New nation - India! (with Pakistan subtree)

Greetings everyone!
It’s been a long time since our game featured new nations with unique equipment, so I think will be good to se a new nation that just begs to be added to the game - India!

At the top-teir of jets we will see such classic fighters as:









Mirage 2000


Dassault Rafale

HAL Tejas

I also think that adding a Pakistan sub-tree to the Indian tree was cool idea, as their vehicles already been done in some other trees.
Pakistan also has a fairly extensive arsenal of vehicles, so their tech-tree will be rich and varied.








Unfortunately, there is very little information on ground vehicles and I couldn’t find much equipment other than the obvious T-90 (in particular, there is already one in the game)
The Pakistani tanks are predominantly made in China: MBT-2000, VT-1/4.


But I think this is not a problem for developers.

What you guys think about adding India and Pakistan to the game?
Thanks for understandig!


seperately yes, but not together


But why?..


they have little in common plus the players would never agree to having enemy vehicles in their own TT.
in contrast, you can check this and see what you think:


the pro of adding pakistan and bangladesh as a TT is that pakistan and bangladesh, while they have had a rough past, are still two peoples with a great deal of commonality and a big bond.
india on the other hand is a large enough nation to account for its own TT and honestly, neither indian nor pakistani players will like a joint TT

So… More copy paste? I think it would be smarter to just have Indian armed forces or pakistan armed forces skins and decals. No need for new tt that is just copy paste vehicles


It sounds great it is like a combination of multible nations.

makes more sense

Copy paste?

Where’s Rafale, Su-30, J-10, JF-17, HAL Tejas?

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If idea is accepted those vehicles would be added to theoretical tt at the same time as they would be added to the countries that actually made them. Look I just don’t want any more copy paste vehicles. Original Indian designs are fine as they are in the British tt imo. There aren’t too many, and the devs won’t want to bother with another tech tree


the copy paste argument is null and void.
simply because you dont like seeing them is no reason for hesitation nor reluctance.
if a separate TT is added with CP vehicles, you have no obligation to play it.
and those who will play it (because they want to) wont complain.
we know the limitations of the TT (at least for the pk and bd one) and we wont be asking for imaginary vehicles to fill our BRs


the modifications made to each so called CP vehicle make them distinctly different in terms of in game implementable capability.
the pakistani F-7’s are waay more powerful than the in game ones as are the mirages with the ROSE program modifications

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It would be fine as a Chinese subtree as you said most of their vehicles are Chinese. Maybe pakistan f16c as a USA event vehicle in the future?

too many distinct vehicles to do so, and the US doesnt need another F-16

There’s a lot of problems with this idea. The first is that India and Pakistan are enemies and have been in on and off conflict since their founding. Adding India to Pakistan would be equivalent to adding Iran to Israel.

Second, this tree will have nearly nothing unique to it. The ground tree would consist of a Vickers Mk. VI, M3, M4, Centurion, T-54, T-55, AMX 13, PT-76, BMP-2, BMD-2, T-72, T-90, Arjun, and Tank EX. Congratulations, you’ve just made the Israeli tree again but with a few extra Soviet vehicles and even less of a top tier, especially because India can’t get the Vijayanta or T-90S Bhishma because those already exist in the British tree.

When it comes to their air force, they have practically nothing of subtsance below rank 5 aside from a few miscellaneous light attackers and some bits and pieces of the British air force.

This means that the air force barely exists, the ground tree also barely exists and the lineups are all but nonexistent, CAS does’t exist in any meaningful capacity until rank 5, and the ground tree has no room for expansion into top tier after the Tank EX which is a tech demonstrator.


It wouldnt really bring anything vs American f16c as is would just be cool vehicle with cool skin.

We will probably get mirages in French tt with equivalent capabilities in upcoming updates. Also the f-7 since it’s so great would be a good top tier vehicle for China, no? Or as a Chinese event vehicle.

agreed lol

not so much agreed but not compltely disagreed either.
besides, this is an easy way for gaijin to attract more players into the game

wait for it

like the merkavas in the american TT they will be transferred over in case of this TT being implemented

well there are enough, obscure that they are.

can be adjusted with modifications based on years

also for ground top tier, we dont really need to always have updates and new vehicles, getting up to modern times will grant us enough

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There’s no reason to add another tech tree. All vehicles listed will most likely be added to the countries that their design was from, or in places like the British tt. Not enough original designs to warrant this.


the mirage ROSE is a pakistan specific program which AFAIK france had no dealing with hence would be strange to have those in france.
as for the F-7’s those were also specifically made for the nations they were exported to (adjusted for the nations requirements so china can only have the original prototype or the base export version).