Leo 2a7v and 122b+

Yay!! you finally admited it that something better than USSR is broken sht so only USSR can have only sht
isn’t it? no wonder why USSR suffer too much when other get something good because Russian mains got handheld for too long


I dont know what more can be said after that bombshell.

Im kinda at loss of words.

Of all the things in the USSR tree, I cared the least about the bvm. I was quite okay with it as an enemy. Yes, it is strong, but the Sweden still have a even stronger tank, and the ussr has no other normal tanks except the bvm.

But the vikhres and pantsir were always a huge problem and I have always actively advocated against them.

This is just my personal experience on top tier over the last 2 years, while playing against all major nations.

Dude You really need to put your bias out of the picture here your comments get worse and worse the more i read them, it’s fine that You have a bias towards something but it is not fine You use your bias as a form of excuse

Yeah, sry. I care about my sweat Britain a little too much. Or you think i’m a big fan of USSR with this?

So Italy has a better mbt then America because their win rate is higher

see how that doesn’t work

You obviously don’t seriously play USA top tier and just spout propaganda.

No but i play Britain who tanks are like the Abrams in game but have worse round worse ready rack and can get ammo racked slower and have worse armour

The Abrams is no where near the worst mbt in game

And what propaganda im talking about in game and nothing else

I also play britain tt and my chally win/loss is also significantly higher than my sep/a2 win rates. When you decide to play abrams glass 1 shot cannons tt you will get some credibility in their regards…no offence meant.

I put them on par with italy honestly and only two nations I dont play tt are china and france…so I cant say about them.

Personally i USA suffering from team issue more then a mbt issue

Negative. I use clickbait to farm sl cause it has good return. Its extremely frustrating playing usa tt. A bad player with USA will not have fun and will jump to stronger tech trees. That has been a fact since I started playing video games in the 80’s.

Abrams are too loud, too weakly armored, too susceptible to spall and 1st shot destruction or disability. Not to mention if you shut down engine it takes almost 30 seconds to stop making noise.

A bad player will not have fun with us top tier because he is a bad player. The tanks are good, i do not see everyone issues.

New players and bad players naturally jump to strongest tech trees. Thats a fact in every game.

Thats too bad for them then, US have 4 solid MBT’s, workable SPAA and decent LT. Together with one of the best CAS and CAP plane in the game, if they cannot do good thats solely their issue.

Leopard 2A7 and 122 series must be weakened! My suggestion is to force the retention of at least 4 immovable ammunition in the chassis,Make them fair like Soviet tanks。Nowadays, these vehicles in the game cannot be destroyed or even cause any damage by ambushing from the side, which is extremely unfair to players from any other faction,Don’t forget, the ammunition rack design of Leopard 2 is the worst in reality。

They have m829a2…thats it. Other than that they are giant light tanks not mbt worthy. Aaaaand the DU 829a2 is better than top German round irl. DU sharpens as it penetrates not blunts like German/russian rounds.




Because we have DM63 which is literaly designed to not explode when hit you buffo

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They have:

  • good mobility
  • .50 cals, even if this is underrated it could be useful
  • good thermals all around, remember that only german have one gen 3 leo, while the rest are all gen 1, while US gets three gen 2 tanks. Sweden is still stuck with gen 1
  • marginally, a better round for what it does regard the spall
  • superior firepower since they do shoot 1 second earlier.
  • turret cheeks protection is ok, you cannot angle it, but it can defend you hull down.

You seriously want to compare this to Ariete, or Type 10? Those two are giant light tanks, not the Abrams, which got also an unfair buff to the reload. The Ariete should’ve get the reload buff, not the Abrams, a buff that was concessed solely on the player statistics.