Planned Battle Rating changes for January 2024

Stop uptiering every SPAA that happens to be an effective Tank Destroyer, just nerf their AP belts

T20 and FL11 going up is…one of the decisions of all time. Peak examples of mediocre vehicles getting ignored by the average player, thus their stats go through the roof. Meanwhile the BatChat at 8.0 has me wheezing.

Type 81 (C) gets send to the shadow realm, no doubt for clubbing 2-IQ Su-25s, but the Strela gets a relative slap on the wrist.

Decompression for Air but not Ground that needs it just as bad at this stage. Nice.


I personally hope it stays at 4.7 (not for ARB, but because its the perfect CAS for a destroyer line-up in NRB)

I would vote for air spawn removal though. It doesnt need it (maybe at minimum a forward AF spawn, but not full air spawn)


Maybe no HMD


Yeah strongly disagree with the A6M5 Ko moving to 5.3…sure in the right hands they can be good aircraft but performance wise they are outclassed by everything they see even worse at 5.3


Downtier the kugelblitz to 6.7 in realistic. It’s not a 7.0 anti air.

The M48A2GA2 and Magach 5 should have the same br in realistic. Right now the Magach 5 is 8.0 and the M48A2GA2 is 8.3. Both have the same firepower. The only difference is that the magach 5 has a bit worse engine but gets era instead. Both really should be the same br
=> either the M48A2GA2 to 8.0 or the Magach 5 to 8.3


agreed, the fact that the strela only gets a little bump to 9.7 while having photocontrast is kinda annoying at this point


where is the F-15 variants in the sheet?
and the AMX50 changes to 8,0 make no sense


Type 81C should not be 11.0.
It struggles against helicopters enough at range especially when mountains counter photocontrast.
Not to mention the lack of radar, which hampers its performance in actually spotting and getting a lock, the game despawning planes occasionally (as per the anti-cheat) and overall hardness to spot in misty or low hanging clouds which account for a good portion of matches and finally the prevelance of guided munitions at higher tiers that if not spotted immediately will just end in your death.
A lot of the maps also arent suited for giving SPAA an actual good position that wont end up in getting sniped by the enemy team.

It should just be 10.3 instead. or on the contrary, make aircraft more visible to the naked eye.


yeah. removing wyvern’s air spawn seems reasonable.


I mean the A6M5 Ko was kinda very good at 5.0 given it has kinda a busted damage model.

So no suprise if the stats reflect that.

In thi case give it HMD, or BOL, or both


I put my multiple suggestions into different posts, because one shouldnt be a dealbreaker for people to like.
All realistic mode.

Softstat change suggestions:

Pz III Ausf. B-J turret speed to 14°/sec like the other Pz IIIs allready have, they are all hand traversed (so there arent any tests and its a soft stat by the human) they are all at low Br and even Reserve tanks. At the lower ranks mobility is key, pretty much every other tank has a much faster turret traverse as well as general mobility.
The Pz IIIs also have not much armor (14,5-30mm and the J 50mm) but are extremly limited by the turret traverse of 5.5°/sec (6.0°/sec for B) so they should be the same 14°/sec like the rest (which all have allmost the same traverse mechanism as well) And yes i allready made a bug report for the Traverse speed and it was forwarded/acknowleged.


Typo: The PB4Y-2 is currently 5.3 in realistic, not 5.0. Is it going to 5.0 or 4.7?

Give the He grenades to Rank I and II, with Overpressure and many unarmored or thinnly armored vehicles, especially if your tank doesnt have a coax (P.204 (f) for example) and most can be effective.

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Bf 110 C-6 3.0 → 2.3

Reason: The better C-7 is 2.7 which is better because: Armored glass, can carry bombs and has 2x 20mm Mg FF/M and faster while the C-6 cant have bombs has no 20mm and is fixed with the 30mm Mk 101. In comparison the Hs 129 B-2 which is also at 2.3 has more armor, 2x 20mm Mg 151/20 and 2x Mg 17 (instead of 4x Mg 17) and a Mk 103 with 100 instead of 60 rounds and higher fire rate. It overall exchanges most of it offencive firepower for a better flightperformance.


Hs 129 B-2 2.3 → 2.0 while the Offencive Firepower is good, it has no defencive armarment and is quite slow with usually 250-300 km/h, especially in an uptier to 3.3 the power increase to other planes is extreme and the Hs 129 cant even escape, escaping from Biplanes (like the russian ones) is even complicated).

Just like the Hs 129 B-3 which has more AT firepower is allready moving to 2.0

And an aquivalent Italian plane the F.C. 20 Bis armed with a 37mm gun and full Aphe belt, 2x 12,7 mm secondary and a 12,7mm Defensive armarment, while also faster and more manuverable sits allready at 2.0


The Lorraine (the blue water ship) is still sitting at 6.7 , seriously ? That thing is huge POS who is seriously outgunned/armored and have poor firing angle.


Do 217 J-2 2.3 → 2.0 it is simply a J-1 (2.0) with the only difference beeing having an useless radar and changing the camo from black to white with black spots.

Do 217 N-1 2.7 → 2.3 it is a Do 217 J with radar a little bit stronger (but also heavyer) engines (1430 hp to 1580 (150hp more)), changes the 20mm Mg FF/M to Mg 151/20 which are also heavyer (but fire the same rounds and) and has on paper a tiny little improvement in climp (5,9 to 6,8 (0,9 more) and such but because its also a good tat heavyer flyes even worse.

Same goes for N-2 2.7 → 2.3 its even worse as it changes the (useless anyway) small bombload and the 2x only def 13mm Mg 131 for 4x 20mm Mg 151/20 in Schrägemusik position which really is only dead weight and also changes once again the camo from Black to White with black spots.
Which is now allready the case.

And move the Do 217 N-1 and N-2 in front of Ju 88 C-6

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Ju 87 D-5 3.3 → 2.3 It has worse bomb load than the D-3 (no 1000kg bomb, and less 500 kg loadouts (no 3x 500kg bomb loadout), while also the flightperformance doesnt change and the very aquivalent plane,
the Il 2 Mod. 1941 with 2x 20mm Shvak and 2x Shkas is at 2.3 (while also having a wider arrangement of explosives, such as Bombs and rockets) And even the mod 1942 sits at 3.0

Switch the Ju 87 D-3 and D-5 folder with the Hs 129 B folder, to have all Ju 87s in a row.

In the folder change the Hs 129 B-2 and B-3, to be in chronological order.


In what world does it make sense for the french 7.7 ground vehicle changes? They’ll now see 9.0 vehicles including the Object 279 while still only having solid shot or M82 shot at best.

What was the point of “decompressing” the 6.7-7.7 bracket if you’re just going to up-tier vehicles to where they’re fighting the very things that made them non-viable previously?