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Islamic Republic of Pakistan — — People’s Republic of Bangladesh


Pakistan Armed Forces — — — Bangladesh Armed Forces

Inter Services Emblem of the Pakistan Armed Forces Crest of Bangladesh Armed Forces


Hi guys.

I put together a Pakistan and Bangladesh Combined Tech Tree so I could better gauge how it would fare against other nations and if it would even be viable.

This Tech Tree has come very far and has not disappointed me.
In terms of Gaijin and their POV, this will pave the way for inviting a new population into the game.
Plus the large variety of vehicles in this TT and the looming demise of the speed of the snails developments in WT’s many other TTs leads me to expect that such TTs will prove invaluable in order to not just keep the game alive but also to keep providing new content to the player base while also inviting new players.

Pakistan itself is the Sixth largest military force in the world by personnel in service and the nation also possesses nuclear attack capability.
Bangladesh is the third most powerful military force in the subcontinent possessing the third largest military budget in the same region.

So it stands to reason that with the close ties of the, albeit shaky and bloody past, these two brother nations would make for a fine joint Tech Tree.

This thread shall play role as my archive for data and developments carried forth from the previous thread about this topic.

And as a trailer…


Emblem of the Pakistan Army Insignia of the Bangladesh Army

Pakistan + Bangladesh Ground Forces Tech Tree:

List of Vehicles (WIP)

Total = 91

T-80UD Bereza

T-80UD ‘Bereza’: Efficiency at the Forefront
T-80UD ‘Bereza’: Economic Decision

T-80UD (6DT-2E)

Pakistani T-80UD(6DT-2E) - Improved excellence

Army Aviation Group

Pakistan + Bangladesh Helicopters Tech Tree:


List of Aircraft (WIP)

Total = 9

Rank V

First Flight: 1975

Bangladeshi Service*:* 2014 - present

The Mi-17 ‘Hip’ is a Russian military utility helicopter designed by the Mil Moscow Helicopter plant.

Primary weapon:

Like most utility helicopters, it does not come standard with any primary weaponry unlike some models of the Mi-8.

Secondary weapon:

  • S-8 Rocket pods x 6
  • S-5K Rocket pods x 6
  • UPK-23-250 gunpods
  • Malyutka ATGMs x 6

General characteristics:

  • Crew: 3 (pilot, copilot, engineer)
  • Capacity: 4,000 kg cargo internally / 5,000 kg externally slung.
  • Length: 18.465 m
  • Height: 5.65 m
  • Empty weight: 7,489 kg
  • Gross weight: 11,100 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 13,000 kg normal 13,500 kg with under-slung load
  • Powerplant: 2 × Klimov VK-2500PS-03 turboshaft engines, 1,800 kW for takeoff, 2,000 kW maximum
  • Main rotor diameter: 21.25 m
  • Main rotor area: 354.7 m2


  • Maximum speed: 280 km/h
  • Cruise speed: 260 km/h
  • Range: 800 km
  • Service ceiling: 6,000 m
  • Hover ceiling: 4,000 m
  • Rate of climb: 8 m/s

Proposed BR: 8.0

Having lacking ATGM performance but still possessing a number of them, it should fit well in a BR of comparable helicopters like the Mi-8 already in game.


First flight: 1956

Pakistani service years: 1970s

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois AKA the “Huey” is a utility helicopter of American design. Much produced as well as exported to a wide number of countries possibly over 30. Pakistan was one of those countries.

Primary weaponry:

Being a Utlity Helicopter by design it does not possess any primary weapons. If needed, secondary weaponry was utilised on external pylons.

Secondary weaponry:

  • 7.62 M134 machine guns x 2
  • FFAR Mighty mouse rocket pods x 2 (19 each)
  • TDA rocket pods x 2 (22 each)
  • AGM - 22 ATGMS x 6

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 (pilot, copilot)
  • Capacity: 1,760 kg
  • Length: 17.618 m
  • Width: 2.908 m
  • Height: 4.407 m
  • Empty weight: 2,363 kg
  • Gross weight: 4,100 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 4,309 kg
  • Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming T53-L-13 turboshaft, (820 kW)
  • Main rotor diameter: 14.63 m
  • Main rotor area: 168.114 m2


  • Maximum speed: 204 km/h

  • Cruise speed: 204 km/h

  • Range: 511 km (Clean)

  • Service ceiling: 3,800 m (MTOW)

  • Rate of climb: 8.1 m/s (MTOW)

  • Disk loading: 25.6 kg/m2

  • Power/mass: 0.1905 kW/kg

Proposed BR: 8.7

The aircraft is capable of carrying Rocket pods and ATGMS, as such, it should be balanced against comparable SPAA in the game.

Rank VI

EC Fennec (AS550 C3)


Mi-35 M3


First Flight: 1981

Pakistani Service: 2009 - current

The Harbin Z-9 “Haitun” was originally designed as a military utility helicopter, being a Chinese license built version of the Eurocopter AS365, it is capable of multiple mission types.

Primary weapon:


Secondary weapon:

  • Bhaktar Shikan (HJ-8 ATGM) x 4
  • TY-90 x 4
  • Type 90-1 rocket pods x 2 (7 each)
  • Type 57-1 rocket pods x 2 (18 each)

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 pilots
  • Capacity: 1,600 kg external payload
  • Length: 12.11 m
  • Height: 4.01 m
  • Empty weight: 2,050 kg
  • Max takeoff weight: 4,100 kg
  • Powerplant: 2 × Zhuzhou Aeroengine Factory WZ-8A turboshaft, 632 kW each
  • Main rotor diameter: 11.94 m
  • Main rotor area: 111.98 m2


  • Maximum speed: 305 km/h
  • Cruise speed: 260 km/h
  • Ferry range: 1,000 km with internal auxiliary tank
  • Endurance: 5 hours
  • Service ceiling: 4,500 m
  • Hovering ceiling in ground effect: 2,600 m
  • Hovering ceiling out of ground effect: 1,600 m

Proposed BR: 8.7

It is like the Z-9W in game already but a bit lacks FLIR

Rank VII

Embargoed *



Air Forces

Badge of the Pakistan Air Force Crest of the Bangladesh Air Force

Pakistan + Bangladesh Airforces Tech Tree:

List of Aircraft (WIP)

Total = 82


Crest of the Pakistan Navy Crest of the Bangladesh Navy

Pakistan, Bangladesh Naval Tech Tree:

PK, BD Navy ships - Google Spreadsheets

Bayraktar TB2




GIDS Shahpar

The GIDS Shahpar II using the same missile but a different airframe

GIDS - Products


The NESCOM Burraq, an indigenously developed drone would be better suited as it carries the Barq missile which has an 8km range



Selex ES Falco


My thanks to Miraz05, PikPikker as well as AspandaIV. Their works helped me a lot with research and most of all… the will to keep going.

To do

OBSERVE: Pakistan & Bangladesh Tech Tree - #369 by Miraz05
OBSERVE: Pakistan & Bangladesh Tech Tree - #346 by Miraz05
OBSERVE: Pakistan & Bangladesh Tech Tree - #367 by Miraz05





F-6 and F-7

















Outstanding job and nice proposal!
You thought about adding a poll to support your project?
I mean u had 70+ views and no comments, so a poll would help to see what their thoughts were…


Nice option for a subtree


no need to create a new pakistani ground tree, you can just look up pikpikker’s sample

Yeah I remember that one. thing is Afghanistan and Pakistan really make no sense to be one tree. if anything india and Pakistan would make sense but that would just start a war lol.
plus pikpikker missed a few vehicles i wanted to add in


If you removed all of the copy-past vehicles you would barely even have enough for a subtree, but if all the vehicles you have included that are not copy-paste were added to one of the existing minor nations, it would be good


No., it is a waste to do this.


If i removed the copy paste vehicles id be down five or six.
Because the variants in Pakistani service were all different from what we have in game.
Basically i our the images from the tech tree but that’s only because i thought it looked better than placing stat card images on the techtree plates.
Besides, ain’t no shortage of similar vehicles in have atm

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Bro u don’t have to make the thing

Looks like China 2.0. Add unique vehicles to existing tech tree, scrap the rest.


I thought about that and it’s a good idea.
It would also let gaijin announce a new battlepass for ‘subcontinental force’ inviting players from both Pakistan and India.
I’m sure we’d all love more players.
I just realised… gaijin prolly not gonna add this into china cuz mirage line ain’t gonna be applicable and France didn’t have these variants… a sad loss

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Lets look at the air tree. T-6 isnt copy paste, its just an american vehicle, so add it to america. the halifax is copy paste, the sea fury that is 2.3 for some reason is copy paste, the premium sea fury is a trainer version, can you prove it had any guns fitted? i cant find anything to suggest it did. the spitfire mk8 is not in game, but is just a british plane, so should go in the british tree. the tempest mk2 is copy paste. Prettf sure the B57F wasnt operated by pakistan, and never had any bombs or guns, as it was just a high alt recon aircraft. the attacker is copy paste. the karakorum would be a terrible addition because it is a slow shit trainer, that can carry PL5 and PL7 missiles. The sabre,H-5 and tt B57 are all copy paste. the trainer Mig15 and mig17 versions are again pointless, both chinese aircraft with less armament than the fighter counterparts. either add trhem to china or not at all. The cl-13B, F-104A, mig 19 and J-6 are all copy paste, and the F-104B had no gun, so have fun with that plane. The A-5III and the A-5M are different planes., the M was never used by pakistan and the A-5III/C is already in game in the chinese tt. All of the F-7’s youve included are export copies of the chinese J7, so they can go in the chinese TT. The non ROSE mirages are copy paste, but the ROSE mirages actually arent copy paste so there are about 3 planes in the entire air tree that arent either copy paste or just plain from another nation. this is good for maybe a subtree for china and nothing else


I guess Afghanistan or Bangladesh maybe sub-tree to Pakistani


chill bro. did i trip a nerve? im not asking YOU to add em so chill.
i did research on these planes and almost all of them are different from the ones we have in game.

yeah sorry misBR’d that one.
also The Sea Fury T.20/61 (trainers) also had a reduced armament compared to the standard fighter version, with only two 20mm cannon instead of four.

by that logic all vehicles that are american in origin should go to america. remove all phantoms and starfighters from any other than america. bro what is aggroing you?

was. i checked.
and before you attack. read.

Because the PAF was outnumbered by its Indian counterpart, and with U.S. concurrence, the RB-57F was reportedly impressed into combat service with PAF’s No 24 Squadron to carry out daily reconnaissance sorties over Indian Air Force airfields at altitudes of up to 60,000 feet (18,000 m). The RB-57F was also said to have been locally modified by the PAF to carry a 4,000 pounds (1,800 kg) bombload, but never actually operated in a bombing role. On other occasions, the RB-57F was accompanied by a pair of PAF B-57B Canberra bombers

and the SU25 and the A10 is supposed to be removed by this logic as well.
calm down…
You dont like it thats fine. keep that to yourself

Pakistani modifications allowed extended weaponds options for example the pakistani J-6 or the mig 19s were capable of firing A-A missiles and actually did use them in combat during the indo-pakistani wars.

like another F104 in game right now? i dont think it will be a problem


At PAF’s request, all its F-104As were refitted with the M-61 Gatling 20 mm gun, whereas its counterparts in the USAF had been divested of their guns on the assumption that all post-Korea air combat would occur at high speeds where only the wing tip-mounted Sidewinder missiles would be effective. The PAF’s foresight was amply rewarded in actual combat and the USAF too reverted to having machine guns as mandatory equipment on all its fighters in due course. The newer GWE- J-79-11 engine was also installed on the aircraft. This made the Pakistan F-104s somewhat unique: they had the gun and being the lightest of F-104 series with a more advanced J-79 engine enjoyed the best thrust-to-weight ratio.

A5-III/C is under pakistani colors. if everyone was as stingy as this there would be a 1-200 less vehicles in WT as we have today.
as for the A5M:
Evaluated by the Pakistan Air Force in 1990
and since this is enough for Gaijin to consider as vehicles for a TT…

oh please spare me.
these are PAK-China Aircraft.
i havent even put in the F-7M Airguard series because its too much even though pakistan had 20 of them.

    • F-7MP: Development of the F-7M tailored for Pakistan. this model included 24 separate improvements over the F-7M including using a Martin-Baker Mk 10 ejection seat to replace the HTY-2 on the F-7M, a Rockwell Collins AN/ARC-164 & 186 radio, AN/APX-101 IFF, LJ-2 RWR and a more advanced oxygen supply system than that of the earlier F-7M. Because the F-7MP carries more western weaponry, the software of the Type 956 HUDWAC was upgraded to include parameters for these weapons. The outer wing pylons are modified to fire AAM in addition to rockets and bombs. The F-7MP was initially equipped with the Italian Grifo-7 fire control radar license assembled by the ISO - 9002 certified Kamra Avionics, Electronics and Radar Factory of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). The 55 km range Grifo-7 radar weighs 50 kg and its introduction on F-7MP making it the first export version of F-7 series to be an all-weather fighter. This model is also the first to be upgraded with a Chinese helmet mounted sight (HMS), which greatly enhanced its lethality in dogfights.[46] All F-7 fighters delivered thereafter to Pakistan were equipped with such HMS. General designer Lu Yu-Ying (陆育英) and Peng Ren-Yin (彭仁颖). All 20 were delivered to the PAF on July 26, 1988.[44][45]
  • F-7P: Further development of the F-7MP for Pakistan with a HTY-4 ejection seat. Two more air conditioning outlets on the instrument panel to increase its efficiency. New RWR replaced the LJ-2 RWR. Grifo-MK-II fire control radar replaced Grifo-7 fire control radar on the earlier F-7MP. In comparison to the Grifo-7, the new radar only weighs an extra 1 kg (56 kg total), but the scan cone was increased to ±20 degrees from the original ±10 degrees of Grifo-7. The newer radar also had improved ECM and look-down/shoot-down capability, able track up to four targets simultaneously while engaging one at a time. Like the earlier Grifo-7, the Grifo-Mk-II is also license built by the ISO - 9002 certified Kamra Avionics, Electronics and Radar Factory of the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). Metric instruments were changed to Imperial units. Delivery of 40 aircraft to the PAF begun in September 1989.[44][45]*

as you can see these had ACTUAL radars which the chinese ones of this variant didnt have:

Although SSR radar is more advanced than its predecessor Sky Ranger 7M, it remains a ranging radar, which the PAF was not satisfied with. To meet Pakistani requirement of more capable airborne radar, a fire control radar was needed. In addition, PAF also required other improvements over the original J-7MG, which resulted in J/F-7PG series.

  • J-7PG: prototype of F-7PG equipped with [Grifo-MG]Grifo radar - Wikipedia) radar that replaced Super Sky Ranger radar. Equipped with GPS, Chinese HTY-6M ejection seat and a new onboard oxygen supply system. As with J-MG, there’s an addition gun on the portside to increase firepower. Other avionics upgrade includes a new ARW9101 RWR can store more than 100 threats, along with other newly designed system.[91][92]
  • F-7PG: production version of J-7PG, with a single piece windscreen replacing the 3-piece of J-7PG.The aircraft is equipped with an efficient avionics system which includes a GEC-Marconi Avionics HUDWAC (head-up display and weapon aiming computer) plus GARMIN global positioning and bombing navigation systems.
    It is also equipped with a Super Skyranger radar, an FIAR Grifo-7 mkII radar (export) and a Type 226 PD radar.It also had the capability to fire western missiles like the sidewinder and R550 Magic. First batch of 20 were delivered at the end of 2001, with a total of 57 eventually delivered to PAF.

sorry bro. wrong again.
the systems of export for jetfighters internationally is to offer nation specific requirement based upgrades/ edited vehicles. i even excluded another variant the Mirage IIIO.
Mirage IIIR for the Pakistan Air Force, with provision to carry the infrared linescan pod
such as this^

real list of operated Mirages of the PAF:

  • Combat Commanders’ School, PAF Base Mushaf, Mirage IIIO ROSE I
  • 5 Squadron, PAF Base Mushaf, Mirage IIIEP, IIIDP, IIIRP
  • 7 Squadron, PAF Base Masroor, Mirage IIIO ROSE I, IIIDP
  • 20 Squadron, PAF Base Mushaf, Mirage IIIRP
  • 22 Squadron, PAF Base Masroor, Mirage IIIEL, IIIBL, IIID

think again. or not. no reason to reply. i wouldnt.

You are asking Gaijin to put money into adding them, so people have to play them for gaijin to make any money back on it. if you added this tech tree as you have it now, i wouldnt want to play it, it offers nothing unique.Look at israel, What percentage of people do you think play it? The answer is not many, it should never have been added as its own tech tree. I am all down for ading Pakistani vehicles, either as standalone or as a subtree for another tree, and then you can have all the slightly different export variants you like, but if you are adding it as a standalone tree you have to give people a reason to want to play it. Why would someone want to play the tt you have given over something like china other than national biases? Specifically:

Fair enough

By default, they should. But when there is an laready established tech tree like britain, adding phantoms to fill gaps makes sense. Adding a spitfire to a pakistan tech tree but not the british tt doesnt make any sense

Fair enough, but you did put the B-57F not the RB-57F, and the B-57F wasnt operated by pakistan

not removed, put at a higher br. you have put something with 35G missiles at 7.0. if you then go and put it at a br where the missiles dont ruin games like the A-10 and Su-25’s are now, the airframe becomes super useless, it just wouldnt be fun to play.

the russian mig19 can use aam’s. so out of the 4 you have listed, the only differance is that one can use western missiles

i assume you are talking about the italian F-104s? it gets a gun pod stock, and also has decent missiles, the F-104B wouldnt get either of those things

I would prefer not to see vehicles that were “Evaluated” and we have no idea what that means. for all we know they took one look at a picture and said no

again, not what you have written in the tt post, but either way, if all of the J7’s and mirages are a bit unique, thats 2 teirs of vehicles. you have 6 other teirs to fill still. Like i said, a subtree at most.


Obviously when its your idea xD

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I dont mean to come across as attacking you, its simply that i disagree with the idea. Weve heard a lot of stuff about more minor nation tech trees lately, and people dont often play the existing ones, as someone who likes to play lots of different nations, it just isnt fun to have another tree with underwhelming vehicles and nonexistent lineups. i would happily have 80+% of these vehicles in the game, just in other trees or as a pakistan subtree

If your going to add another minor tree…
Add this one


I think you are using minor in some other sense…

Simply put, the majority of players who have been playing WT have either used their favourite nations vehicles from WWII or their national ones
Now your concern would be much more weighted if gaijin hadn’t promised the new system of reduced rp costs for player’s who have researched one tree fully and are now researching another.
And me as a man with some aspirations felt that this was a good time to suggest ingesting additions.
As for the line ups argument. Air rb doesn’t use em and in ground i did try to ensure usable lineups. With a hybrid of heli and jetcraft fire CAS im sure great line ups can be made.
As for the other money argument. Gaijin hasn’t yet considered a great market in the subcontinent. Over 1.5 billion people of which at least .5bill have access to gaming and even if only 300k are arrested to WT and even less sick around, that’s still a huge new market for a small investment.