SIM BR brackets have wrong vehicles


The BR brackets in sim are missing vehicles, and have some vehicles which shouldn’t be there.

For example, in the current 7.0-8.0 bracket:

8.0 but can’t participate in this bracket: Obj. 120, Obj 906, Marder 1A3, Swingfire, Type 69, M41D, OF-40

are overtiered: VBC (PT2) 9.0!!, Type 87 RCV (9.0)!!, MARS 15 (8.3), SIDAM 25 (8.3), STB-2 (8.3), Falcon (8.3), Vickets mk3 (8.3), Vijayanta (8.3),

Video of the current br bracket for tomorrow and later when it is not available:

link to list of br brackets:
Planned Battle Rating changes for January 2024 - Official News, Development Blogs and Updates - War Thunder — official forum

Thank you for reading!

The SB brackets listed in the BR changes are for Air not for Ground. Air and ground Sims operate on different principles for their MMs.

Air has the brackets shown.

But Ground has pre-determined vehicle lists that change. (yesterday I was in the Challenger 2 [11.3] and then jumped into the Striker [8.3] in the same match)

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The high tier sim brackets are absolutely f*cked and almost unplayable for the Communist sides.

Today’s rotation is 9.3? Or at least it is for the Soviets/Chinese (apart from the QN506, seriously why is this here?) Apart from, the Soviets don’t get their T-72A and the Chinese don’t get the ZTZ96.

The Non-communist side though? VBCI-2 (MCT30), Dardo, CV90105(!?), Strv 9040B, M3A3 Bradley, AGS (lol) and only some of the nations get access to their 9.3 tanks? Like the Type 16 (P) is available, but the FPS isn’t. You can take the Olifant Mk.2 but not the Chieftain Mk.10???

There’s literally 0 thought or effort into making these lineups. Why not give the Soviets/Chinese their 9.3 tanks, but don’t allow the Non-communist nations their T-72’s from subtree’s, surely that clears up confusion? Plus you can let the Germans take the KPZ-70, the French the AMX-32, the U.S the XM1 etc.


hmm yeah that sucks.

Why do we even have battle ratings then, if they are not used?

Also it seems that newer vehicles get better matchmaking, like they were thrown in with little consideration. Pt-76-57 and VIDAR get to fight in the first cold war matchup, but obj 120 doesn’t get to fight until two matchups later.

Anyway, thanks for the answer.