Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

R2 would feature:
GPS Paveways

That itself would be enough to warrant bringing it into the game honestly.

Then add RMV with Talios targeting pod and MICA IR.

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there is 2 variants of greek mirage.

the one Mirage C-S3 with RDM-3 → 2000EG
the one Mirage 2000-5F with RDY → 2000EG “-5 mk2” (10 renovated from old, and 10 new), capable of MICA aswell

At least for Mirage F1C since it served for a shorter time than CT

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I know, and you should also know that the 2000EG is not a 2000C-S3 with RDM-3, because the S3 is still using the M53-5 engine where the 2000EG is using the M53-P2, this is a major difference. it’s closer to a 2000C-S5 with RDM-3 radar than a S3

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can someone send a link to the post talking about the br changes? I haven’t heard about it aside from this forum

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Could you share the differences between the RMV and the R2 ? I thought the RMV had everything the R2 had plus some extras

I should have clarified, yes, that is the case. I was just pointing out what each variant gets over the previous variants and that there’s enough differences between R1 and R2 to justify addition of R2.

Mirage 2000D-R2 adds:
GPS Paveway namely GBU-49

Mirage 2000D-RMV has all the above and also adds:
Talios targeting pod
CC-422 gunpod
Scorpion HMSD

R2 could be a nice decent 11.7-12.0+ CAS option while RMV would be a good 12.7-13.0+ option in the future.

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Also, on a different note, shouldn’t the 2000D (and 2009, but let’s say the 5F in the game as of now) be able to carry 2 GBUs in the back of the fuselage ? I’ve read in the forums saying that it should, however only dumb bombs can be placed as of now. Same for the bomb on the other side of the targeting pod of the 2000D (while the 5F in game can actually carry one there)

Allegedly no, not on the M2K airframe as apparently anything bigger than MICA or a dumb bomb would block the landing gears according to one source I’ve read.

This is a deliberate balancing decision by Gaijin which limited the loadout in that aspect. If they add the R2, I suspect they would unlock that pylon for GBUs even though there was no such difference in real life.

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Given what you listed, I would not be surprised to see Gaijin skipping the R2 to directly add the RMV, because there is not that much of a difference bewteen them for the ground pounding area, there is just a new targeting pod.
The major differences between theses two are found in the air to air department, where the RMV would be better at defending itself than the R2, with the MICA IR, the CC-422 gunpod (that is smaller and lighter than the one we have now, so it’s a better choice if we want it as a “just in case” weapon or if we want to not hurt too much the flight performance) and a HMS, things that would be needed to help it staying relevant at 12.0.

Don’t forget that this aircraft have to be played in ARB before being able to use it in GRB, so if the BR is raised from 11.3 to 12.0 without anything different from the R1 in the air to air department, it will just be a worse experience in ARB.

It would also be a good platform to introduce the MICA IR first, because it should not be able to use it at his full potential, i’m thinking about the datalink (because of the fact that the 2000D should have the Antilope 5 radar), and can carry only two of them.

Because of theses factor i do think that it is likely that the R2 will be skipped in favor of the RMV. It fit better because the higher BR it will get would be justified not only by the better ground pounding capabilities but also by the better air to air weaponry : there is a better balance between theses two capabilities in the RMV than the R2.

it is really sad how bad 530Ds are rn not they have ever been in a good spot as soon as the booster turns off the turn into bricks that cant pull more than 10gs at least that’s what it feels like its like they just stop trying to lead and just give up

Most of the time, my S.530D does have good maneuvrability after it got closer than 2km to target

Seems fair enough to keep energy → hard to have good energy state at max range.

@MiG_23M and @DirectSupport :
Is anyone of you made a bug report about the ability to TWS 24 target, with 18 displayed and the ability to mutlple shot 4 target at a time, given by RDY Radar?

Yes. They said they will add it once fox 3s are here.

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Probably joint to the All Aspect TWS. I hope anyway

Ok, this is very interesting
This could mean that once medium range ARH missiles are added, we may see TWS actually track multiple targets.

So the 2000C-S5 is going to 12.0
But the Event 2000C-S4 is staying at 11.7?

isn’t the only difference that it has less CMs

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I waiting new Mirage 2000D (11.7 or 12.0 BR) with Damocles targeting pod, drag hardpoint and GPS/INS guidance munitions this year

Mirage 2000D RMV would be 12.7 ~ 13.0 BR, very good infrared Air-to-Air Missile & dogfight tactic, modern helmet mounted display, great modern targeting pod, GPS/INS guidance munitions and stand off long-range Air-to-Surface