The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff

Israel got Merkava reload buff

France didn’t get Leclerc reload buff



We are completely different players. Most people don’t enjoy being cannon fodder and while I see you play France you do not understand them but I appreciate you helping drive their efficiency down, genuinely.


I think gaijin forgot these tanks (most) dont have roof top machine guns, smoke launchers, smoke rounds etc, no stabs, no NVD cuz you know fighting BMP3 and PTL02s will be fun.

This noted somewhere? I didn’t see it getting moved up in the BR notes but if you’ve got it available I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

Did the Leclerc’s gun get nerfed? It is now failing to pen Russians constantly.

Dude a simple google search brings it up.

The TO90/30 and Char25 will essentially become dead tanks. The sad part is that I would probably play a Char25t over the AMX30s anyway because they are so awful. In either case, I’m not playing them if it’s less than 150sp to spawn.

Given I found this and it is not as remotely dire as you or they suggest, with the only really problematic one being the char 25t, think you could do with being more polite.

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Check your insecurity at the door, nothing I said was impolite, I provided a link and how I got it.

So perhaps you practice what you preach and simply respond with a thank you.

Further the TO9030 uses the same M82 round as the char, is larger, can’t scout. Of all the French 7.7 tanks it’s the least efficient. It was fine at 7.3, it’s asinine at 8.0

I just finished the Swedish line both air and ground. let me just tell you one thing, I get 3.0KD easily while grinding modifications with STRV 122. That’s how strong that thing is.

Doesnt count when you skip 90% of it.

Do you have news of all our requests from gajin?

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AMX30 arent awful
okay the B2 and Brenus maybe are because of not having a Stab, but the amx 30 1972 is a nice tank imo

Leclerc S1 and S2 should be 11.3, not 11,7, after Gaijin buffed all of M1A1s reload time, Leclerc’s firepower and armor is worse than M1A1hc/aim


Hi @Smin1080p,

I was just wondering what the delay is for the dev’s response to the current bug report about the Leclerc’s reload (which includes primary sources) considering there was a very prompt response to the previous bug report on the issue.

I also saw this old bug report on the same issue, the response from the devs which you passed on was:

The developers have reviewed the sources provided and currently, they are insufficient to provide enough credible information for a change.

The value we currently have is based on active footage of the tank firing showing 6 seconds for the reload.

I was wondering if this footage could be cause for the delay; furthermore, if it was possible for us to see this footage so we could get to the bottom of this bug report. Especially, since in the last bug report on the matter, the dev response differed:

Below is data from the work of Marc Chassillan (most respected specialist of French tanks). 10 rounds per minute. We consider this value to be the main one at the moment.

Nevermind that Chassillan is (at the end of the day) a secondary source who has proven over time to not be 100% accurate.


During the Chieftain replacement, GIAT submitted a proposal where they claimed a 6 second reload rate;



I think the biggest problem France faces is that they have many vehicles that have not been added to the game, such as the Leclerc prototype, the Leclerc 35mm anti-aircraft gun, and many wheeled vehicles. Their gift pack tank should also launch a new product now



There is no delay. Reload rate reports are treated as suggestions. Reload rates are a soft balance mechanism in the game. So there is no definitive period at which it may be resolved. There are however a number of credible sources that claim 6 seconds to be correct, which must also be taken into account.


While i do know about this UK Document, i don’t see how this would impact the actual Leclerc we have in game.

This claim is from 1988-90:


This UK document is not about the Leclerc S1 as well, but about its prototypes. Also, the Leclerc was considered operational in november 1998, so the UK claim is 8-10 years older regarding to that as well, depending how much you want to be generous.



However, even if we count this UK Document was from 1998, i don’t see how a document from UK should outweight several ( 10+ ) secondary sources from different authors and even GIAT own brochure:


Quite much says “Redoublement du feu en moins de 6 secondes.”, which means a next shot can be fired in less than 6 seconds.
So my question is how come an UK document, 8 years older than the time the Leclerc entered in service should have priority against GIAT own brochure? British sources shouldnt detract from French sources. yet here we are.

How much they are? Its possible to see them together with the video that was claimed by the devs to show the tank firing its taking 6 seconds for the reload?

Because currently there are 1 primary source that state the contrary, several videos, some of them from GIAT that shows a 5 seconds reload time, together with 14 secondary sources that states the same. what about them?

I can understand the reload is currently held back because of soft-balancing, but i would like to atleast see the devs acknoledge the fact the tank can reload faster, instead of blindly refusing reports that present multiple sources.


As mentioned above, the report has not been refused. Currently it is open and there has been no definite conclusion to it yet. I was simply clarifying A) reloads are a soft balance mechanism B) there are a range of sources currently taken into consideration that provide values of 6.


All good, thanks for the heads up.