The Leclerc is in dire need of a buff


hopefully gets added??

Welp, after the recent nerf nuke they intend to drop on midtier France, things are not looking good for any positive changes to the Leclerc…

The absolute hate that gaijin has for France is absolutely crazy. I don´t think I’ve ever hated the way a dev handle a game as much as gaijin with WT. Good core mechanics, absolutely awful balance decisions.


Wait, what are they planning? is 7.0-7.7 about to be killed?

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Wdym midtier France nuke?


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I just saw…

25T and T090 at 8.0 is so fucking insane I can’t anymore.

As for the AMX-M4 going to 7.0, I can’t really say it will effect the vehicle that much since I already uptiered mine since the 90mm buff to great effect.

It will however completely gut the French 6.7 lineup.

The BR change wouldn’t have been that big of a deal if we had more 6.7’s then just the M26 and the 75mm AMX-13 variants. France is going to need more TT additions in the 6.7 area in order for the lineup to recover from this.



SHARD is far superior to DM73

To have a dead loader, you need to be penned.

Honestly, it’s difficult to know it since we don’t know neither the diameter nor the total length of the penetrator.

I don’t see SHARD being implemented without that data.

Edit: Meanwhile, there no issues regarding the implementation of DM73 (faster DM53) and M829A3 (patent link: US8985026B2 - Penetrator round assembly - Google Patents)

Unrelated to the Leclerc, but what the fuck is happening to the char 25t and AMX 50 TOA 90 ?
How can gaijing ever imagine that these vehicles are comparable to things like the Object 906 ?
The only APHE vehicles France has at mid/hugh tier so Gaijing felt the need to up tier them to 8.0, while they only have 214mm of penetration lol

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Obj906 should be 9.0

Top BRs by absolute number of nukes:

Top BRs by average amount of nukes per Battle:

Well yeah, all that your graphs are saying is that the lorraine 40t, Somua SM, AMX 50 TOA 100 and AMX 50 surbaissé are beasts. Those are the vehicles that brings me the most nukes. But the Char 25t was already the worst among the 7.7 lineup. It used to be somewhat balanced at 7.3 with a slower reload. At 7.7 with a 4s reload, it’s not a good vehicle, and it definitely won’t be better at 8.0. I already stopped bringing it in my 7.7 lineup preferring even 6.7 or 7.0 vehicles like the AUF1, AMX 13 SS11 and other.
The char 25t is currently falling in that negative feedback loop where it goes up in br, so fewer (and overall better) player play it, so it goes up in br, so fewer players play it… Exactly like what brought the Lorraine 40t economy to 24K SL for repair back in the days

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2000th comment, still not fixed


tbh I am making really good games with the 25t in 7.7 , 7.3 would be better , but I think it’s fine in 7.7 ,
but 8.0 ??? I think I am gonna take a break with the game if they really makes these changes

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you will see more paper tanks there

Is the Leclerc still oversized in game? Compared to real life.

It didn’t change, and even if it was bigger then by only about 10cm. By measuring the tank in CDK it was confirmed to be accurate to real life, people just came to the wrong conclusion when comparing it to another tank

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