New BR brackets for SB

New SB Brackets are coming and htey actually look really really good:


SB Air players need more available presets to accommodate these brackets, without having to get Rank 5 in Ground or Naval.

Didnt even know there was a limit. :D

But yeah, I already have about 7 presets for SB alone and that is gunna increase a bit. That whole interface could do with being refined I think

This time, a tornado that will not meet the Su-27 Gripen and F-16, etc 🍷🗿

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Yep, Tornado Gr1 and Tornado F3 are about to become massively more playable. Actually looking forward to it. This is what the Tornado F3 should have been facing for the past 10 months and the Tornado Gr1 for the past 13 months.

This might have been the single best change for all 11.3/11.7s weve had for SB since 12s were added

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Ugh this sucks, half the reason I loved my 10.7 and 11.0 planes was being able to fly them each 4 days out of 8, meaning I could always fly one of those two brackets. I loved being able to log on whenever and know that the planes of my favorite era would be playable no matter where in the rotation we were. Now those two BRs will be unplayable for half the rotation. And why is 11.7 getting such special treatment? It makes no sense at all. I’ll be playing a lot less if this goes through.

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11.7 has been 100% unplayable for hte past 13 months. Its great that those aircraft are actually playable now



I was having a think about your idea to have 5 rotations instead of 4 so that 11.0 could have a top bracket and this is what I came up with

As an alternative could have 11.3-12.7 split into 11.3-11.7 and 12.0-12.7 but not sure if they’ll do a 2 BR Bracket.

(Just in case anyone sees this and gets confused): THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL, 1-4 rotations are accurate to the BR changes proposed, 5th rotation is purely hypothetical


Actually, was having a play, and I think this is what htey should do. I think it fixes all the issues without a messy 11.3-12.7 bracket

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AIR SB needs a rotation where BR 11.0 aircraft can be top BR!
I don’t want to be bullied by 11.7 and 11.3 aircraft!

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Yeah is kinda rough. Britain doesnt have many, but other nations certainly do

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So if you like to play 12.0 you’re permanently screwed and always uptiered?

Just like 11.7s have been for the whole of 2023.

Tornado F3 has been DOA as an 11.3, uptiered to 11.7 and forced to fight 12s and 12.3s.

Someone is always going to loose. But most 12s actually stand a chance vs 12.3s and 12.7s. No 11.3 or 11.7 stands much of a chance vs a 12

I don’t see how it’s somehow impossible to not put the same BR on the bottom almost 4 out of 4 times.

Just not enough BRs. Eventually 12s will have the full 4 position rotation like others do. Only option my be for the 11.0-11.7 bracket to become 11.0-12.0. in R3. but I dont think EC10 has enough BRs yet for that. I think ideally it needs 13s to be added first.

Could have easily had that 11-12… why does 11.7 need to be top 3 out of 4 times anyways

There just isnt many 11.7s. Not enough to worry about, its mostly going to be 11.3s in those brackets with the exception of very very few and none are going to be overly strong.

Its gunna be:

US: F-14A
UK: Tornado F3
Italy: Tornado ADV & AV-8B+
Germany: None
Soviets: None
Japan: F4EJ Kai Phantom II
China: JH-7A
France: Mirage 2000C-S4 (latest event)
Sweden: None
Israel: None

(A lot more Bluefor surprisingly, so Redfor might struggle a little more for a change)

But anyway, Im most excited about 11.3s being playable again. 11.3 vs 12/12.3s 75% of the time was not fair. Nor was 11.0 vs 12/12.3s 50% of the time.

I think the Mirage 2kcs4 needs to be 12.0, 11.7 for this BR is too strong when it is uptier. Good mobility and magic 2, almost means no one could defeat it when in the dogfight.

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Im guessing its either an oversight or these BR changes were planned before it was officially added to the game.

May yet move up

(small part of me wants it stay put though as its gunna make spading it easier and looks like it might be a kinda fun change of pace for me, though after the last year, not if its going to be an OP mess)

These changes are absolutely fantastic!

Just one thing, although 11.0-11.3 aircraft has finally been saved from the 12.0-12.7 slaughter that they had to put up with the past year, they are now going to be fighting 11.7 during 75% of the rotation

I’m generally not opposed to that, you can’t have downtiers all the time

My main issue with this is the fact that there are very few 11.7 aircraft in the game, and very few nations even have something at 11.7

Aircraft like the F14A and Mirage2000-CS4 are going to be extremely powerful now and most nations don’t have an aircraft at that BR even if they unlock the entire tree.

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