Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Honestly, even then if you have under 10 minuites of fuel you can absolutely demolish them in a one circle fight because your turn radius is much much tighter with the AOA limiter disabled in full controlls.
A two circle fight is more dependant on your turn rate, which the F16 will win easily when you are locked into the turn and are stuck at ground level at low speed.

Things that around 60% player doesn’t use, 25% using it at wrong time, 10% barely able to use it → 5% people capable of using this correctly.

→ the simple thing should be:
Having a AoA Limiter removal (or making it very unable to counter) per simple keybind while keeping in the mouse aim. As it is IRL a simple switch in cockpit for Mirage 2000’s

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That should work for every jet that had this feature irl


I haven’t been sweaty enough to learn full real control switching but I might need to give it a try. I take 20m with the fuel tank to give me best balance of fuel time and manoeuvrability in the furball.

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With how the F16 is currently (a UFO) it will wreck you even if you’re using sim controls, still F16 can energy trap you all day/rate fight you to death, only thing is F16 is currently better in the 1c than the M2K which is a big problem that gaijin isn’t too keen on fixing right now.

Gaijin officially believes Mirage 2000C-S5 > F-14A. They’re proposing moving Mirage 2000C-S5 to 12.0 while keeping F-14A and Mirage 2000C-S4 to 11.7

If theyre gonna do this, atleast give it 4x Magic 2s loadout.


Or fix every Bug report that players asks for:
→ Magic-2 50G short range, and IRCCM closer to AIM-9M one.

→ S.530D with less inaccuracies (the missile is barely able to fight others, i’m not even sure it reaches Mach 4.5 in a straight leveled flight, while launched at Mach1+)

→ give it a better Handling,… (i know Gaijin is Sadly too bad to modelize Deltas FlightModels,… but this is so blatantly underperforming right now,…)


Magic 2 IRCCM “closer to AIM-9M one” doesn’t tell the story.

The Magic 2’s IRCCM is correct currently… however it should feature the same flare rejection as the AIM-9M and the field of view should be much reduced to around 0.46 degrees iirc.

Anyhow, the Magic 2 should be MUCH better than the AIM-9M in-game… it currently is not.


It handles greately rn tho. You can dogfight pretty much anyone and win with ease

It’s absurd to see Mirage 4000 have better turn rate than Mirage 2000, despite twice the size lol.

That’s different parameters → more thrust, more wings,… the rates are better because the engines are doubled, while the weight is about 1.5 times in AA weapon full payload.

What is absurd about it? The F-14 is 70,000+ pounds in some configurations and has better turn rates than a lot of planes?

You are not considering the differences in basic airframe design between the two… or really anything about the characteristics of these fighters if you make the assumption that bigger = worse turn performance.

it doesnt ingame, I launched at mach 1.85 and it topped out at mach 4.3ish at 12000m

4.5mach is absolute speed for the missile in game so reaching that 4.3 is still a lot

Top speeds given for AIM-7, R-27ER, etc are 2+ mach at even higher altitudes than 12,000m so this is actually showing how the Super 530D reaches quite a high top speed tbqh.

Yeah I forgot about Mirage 4000 also have better canards, I take back what I said earlier, it’s an overstatement.

I have read on wikipedia (so i’m cautious with theses data) that when 37 of the Mirage 2000C-S4 and S5 where uprgaded to the 2000-5 standard, the RDI radar that were on theses planes were put on the 2000C-S1 to S3, that were originally equiped with the RDM.
If it’s right, it mean that it is possible to get a late 2000C-S3 with RDI and Super 530D, but still with the weaker M53-5 engine. It is especially interesting given the room that we are getting with the 2000C-S5 going to 12.0.
Someone have more data about this ?

Yes, we need another copy paste Mirage 2000 to research…

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it’s not really a copy paste, the M53-5 engine has only 8800 kgf instead of 9700 for the M53-P2, so it can be at a lower BR than the 2000C-S5. Given that, outside of the mirage 4000 prototype, it’s the only 4th gen aircraft for France until the Rafale, you should not be surprised to see the rank 8 filled with a lot of variants of the Mirage 2000.
if this is the definition of a copy paste, then what can we say about all theses Spitfires and Mustangs variants ?

Well sorry do disapoint you but copy pastes will be the future of the game as once the last airframes like F18/Rafale/EF2000 and later F35/22 and other 5th gen. Only thing they will have left to add is variants from existing plane to give fake lifetime to the game lol. Also consider copy pastes is already a major part of the game as now in modern era many nations use same tanks/planes because export so…