Otaman-3 IFV: Naval Infantry Fire Support

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The Otaman-3 BTR during state trials.

  • Basic Description:
    • The Otaman-3, or Chieftain, is an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) developed by NGO Practika that is based off of the Soviet BTR-60 to meet requirements for the Ukrainian Naval Infantry Corps, also known as the Ukrainian Marines. The Otaman-3 was designed to be a multi-mission platform, offering multiple combat modules/armaments to meet mission requirements. Eventually, an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) variant was introduced. First unveiled in the 2019 at the Arms and Security Exhibition in Kyiv, the Otaman-3 differs from its Ukrainian counterparts, the BTR-3 and BTR-4, by offering the same capabilities but with enhanced protection for ballistics and mines without the cost of maneuverability. The Otaman-3 features an enhanced hull mounted on a 6x6 chassis developed by Meritor that has 453mm of ground clearance to protect the crew against mine detonation. The Hull, made up of high hardness monocoque steel, was designed to meet NATO AEP-55 STANAG 4569, following the STANAG 4569 standards meeting Level 2 protection with the capability to adopt module armor to increase protection up to Level 4. The layout of the vehicle has the driver towards the front, next to the Deutz TCD 2015 V6 Diesel Engine, with the Commander behind the Driver and the Gunner in the middle, underneath the turret. In the rear cabin, the Otaman-3 can carry up to 7 additional personnel on top of the 3-person crew. In terms of armament, the Otaman-3 equips the BM-7 ‘Parus’ Combat Module armed with a ZTM-1 30mm Autocannon, a development of the Soviet 2A72 30mm autocannon, capable of firing the 30x165 cartridge. Complimenting the ZTM-1 is a KT-7.62mm coaxial machine gun as well as the KBA-117 30mm automatic grenade launcher. Lastly, the BM-7 ‘Parus’ Combat Module is equipped with the Barrier-212 complex, a dual ATGM launcher capable of firing RK-2 anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) which can be used to counter main battle tanks and light vehicles, even if the target is equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA) due to using a dual penetrator. To operate the combat module, the Track-M Fire Control System is used which allows the Gunner and Commander to operate the turret. The Track-M features an electro-optical sight with integrated laser rangefinder which houses a 3rd-generation thermal camera to allow for night operations. The Commander has access to the Panorama-2P TV Camera attached to the top of the Combat Module that allows independent viewing for the Commander to assess battlefield conditions. The Otaman-3 can also be equipped with a Laser Warning System to alert the crew of incoming missiles as well as targeting sensors. The Otaman-3 is a serious advancement of Ukrainian APC’s, however due to the number of imported parts/equipment, the cost of the Otaman-3 is much higher and it is unknown if the Naval Infantry Corps will adopt it in the future.
    • In terms of ammunition, the ZTM-1 (2A72) and ZTM-2 (2A42) utilize the 30x165 cartridge which allows both cannons to use the same ammunition. The Precision Mechanic Plant in Western Ukraine launched serial-production of Soviet 30x165 ammunition including the 3UBR8 Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot round with Tracer (APDS-T) round, 3UBR6 Armor Piercing round with Tracer (AP-T) round, 3UOR6 High-Explosive Incendiary Fragmentation round with Tracer (F-T) and the 3UOF8 High Explosive Incendiary round (HEF-I).
    • The Otaman-3 can also equip the 2A18 122mm Howitzer, like on the 2S1 Gvozdika, making this vehicle an effective, highly mobile self-propelled gun (SPG).
    • Currently, the Otaman-3 is in a prototype state. It has not been adopted by the Naval Infantry Corps with the status of its development unknown.
  • Specifications:
    • Role: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • Origin/Manufacturer:
      • Ukraine - NGO Practika
    • Armament:
      • Primary: ZTM-1 30mm Autocannon
        • Cartridge: 30x165
        • Ammunition:
          • 3UBR8 APDS-T (BP)
          • 3UBR6 AP-T (BT)
          • 3UOR6 HEF-I (OFZ)
          • 3UOF8 F-T (OT)
        • Feed System:
          • Dual-belt Fed
      • Coaxial: KT-7.62mm Machine Gun
      • Roof-Mounted: KBA-117 30mm Grenade Launcher
      • Tertiary: Dual Barrier ATGM Launcher
        • Missile:
          • RK-2S Missile
            • Warhead: Tandem-HEAT
            • Caliber: 130mm
            • Range: out to 5km
            • Penetration: at least 800mm of RHA behind ERA.
            • Guidance: Semi-Active Laser
          • RK-2OF
            • Warhead: HE-FRAG
            • Caliber: 130mm
            • Range: out to 5km
            • Penetration: at least 60mm of RHA.
            • Guidance: Semi-Active Laser
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 7.215m
      • Width: 2.850m
      • Height: 2.466m
      • Weight: 23-25t
    • Mobility :
      • Engine: +500hp - Deutz TCD 2015 V6 Diesel Engine
      • Max Speed: +100km/h (~8km/h in water)
      • Transmission: Allison 4500 SP-P Fully-automatic Transmission (6-Forward, 1-Reverse)
      • Suspension: 6 x 6
  • Crew:
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Features:
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • 6x 902V 81mm Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • ESS
    • Amphibious
    • Optional: Laser Warning System
    • Unmanned Turret
      • Commander and Gunner can both operate turret.
    • Armor:
      • STANAG 4569 Level 2
        • Up to STANAG 4569 Level 4 w/ Modular Armor
      • Bar Armor
        • The Combat Module can equip Bar Armor for additional protection against HEAT-shaped charges.
    • Optics:
      • Gunner: Track-M Opto-electronic Sighting System (Thermal Imager)
      • Commander: Panorama-2P CITV (Thermal Imager)
      • Driver: TVN-4BM/Television Cameras (Night Vision Device )
  • In-game :
    • The Otaman-3 is a unique vehicle, featuring all of the capabilities of the BTR-3E1 and BTR-3DA while having significant increases in protection. Powered by a +500hp Diesel engine and equipped with the ‘Parus’ module, the Otaman-3 is a unique multi-role platform that can target most vehicles and use its speed to flank targets.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 9.0-9.3.
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Otaman-3 on display.








Otaman-3 during state testing.







Images of the Otaman-3.


Dimensions of the Otaman-3.


Crew layout.


A list of vehicle Night Vision Devices used by the Ukrainian Army.


BM-7 ‘Parus’ Modules being built.


BM-7 ‘Parus’ Combat Module equipped with Bar Armor.


BM-7 ‘Parus’ Combat Module found on the BTR-3E1.


View of the Parus Combat Module electronics.


The electronics used to guide the main weapons.


Panorama-2P sight system used by the Commander.


View of the Gunner’s station for the BM-7 ‘Parus’ Module.


The Deutz TCD 2015 V6 Diesel Engine used by the Otaman-3.


The Allison transmission used in the Otaman-3.


Otaman-3 Self-Propelled Gun variant.

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