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Army utilized around ~500-600 of the T-80UD which were intended to become the new standard before passing them on to successor states. Many remained within the newly formed states of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, however the Russian Army is believed to have decommissioned the last T-80UD. The T-80UD has undergone several changes within Ukrainian manufacturing plants including upgrades to the engine, fire control systems, armor, and more resulting in the T-84 main battle tank. Foreign use of the T-80UD can be found in Pakistan who received an export variant of the T-80UD, operating around 320 vehicles. 4 were also sent to the United States. It is believed that around ~50 T-80UD’s remain in Ukraine, with some mothballed units being restored by the Ukrainian Defense Industry and returning them to active service.
    • Here’s a link of a T-80UD in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Main Battle Tank
    • Origin/Manufacturer:
      • U.S.S.R./Ukraine - Kharkiv Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering
    • Current Users:
      • Ukraine - ~50(?)
      • Pakistan - 320
      • United States - 4(?)
    • Armament:
      • Primary: 125mm 2A46M-1 L/48 Smoothbore Gun
        • Ammunition:
          • APFSDS-T
          • HEAT-FS
          • HE-FRAG
          • GL-ATGM
            • 9M119
        • Feed System:
          • 28rd-Autoloader, 45rds total.
      • Coaxial: PKT 7.62mm Machine Gun (1,250rds)
      • Roof-mounted: NVST 12.7mm Machine Gun (300rds)
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 7.085m
      • Width: 3.560m
      • Height: 2.193m
      • Weight: 46t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: 1,000hp 6TD-1 Diesel Engine
      • Max Speed: 60km/h
      • Transmission: Manual (7-forward, 1-reverse)
      • Suspension: Torsion Bar
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • 8x 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • ESS
    • Luna IR Sight
    • Entrenching Blade
    • Armor:
      • Kontact-5 ERA
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: TO1-KO1E (Night Vision Device)
      • Commander: PNK-4S (Night Vision Device)
      • Driver: TVNE-4O (Night Vision Device)
  • In-game :
    • This variant of T-80 features a slower speed versus its gas turbine and lacks the thermal imager upgrade however, the T-80UD can hold its own with its Kontact-5 ERA and powerful 125mm gun.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 10.3-10.7.
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A restored T-80UD in active service within the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


T-80UD being brought out for education purposes.




T-80UD on display in Russia.

T-80UD.jpg.1a86f792788cb6c05d209308c5c04 402106585_T-80UD2.jpg.96e5a83ce50ccb1f97

Front and rear images of the T-80UD.


Turret of the T-80UD.



Internal views of the T-80UD.


The 1,000hp 6TD-1 Diesel Engine of the T-80UD.


Pakistani T-80UD.


Video of the T-80UD.

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For a change, it will look great in a Ukrainian tree.

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ayyy +1 from me, i have it in my TT proposal!

I would also love to see the late Pakistani T-80UD as a suggestion too! It would be even more interesting was the late batch of T-80UD’s given to Pakistan are essentially early T-84’s and would feature a better engine and transmission. I believe these specific versions tho would be best in the Chinese tech tree.


+1, I’m surprised we haven’t seen this vehicle yet, it’d be a perfect vehicle to start off the first line off Ukrainian T-80/84 modification after the T-80U or if gaijin decides to add a whole new line for the Ukrainian vehicles like they did with South Africa in Great Britain or Hungary in Italy.

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Is this the same T-80UD as the premium that was added a month ago?