Planned Battle Rating changes for January 2024

Welcome to our Battle Rating change proposals for the month of January.

We’ve got several Battle Rating changes for aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles and naval vessels.

A summary of some key changes:

Along with these changes, we’re planning to increase the max Battle Rating for Aviation to 12.7, which is going to affect some near top vehicles, which are now going to a higher Battle Rating.

Let’s note two vehicles, the Type 81 (C) and AGS. The Type 81 (C) will be increased from 10.0 to 11.0 Battle Rating. This is because at the moment, in terms of effectiveness, this vehicle is the undisputed leader amongst all air defense systems and effectively fights against aircraft both at a Battle Rating of 10.0 and at 11.0 and higher. As the AGS is going up from 10.3 to 11.0, this tank will be given the M833 shell.

Since we’re increasing the max Battle Rating for Aircraft, some Battle Rating brackets and their rotation are being revised for Air Simulator Battles. In some rotation options, the number of brackets will be increased to 10.

We’re going to be carefully reading your feedback on the planned Battle Rating changes, so please feel free to share your thoughts and any suggestions that you may have for them.

If you see any comments that you agree with, make sure to upvote it so that we can get an idea. Thanks everyone!

The War Thunder Development Team.


I’m glad 12.7 was introduced for ARB!


Changes look great :)


Holy Cr@p.

You have actually made good changes. SB is actually looking really really good

Though. Gunna throw the same 2 out there again

F4J(UK) has an SB rating of 11.3. It is identical to the Phantom FGR2 and FG1 at 10.7 (bar having worse engines than the other 2) . Why is the F4J(UK) so much higher in rating than the other 2.

Mig-23ML has an SB rating of 11.0. It is identical to the Mig-23MLA and similar to the Mig-23MLD at 11.3. Why does it have a lower rating than the other 2


Just seen that, damn, 3 SPAA at the exact same BR, but nothing for the 3 BRs before it or 3 BRs after it. Gotta love that


Thank god for 12.7 in ARB. Certain 11.7 grb vehicles should go up to 12.0 as well. I mean 2A7V, T-90M, 122B/B+ and similar vehicles in performance.


Much needed decompression. Still, more is desirable. The chaos that is All-Aspect AAMs at 10.3 needs to be solved.

Looks like the J29D will be making a return to the shops


Okay, why is the T20 going to 6.3? It has no APCR and armor thats irrelevant in its tier. Sure its fast but surely thats not enough to have a higher BR than panthers.

Why is the T95 being uptiered? This tank is barely mobile and rarely played.


Are you giving it a radar indicator as well? Something to indicate where enemy planes are?
Or are you increasing con trails again so people can actually see enemy planes coming in?


P-51D-10 has a more powerful engine than the others, it is very similar to P-51D-30. It should stay at 4.3.
J6K1 already underperforms flight model wise at 6.3, it is fine at this BR because the armament balances it out. But 6.7 is a very bad BR for propellers since they get uptiered constantly to 7.7 where the whole enemy are jets. It should stay at 6.3.


(RB) Strela 9.3 > 10.0 - If you send tansam to 11.0, I don’t see any reason to raise the strela’s br only by +0.3. Photocontrast was a very strong buff. Obviously the problem is major/minor stat difference.

(RB) All top apaches except ah.mk1 11.7 > 11.3 - Apaches on the same br as ka52…

(RB) Pantsir 11.7 > 12.0 - 12.3 After the fix, the pantsir stopped being a very sad kamaz with super unstable lock and became a powerful again. The only top tier vehicle that forces a change in play style for the cas planes (may be TOR can too, but it’s pretty rare guest in my games).


Also. just noticed something

It was a 48 hour rotation not a weekly rotation before. Is this being changed to a weekly cycle or is this just a typo?


Why then strela moves only to 9.7, and not 10.0/10.3?

And how can you send french “drummers” to apfsds and stabs?

You okay gaijin?


So Falcon joins likes of Gepard and ZA-35, things that have equal guns and radar, while being more mobile. Seems legit…

And why aren’t the F-15’s going to 12.7?


Not enough changes, all the F-16’s need to go up in BR if the ceiling is increasing.


Britain now has 3x 8.3s SPAA but nothing from 5.3 to 8.3 and nothing from 8.3 to 11.7 (stormer is so broken it doesnt count)

Its kinda insane.

Wait what?

What the hell. That definetly needs to move up as well.


Might partially be my fault lol, used it to grind SL with a crapload of boosters and a 5 K/D with some 70-85% WR


although it’s more or less good that it’s 12.7 the new top tier. I think more in my humble opinion that the new BR is up to maximum 14.0 there will be more room for maneuver for balancing both in tanks and in aircraft.


Move Wyvern S4 to 5.0. or remove it’s air spawn. This vehicle has ruined all 3.3-5.3 ARB matchs.


So T20 to 6.3 and A6M5 Ko to 5.3… why?

This smells like more “statistiks” based balancing.