A simple buddy lasing mechanic

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As of right now all LGB and LGM’s must be self designated by the player in the aircraft using the weapon. Although in most cases this isn’t an issue, I feel it would be nice to have a squad of my friends absolutely destroy a team of Pantsir’s more efficiently. I think buddy lasing would be extremely niche, but could be a cool mechanic that wouldn’t be that hard to implement. It wouldn’t be game changing but could be awesome for a teamplay aspect. Would be a buff to the light tank Scout UAV as well.

My idea involves Colors, As IRL having someone input a 4 digit code each time they spawn to do this would be far too cumbersome and if you use my color idea it realistically would only involve 2 key binds; One is for the cycling weapon tracking color and one for cycling the color of the laser you are emitting. Here ya go:

Example F1 : The color of the text of the laser guided weapon (GBU-24 Paveway III)
The text color indicates this what color laser the bomb/missile is looking for in this case purple. This is preset to whatever is not in use by a current friendly aircraft or if all colors are in use what ever is furthest away from your aircraft. This could be cycled with a key bind and would show the selection as the text of the weapon. The available codes (colors) would be Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red.

Example F2 : a Friendly aircraft designating another target: in this case green (o)

Example F3: Your laser; You are lasing the Tunguska. This could be Cycled with a key bind that would change the color of the laser designation indicator (o) This would be preset to whatever color your weapon was preset to. (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, in this example purple)

Note: Enemy aircraft lasers are not be shown.

I hope I explained my idea in a way that somewhat made sense as I couldn’t figure out another way to word this but I really think would be a cool mechanic.

PS. Give us a kill assist for a player who gets destroyed by a target you lased.


This is absolutely awesome, and should be a good addition.

It could easily lead to having other multi-person coordinated methods being brought into the game.


Does this system have that functionality IRL?

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I totally support this. With all the modern laser guided weapons in the game now, it seems like this should be added for sure! +1


I think this would be an awesome addition. War thunder is a team game, and this would add an additional layer of teamwork to the fray.

I think the colour idea might be open to issues though, and I suggest that maybe a better method would be having all friendly lasers with the usernames of the designator appear through the targeting pod, and the ability to lock on, or cycle through these friendly lasers (to simulate putting in the code for that designator) before launching the weapon.

You could even replace the ‘laser’ info on the targeting pod that informs you that your laser is on with the username of the designator you have locked on to.

Anyway - food for thought, great core suggestion though.


To date, buddy lasing has allowed MQ-1 and MQ-9 aircrews to partner with other U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy platforms to include: the B-1B Lancer, A-10 Warthog, F-15E Strike Eagle, F-16 Viper, F/A-18 Hornet, and AV-8 Harrier.

From a little bit of Google-fu, some ground vehicles are even capable of buddy-lasing, which would be a pretty strong addition for the typical light/scout vehicles at high tier. I don’t know off the top of my head what specific vehicles can do so however.

This suggestion gets a +1 from me

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i like this idea, though i think it would also be worth adding a squad only “color” so that you can choose to only cooperate with your immediate group, and not have to wrestle for colors with the rest of the team.


Hopefully teammates will help. Some people will surely troll teammates with this mechanic.


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This could be nice and some aircraft in game would have a new capacity to carry laser guided stuff (for example the mirage F1CT can carry gbu but can’t guided them)

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I agree with this idea, but if we are to increase the value of UAVs, we should limit the vehicle with which they can be used UAVs.

What about airplanes that require laser codes to be set before flight?

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Odd question to ask given that there are aircraft which require pre-set casettes for mission targets in the game that don’t need it in game. (The Viggen, the Ka-50/Ka-52, etc.)

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i want this somewhat, but this way we will have problems with stray LGBs which are looking for, say a red laser, but the launch AC is using some other color and no other AC is using red.
also, what to do in case of interference?
i use red, mate also uses red, targeting similar spots on the map…
LGB will get confused and try to constantly switch between the two

It could point to a more team-minded method though.

Such as if there were groups of players, who HAD to work together, to even get anything done.

While someone will be all ‘OMG teamwork in this game’ and all dismissive about it, it could very much be a thing.

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I disagree. You could block the ability to cycle to a color with a bomb already released and locked onto that certain color and actively guiding. I would also addon and suggest this

I’m afraid my wording was misinterpreted.

I think we need to think about how to handle aircraft like the Su-25 that are realistically difficult to buddy lase.

For example, the MirageF1CT has an input device to set the “laser code” and the pilot can use that input device to select the “laser code” and see where the laser is pointed.
The Su-25, on the other hand, does not have a device to set the “laser code” and therefore cannot check where the laser is pointed.

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More teamwork encouraging mechanics, the better.

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Scout drones should get the ability to designate targets for LGBs. Jets that can use LGB but lack a targeting pod should get a scout drone similar to a light tank. Within a specific range(15km or less should be ideal) from the playable area in ground battles the player should get the ability to use a scout drone to designate targets and in air battles scout drones aren’t needed. Players will simply depend on their teammates.
This should allow the player to designate targets by himself instead of waiting for a teammate to do that.