[POLL] Pakistani Air Force as a Chinese sub-tree?

Literally the fact that Pakistan bring a lot of mods to CN plane, and it has been like so since 1980s.

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But those planes can be added without a subtree (because they are CHINESE), how do you not get this???

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I don’t see any problems for implementing Pakistani sub-tree for China because they have many Chinese aircraft such as F-6, F-7, A-5, etc.


Mirage 3 & 5 ROSE, JF-17, F-7PG (exclusive Pakistani variant), CL-13B, Sea Fury 60 (brit was Sea Fury 11), Attacker F.1 (denavalized attacker), Spitfire MK.VIII, Karakoum K-8.

There’s block 52 Plus F16, but who the fuck care for them, F1CK is coming soon anyway.

It’s cool for CN to get new air tree,


basically skipped that part, we go straight from 1947, skipped 1960-1970’s, beeline straight to 1990s where PAF goes goblin mode and requested China for modifications on their export product.

@HYPNOSYS2002 made a pretty good techtree. You guys can check it out. There’s plenty of unique PAF jets to be added. Pakistan + Bangladesh ULTIMATE (and complete) Tech Tree


Getting a No from me, only because you arent providing a real tree suggestion here, only named a few possible aircrafts but no real concept

Why isn’t this in the Suggestions thread?

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My post seems to have been deleted.

If Pakistan has 3 unique aircraft, 4 if you count the JF-17 and it isn’t given to China anyways, then it would be better to give the aircraft in the form of premiums then as an entire sub-tree.

Actually there should be a little more of their aircraft as far as I know.

  • Lockheed T-33 - Trainer variant of F-80C but has x2 50cals
  • Shenyang FT-2 - Trainer variant of MiG-15bis but has single NR-23 cannon
  • Chengdu FT-5 - Trainer variant of MiG-17 but has single NR-23 cannon
  • Shenyang F-6 - License build of MiG-19S but has x2 AIM-9P or Matra magic 1 iirc
  • Nanchang A-5C - Nothing to say lmao
  • Chengdu F-7P - Basically J-7II with x2 AIM-9Ps/AIM-9Ls and flares
  • Chengdu F-7PG - Basically J-7E with x4 AIM-9Ls
  • Dassault Mirage IIIEP
  • Dassault Mirage 5PA ROSE

IDK about french stuff but, there are still interesting things

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How do you know that?

We dont have AIM-9L. We use PL-9C or PL-5EII

I have barely seen any Indian/Pakistani players.

I don’t see any players personally, so I have no Idea where they come from. India is the most populated country on the planet currently so to say they have no players is a sweeping statement at best. To say they don’t have computers is ridiculous. Where do you think most of the worlds call centers are? India is involved in moon exploration; Pakistan is a nuclear power.


I was confused for somehow.
Anyway, PAF doesn’t have F-7BGI iirc.

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Read my reply again. I said PC games aren’t that popular compared to mobile games in this region. Never said they dont have PCs. Also Games like warthunder aren’t popular among the PC gamers of this region. They usually prefer GTA or battle royale games.
Yes I did say most indian/Pakistani gamers dont have PC that doesn’t mean they can’t buy one. They simply prefer gaming phones more than gaming PCs. PC gaming is yet to gain popularity in this region.

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I counted the Mirage ROSE once, the F-7PG, Spitfire MK III, and maybe the JF-17.
The rest are just exports, which China isn’t hurting on available aircraft.

I does read like you are saying they are some kind of backward nation incapable of understanding this game. I just wondered how you know that’s true.

There have been many calls for India and Pakistan to be represented in WT over the years. Same with Iran/Iraq/Saudi and any other Middle Eastern country you care to name.

I’m not sure why Pakistan would be under China as a sub-tree, but some countries and even entire peoples have zero representation in the game it seems. We are talking some big military organizations, Turkey, Iran etc.

NO. because the Pakistani is a part of commonwealth it is more reasonable make PAF as a British sub-tree

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Because 90% of their equipment is chinese. Bro please do some research.