Move Wyvern S4 to 4.7 5.0 or 5.3. PLEASE

i still remember chasing a wyvern all the way to the edge of the map to shoot it down the only reason i managed to do it is because the game repsawned him in front of the map border


it is clear that gaijin doesn’t play this game at all…

plus don’t forget to ask for a br change in that official topic.

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The current br of the Wyvern is a joke, why is this plane facing mid war planes. Tho, the plane won’t get it’s br changed as it’s a premium, so RIP


It already has changed. From 4.7 down to 4.0 now to 4.3. It is not the Premium status but all the base bombing players that dunk the stats.

We already have oversaturated areas of the game by players going for specific nations/vehicles which unfairly reduces BRs for vehicles and in some cases entire nations. Wyvern is UK so gets noticed is all.

This is just a symptom of player performance BRs, but there is not a huge amount that can be done.

Just thank those one or two people asking for its raise every BR update time (you’re welcome).


I mean 36 likes were not enough:

Actually - i expect next round a downtier back to 4.0.

Why? Despite every player with some brain cells has realized that on certain maps the aaa defending the 4 mini-bases is as deadly as af aaa, i see every 2nd match 2-4 guys (ofc mostly Wyverns) got sniped ~2-3 km away from the bases…

Some threads dealing with buffed aaa:

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Yaks are more op.

Great, just great

Wyvern doesnt need to go anywhere, Instead it just needs air spawn removed. Thats the only OP thing about it. Might need a forward AF spawn (maybe). But it would be absolutely fine at 4.3 without air spawn.

If after that it needs to move up, then at most 4.7. Its an ideal aircraft for Naval and Britain has a strong line up of 4.7 Destroyers. The Wyvern is a good aircraft to compliment that line-up (and that is my only use for the aircraft currently)

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I was wondering if it would be enough to push it back to an Interceptor spawn. At least this might put off the bomber rush players.

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That would be much worse because then more wyvern players would be going in the anti-fighter role, where it becomes an early-game menace.

Letting it be closer to its team early-game also gives you less time to deal with it since the enemy team will be on you in a minute if you turn to engage.

Avg Turboshaft/Prop issue. It’s too good, it matches against the J-21A-3, with 1 20mm, and 3 13mm’s, lower load, lower speed, arguably better firepower.

Which is what players should be doing with it anyway, in my mind (and so would probably improve the statistics and so get the eventual BR increase).

That is almost exactly how I used the Do 355 B2, to go for bombers (who had very little chance if you get near) or early game ticket bleed reduction by taking out all the AI air (both gave very good returns on progress for a fair amount of PvE before the fighters hit, whereby run or give into the headon; 30mm heaven).

The Wyvern of course gets the advantage of too low a BR due to the bomb the base crew (such a waste!).

So in theory an Interceptor type spawn might change habits, habits which show the true performance of the aircraft. If they can’t almost always get that free base kill points then people trying to use it properly might prevail = BR raise with performance.

A raise in BR won’t stop the irritating spam, hampering of the more passive use off the aircraft might? Nightmare fuel would be 6 v 6s or even standard matches with LOTS of Ju-288s and Wyverns most matches as people try to rack up SL (If they meet in BRs aka Wyvern at 5.0)

I think it shouldnt have an airspawn and stay 4.3 or 4.7.

Then it would be fairly balanced as a fighter since it has speed but not much energy retention. If it has to work to get into a good position where it can be strong, it wouldn’t be so overpowered.

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No its fine , leave it where it is.I dont care about ARB ,I play GRB and the Wyvern is almost vital for the UK line up

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So bad you’re then:

Here is the average players being registered on Thunderskill for the last month:

For real: the stats are good enough to justify a BR up to 5.0

70+ Win rate, and 1.6 KD,… and this with players like you being that bad → average vehicule at 70%+ Win rate is not really what we can call “average”

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“Hello, my name is MiG-21F-13 / PFM / MiG-21S(R3R),… are we a joke to you?”

You may not catch them in full speed, yet it really easy to get in those down with early MiG-21’s

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Only if the 104 is an idiot or bombing bases. I challenge you to show me a 9.3br jet that can catch the F-104. I want some hope for my nonafterburning/nonsupersonic 9.0 jets.

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Lightning F6 :P


For some reason TS aggregate stats are not accurate to the actual state of a vehicle. They also don’t reflect the stats of the vehicle being played in ground or air. Look - it says more air frags per battle than air frags per death, which is mathematically impossible.