Suggested details and improvements to War Thunder

Hello! This thread is dedicated to the little things that would improve our War Thunder experience. Most of these things will not affect the gameplay much, but will give the game a bit more authenticity and visually diversify it. This list will be split into 3 main types: Air / Ground / Naval. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.


animations, visuals and details

  • Modern parachutes and eject animations
  • Refreshed afterburners
  • Refreshed missile rocket motor graphics
  • Rotating front wheel on some aircrafts
  • Air intakes animations for all jets that have it (we already have them but not functioning as we can see here)
  • Folding wings for carrier based aircrafts
  • Functional blast deflectors on carriers
  • Vapor effects when doing high-g turns
  • Refreshed mach cone
  • Optional lights on aircraft (formation lights, landing / take off lights etc.)
  • Runway lighting on modern airfields
  • More pilot 3D models considering the times
  • Cockpit sound / visual warnings
  • Weather effects on cockpit canopy
  • RWR sound depending on aircraft
  • More realistic audio sound when pulling high-g maneuvers (example here)
  • Bullet holes and cracks in cockpit glass after being hit
  • Proper bomber cockpits
  • Ability to keep empty drop tanks on the airplane

life improvements

  • Reduction of player amount in top tier ARB
  • Sequential selection in weapon selector mode
  • Seperate Measurement Units for Targeting Pod
  • Fuel “slider”
  • Ability to see the current MTOW and TWR based on the set up of the aircraft
  • RWR toggle
  • Jettisoning for aircrafts
  • Better SAS controls in simulation battles (forum suggestion here)
  • Autothrottle / autopilot implementation
  • Ammunition status for bomber gunners
  • Ability to see selected bombing target on the minimap (GPS)
  • Ability to zoom in the “sniper sight” in the cockpit without view-lock
  • Pop-up window if created custom loadout already exists
  • 3rd person HUD indicator when engine is off
  • Improved ripple mode (old and new forum suggestions)
  • Bomb fuse delay saved separately between the planes

systems and gameplay

  • Return of 30 second base respawn time
  • Ability to use helicopters in Air Simulation Battles (existing suggestion thread here)
  • Implementation of buddy-lasing mechanics
  • Remodeled RWR (missile launch warning etc.)
  • Working optical landing system (OLS) on carriers
  • NAVAIDs system implementation
  • Multi stage afterburner implementation
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Drop tanks
  • Radar lead indicators
  • Radar jammers
  • IR jammers
  • Implementation of MAW system for some top tier jets
  • Ability to drop chaff / flares separately
  • Compressor stalls
  • Terrain-following radars
  • Performance penalty for ripping off canopy
  • Implementation of flying cysterns and air refueling
  • Implementation of AWACS aircrafts for simulation battles
  • Implementation of proper “loft” mechanics for missiles


animations, visuals and details

  • More tanker 3D models considering the times
  • Custom commander sights
  • Camouflage nettings
  • Detailed tank crews animations
  • Detailed MG animations
  • Ability to remove mudguards in hangar
  • More destructible buildings
  • Working lights
  • Animation for tank commander popping out of the turret when using binoculars in game
  • Addition of realistic optics color filter depending on type
  • Addition of realistic blurr on the edges of gunner’s sight (real life photo for reference)
  • Different thermal vision color depending on the vehicle
  • Reworked tank crew sounds (similar to new crew sounds for naval)
  • Crew sounds depending on the operator country

life improvements

  • Stock APFSDS shells for top tier tanks
  • Stock NVD for tanks that have it (thermals should stay researchable)
  • Stock FPE and Parts (more info here)
  • More detailed information about tank’s engine in x-ray view (full engine name and type etc.)
  • Ability to manually lower / fold the ATGM launchers on some vehicles
  • Removal of “white tint” in binoculars and gunner’s sight

systems and gameplay

  • Ballistics Calculator for Self Propelled Howitzers
  • Radiator damage affecting engine performance (RB / SB)
  • Commander sights expanded to lower rank vehicles that had them
  • Regenerative steerings (forum post here)
  • Loader’s skill expansion to ammunition replenishment and MG reload
  • Ability to replenish FPE on capture zones
  • Ability to replenish ammo and repair on spawn
  • Working hull machineguns for all vehicles


animations, visuals and details

  • Improved visual destruction models
  • Captain view available (something like 1st person view here)
  • Custom sight functionality
  • Scout Plane cockpits
  • Bomber sight for the Scout Planes (the ones added to ships in naval) that should have them
  • Visual holes after torpedo penetration

life improvements

  • In-battle torpedo settings adjustment
  • Ammo rack and ready rack status (similar to ground vehicles)
  • Ability to create user skins for Scout Planes

systems and gameplay

  • Improved scout plane mechanics (existing suggestion here)


  • Change in vehicle implementation policy (dedicated topic here)
  • Overall interface rework (for example we have this concept)
  • HUD rework for all branches
  • Ability to view the full battle report after closing it
  • More camouflage patterns
  • Reworked clan battles
  • Similar vehicles foldered (A-7E and A-7D for example)
  • Expanded map ban and dislike options
  • Reworked and expanded personal stats
  • Increased decal / decoration slots
  • Addition of semi-historical filter for decals when selecting what content to be shown in game to a user.
  • Separation of semi-historical category for skins into two categories: semi-historical for skins that were used on the same vehicle model (just a minor variant like MiG-23M/MF) and semi-realistic for skins that are based on historical patterns, but not used on the vehicle variant specifically
  • Ability to filter unlocked skins from skin list (Gaijin market and in-game)
  • Separate “Camera shake” sliders for Ground, Air and Naval
  • Naval aircraft and helicopters to be shown on carrier decks in hangar instead of ground base
  • Map rotation depending on era (WW2 / Cold War / Modern)
  • Simple interaction with vehicles in the hangar (flaps, cockpit etc.)
  • Addition of search-filter for decals
  • More lively maps (birds flying in the distance etc.)
  • Expanded weather types in matches (storm or night in air battles for example)
  • Dynamic weather implementation
  • Repair indicator for damaged vehicles in the tech-tree
  • Reworked spectator mode camera (battles and replays)
  • Modification cost in SL and GE in advance before researching and unlocking the mod (visualization here)
  • Separate columns for event / premium vehicles in the tech-tree
  • Ability to rearrange the order of the crew slots in the hangar

I’ll try to update the list regularly


Reposting it here since the old forum is gone now.

Original forum thread here

Interesting, however some things are soft ballancing tools.
Also custom ammo belts for air and ground like custom air loadouts would be extremly helpfull and improve your firepower to your needs.

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heres my tuppence worth.
i play tanks, not the slightest bit interested in planes.
however, planes are a very real problem.
the fact that a tanker can get into a plane multiple times in game, and get each one destroyed for no cost, while destroying countless tanks with 1000lb bombs, rockets and ion cannons (jk warthunder, not a figgin suggestion!) which costs the tanker?
how is that balanced?
why is there no cost for deploying a plane and having it destroyed?
it almost makes playing a tank redundant doesnt it?
it certainly makes AA like the zis-12 redundant when the aiming is so random that aiming directly on the reticle doesnt guarantee a hit on a plane flying in a straight line, but the plane can launch mk2 rockets at the zis with pinpoint accuracy from 2 kilometres away.
why are plane attacks so accurate when AA is so NOT accurate?
why are plane bullets not subject to gravitational effect when every other form of ordinance is?

ive just come back to the game after quitting more than 5 years ago, and now am beginning to recall why i quit playing in the first place.

surely a limit on the amount of times a player can partake in air attacks would be both sensible and logical?

i get that there needs to be something for AA to shoot at, but match the frikken AA to the plane technology???

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Remove the ‘Mexico’ filter that makes the game look dusty with muted colors.
I used to change the PostFX to give the world some vibrance.


But they changed something that causes the PostFX to look weird


thats you and your settings, mine doesnt look like that.
so fix it yourself?


For air: A windsock that flaps in the wind, the air fields look dull and lifeless, a couple of moving vehicles on a path around so it looks a little lived in.

The Papi/Vasi lights on the air fields are always 2 whites and 2 reds . . .that needs to be fixed

Trains . . .we have to have trains

For EC, a match should be identified as User Created or Server Created

For SIM, it is time to remove 3rd person views in bombers and global horizons, Turrets is a must, this matter has stagnated way too long.

And a setting to raise or lower the gunsight and brightness of the reticle

Edit: Oh yeah forgot a long time grievance:
In custom battles, allow a selection for AI skill and a selection for type of aircraft : Fighter, Attacker, Bomber. It painful to create a custom duel and meet enemy bombers and attackers.

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You mean that thing where I explained why it happened and how that is a problem, yeah?

You know what I want so much? jet deflector!
Also dude, sorry to break it to you, But bomber cockpits won’t happen most likely, You see it’s expensive as hell, as well as working on all bomber cockpits equals the same effort for working on full new nation tree. and it won’t bring gaijin money unfortunately.

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Also they should work on hitboxes, if I’m driving a 50 ton tank I should not lose 5kmh/ because I’m driving over a wooden crate or a picket fence, Warthunder gets all this so wrong.
Driving a tank should feel cool and powerful, instead we’re crawling around, sliding down hills and teeny tiny little objects holding us back.
Let tanks feel like tanks.

Bomber cockpits won’t happen, it won’t bring gaijin money.

Still don’t understand why people have these low standards and expectations for Gaijin, I was shocked testing out the Ju 288C to find out that on top of a 30 dollar vehicle having a placeholder cockpit, it doesn’t even have glass in the cockpit!!! It’s just a metal frame without glass windows, even for a cockpit placeholder that isn’t a placeholder but just the cockpit it’s insanely lazy, especially knowing how much money this plane has brought in.

I cannot imagine any other game getting away with this, refusing to add basic content because it ‘takes time and money’ yeah welcome to game development? When are we going to start driving around in empty voids because map design takes time and money and doesn’t bring them money?



they only did the placeholders so that they would be balanced in Simulator Battles, because before that, bombers essentially had perfect visibility due to the lack of a cockpit. Hope it clears it up :)

Most of these ideas aren’t even mine. This whole thread was created by community on the previous forum

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It’s the usual reverse logic, we neglect something and let it die out so people don’t play it anymore, and then we’ll come in and say people aren’t playing it so we will neglect it.

I sure hope gaijin gets A-10 sound right.

Or sound in general

I wish if it has the same sounds as Battlefield, It has such great sound effects.

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Another really nice change would be more prop planes with openable canopies, the s-199/sakeen’s canopy already has that feature so I suppose it could be added to late 109s with the same erla haube canopy.

This one is partially implemented now, I guess You can underline it instead…?
There are still some needed improvements to it - like, canons still misfire after repairing them with free kits, but at least partially it is fulfilled.

Yeah. Sadly I’d have to level-up in thrust for that to happen

fix the walls that have no physicality