Suggestion: Integral rework of modern MBT armor implementation (Poll)

Hello there! I am here specially for you today to suggest what would be the biggest change in regards to the implementation of modern MBTs into War Thunder.

  • I agree with your suggestion!
  • I disagree with your suggestion, let’s keep the system as it is.

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I wish you the best of luck good sir on this one.


The APFSDS one went somewhere, i wonder if this one will…


Thank you! I just hope the majority of the community agrees too.

Yesterday I tried to talk about C1 Ariete’s armor on Reddit and there were tons of people downvoting and questioning me “for not providing primary sources”, just in the same way Gaijin currently does.

My intention is to take down the wall of requirements imposed by the “primary sources only standards”.

I have been working to perfect Top Tier MBT armors for too many years, and seen too many people working and trying to do the same with whatever closest thing we have got to the kinds of sources Gaijin demands for changes, and, honestly, I am just tired of it already.

Rank VIII involves MBTs that are in current service and that are even being developed right now. I believe it is absurd that they require classified information (which they would not accept due to its nature) to apply changes where even mere COMMON SENSE should be enough.


If the community agrees, I hope so! I will always try my best to make of War Thunder the best game it can possiby become because I love this game and I want it to be as good as it can aspire to be.


Bdw have you caught up to the new MANPAD post? Quite hilarious imo.


Hilarious and depressing in similar proportions xD

I mean, I am glad and thankful that Gaijin is increasing communication and being more transparent with articles such as the Abrams, Leopard and MANPADS ones, since it allows us to have a more clear idea and perspective of their visions and why they do things the way they do it… on the other hand, their visions on their own are, uh… questionable. xD


Change your title. Otherwise mods will remove it. You cant use all capital letters in a title.

I couldn’t agree more.


I agree gaijin should allow secondary sources. Otherwise at one point it would be impossible to make suggestions or bug reports for modern vehicles.


Thank you for the heads up! We can’t allow a perfectly valid interaction to be potentially taken down over trivial stuff like formatting.

Therefore, title edited!


zero reasons why this HAS to be a suggestion

like remember last time when the community was confused, and there answer was even more confusing…

yeah I remember earlier this year aswell… might need more reforms for the community.

also this should go for shells etc… if they have sources that show it can do X and the game has it lower than what is possible, a better estimation should happen

aka a better shell rework. 2.0 Spanish avenger boogoloo.


Hahah good one!

For example; if the formula states that a shell has (X) penetration, byt multiple sources state that it has (Y) penetration, then (Y) values should be taken into account to polish the raw formula’s values.

Why? Because the formula may not be taking into account multiple design nuances and features that may come with such advanced shells.

I agree with the usage of the formula by default and as a base as a standardised defaul and universal implementation method; but if too many sources refutes the formula’s values, perhaps it should lead to manual revision.


I wish you good luck many give up already can’t blame them for Gaijin incompetent.

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Brilliant idea. All the best good sir image

Gotta add your topic to my game improvements list:


Personally i thought this was how it worked already until i see the recent abrams situation along with the manpad joke of and explanation. Sum’d up in… If the Russian manpad couldn’t do it noone else can. Why ask for source material if your still going to ho against it.


also congrats getting into hot in less than 2 hours, without the top two pins… (clearer speech)


I will be honest with you, this rule should apply to most modern things. I will give example. I am currently responsible for LMM suggestion. LMM is a very modern missile, that saw its first combat kills un Ukraine. WIth that many of things about it i had to guess. One of them is max g. Based on what i was able to see on videos and calculate it pulls between 30 and 50g, that is a giant bracket, but getting it to more detailed number is nearly impossible. That leaves me with a giant problem, as devs seeing it will probably expect me to provide a specific g pull, based on source. Another thing is penetration of the warhead. I can look around for 3kg heat penetration, but what it will give me, i cant be sure it is like that. Here close enough guesses should be accepted.
Edit, my topic just got DENIED, so here i go remaking it.


5% who voted no are on suicide watch rn (theyre russian mains)

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This, this and this again this would probably give the game new life and would be the highlight of the year single handledly.