Suggested details and improvements to War Thunder

They also need to stop with flashing dead enemies on the map, and marking planes being hit on the map, entirely pointless.

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Updated image


I would like to see some improvements to the Beaufighter Mk 21 in the interest of greater historical accuracy and quality of gameplay in this aircraft. These improvements are the alteration of the tail gun from a Vickers K to a Browning 303 as the Browning is a slight improvement which would be more than welcome at its current BR, it is what the Mk 21 was historically defended with, and the in game model currently has the Browning tail gun but it is currently treated as having a Vickers instead for some reason; and the other improvement is the ability of the Mk 21 to be armed with 8 HVAR rockets as it was historically armed with them by the Australians and this would make it more versatile and unique in game (particularly among its other British contemporaries).

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Here is a quote I found to prove that this change to the tail gun would be accurate, and the site I got this from.

‘“The Mk.Ic`s that were sent out to Malta and North Africa soon had Vickers K Guns fitted and the rear part of the Obswrvation bubble was removed. Circa 1941/42”.

“This must have been a local theatre modification, and probably not very effective. The standard rear gun for the Beau was the Browning 303 fitted with a special extended “Handle” and multiple (3) ring and bead sights to enable sighting from either side of the gun in the confined space under the bubble. Although the standard RAF free gun was the Vickers K this was considered unsuitable for the Beau as the circular ammunition pan of this gun would reduce to almost nothing the already quite limited gun traverse under the bubble”.’

You can crossout this one. :)


Servers that actually function.


Detailed info on different missiles/bombs

More than g-force.

The missiles ability to ignore flares/chaff in a low/medium/high category.(atgm/ground to air heat seeking missiles/ air to air/everything)

List the spread of Shrapnel when missiles explode. Material used to shred through metal…esc

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I have included this topic in my tips for road map to Gaijin. ;)

BTW I got one more idea: Allow adding decals to bottom of planes/helicopters. It is currently very hard to place them.


All you need is a custom hangar


  • Change in vehicle implementation policy (dedicated topic here)

also crossed out couple of things

Doesnt change a fact that Gaijin should do it. ;)

Yes, THIS.
100 times this. Still it’s not only bombers that lack proper cockpits. There’s some attacker/strike aircraft that still have placeholders. I’m waiting for proper cockpit for Breguet Br. 693 AB2 since forever. This particular one only requires some texturing and machinery animations. There were 2 black and white photos for the cockpit and the placeholder looks alright from what I can tell. It only needs textures. How much longer Gaijin?
There’s 2 more Breguet types of the same series (Br. 691 and Br. 695) that saw serial production and they can easily add into the game. They’d use the same cockpit. Just texture it already and add them.

Yes, this one too.
99 times this. And it’s so easy to do. Like how much time would it take? 10 seconds per tank?

No, this is a bad idea. Who even suggested this??? Don’t you remember last time they added new skins for say panzers? The counter started at 0 kills. It didn’t matter you killed hundreds to unlock all the skins for the tank, you now had to kill hundreds more cause reasons. While someone who just bought the tank wouldn’t need to kill the extra hundreds. I don’t trust them to add new camos for existing vehicles unless they’re restricted to premium camos.

@Texas_Engineer_Mike add these:


  • working hull machineguns for all vehicles


  • ability to rearrange the order of the crew slots in the hangar

Done. Still don’t understand how more camo patterns is a bad idea. The wrong here isn’t amount of camos but their requirements.


This exists allready. You just need to set the controls for it.

It doesn’t exist. What we have in game is a simple trick to keep your throttle on 101% for example instead of 110% (WEP)

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That is indeed how you do it.

That is how you use the 2 afterburner steps available in Warthunder.

Now a better control set for it would nice, but it is in the game, intentional or not.

Yeah I’m talking about the real thing tho. F-14 for example had many afterburner stages irl (just like many other jets)

Fair, tho id probably specify more in the suggestion, because while its very much a obscure-ish feature, it do be in the game.

Not even that. The requirements were fine, their implementation was faulty.

Let me explain how (the old system):

  • You go into match with new tank, “Tanky-01” get 3 kills
  • In the hangar you look at the customization and now have 3/20 kills towards Desert camo, 3/50 kills towards the Winter camo, 3/75 kills towards the Forest camo
  • you go grind some more and get 65 kills
  • suddenly WT update adds new skins
  • you look at your Tanky-01, it has 20/20 for the desert camo, 50/50 for the winter camo, 65/75 for the forest one, buuuut 0/60 for the new MNH camo

It should been 60/60 for the new camo as well, no?

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Also true