Pakistani T-80UD(6DT-2E) - Improved excellence

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Howdy yall! this is my first ‘Suggestion’ post, so any suggestions for how to improve my post are more than welcome!

Pakistani T-80UD(6DT-2E) - Improved excellence

Note: this post will specifically be focusing on the last and most upgraded T-80UD’s sold to Pakistan by Ukraine, and specifically the ones upgraded by Pakistan with the 6TD-2E diesel engine. This suggestion is not suggesting that all T-80UD’s should go to these Chinese tech tree, just this specific variant used by Pakistan, as China seems like the most likely spot for any and all Pakistani vehicles.

I refer to this tank as the T-80UD(6TD-2E) as there is no official designation for the upgraded T-80UD

**Introduction:**The history of the T-80UD starts naturally with the T-80U. While it was in many ways a very impressive MBT for the USSR, its dramatic fuel consumption, and issues regarding the turbine, lead for an interest to simplify the tank and increase the range by modifying its engine. This desire later turned into a project that lead to the development and creation of the T-80UD, which was powered a 1,000HP diesel and was introduced in 1985 and entered service with the Soviet Army in 1987.

Early T-80UD

With the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine inherited a stock pile of 300+ T-80UD’s and In 1996 Ukraine signed a deal to sell 320 of the vehicles to Pakistan. Some deliveries were made despite objections from Russia, who claimed the vehicle was in fact a Russian vehicle and refused to supply the Ukraine the parts to modernize the tank to the agreements promised standard. However Ukraine had been developing a similar but upgraded version of the T-80UD, the T-84, so used parts from that vehicle to complete the production and delivery to the Pakistani Army in 1999, totaling 320 vehicles. the most notable differences with these modified T-80UD’s from Ukraine, was found in the turret, with the cast design of the T-84 being used instead. Given that these tank were all produced later, many of them had Thermal sights found on late T-80U’s.

another Pakistani T-80UD

Later on, Pakistan would receive 6TD-2E diesel engine’s, and some of these would be put into there latest T-80UD’s, creating the ultimate T-80UD that i refer to as T-80UD(6TD-2E). This tank is very comparable in performance to early T-84’s, thanks to the new turrets and same powerpack(I will elaborate on proof of this later).

Pakistani T-80UD with the new turret from Ukraine

Weight - 46 tons

Crew - 3

Engine - 1,200HP 6TD-2E diesel engine

Mobility - 43mph Forward- 19.4 reverse- (Same powerpack as found on the MBT-2000)

Smoke grenades - 8 x 81mm Smoke Grenades

Main armament - 1 x 125mm smoothbore gun
Ammo - 45 rounds total (28 in autoloader + 17 additional rounds)

Commander MG - 1 x 12.7mm NVST machine gun
Ammo - 300 rounds

Coaxial MG - 1 x 7.62mm PKT machine gun
Ammo - 1,250 rounds

Armor - Same as T-80U except now with a cast turret similar to that of the T-90

**Proof of Improved Powerpack:**in this section i whish to detail a hard to find yet key detail that can be found on some of the most upgraded Pakistani T-80UD’s, and that being that the last version of these tanks received the same power pack as found on Ukrainian T-84 and MBT-2000, with a 1200HP engine, and an improved transmission. I wish to make this fact evident, as many online sources simply assume that all Pakistani T-80UD’s have the same power pack as found on the original USSR T-80UD when that simply isnt the case.

the easiest way to prove this is through photo evidence of the backside of the T-80UD(late), the T-84, and the MBT-2000/Al-Khalid

Pakistani T-80UD(Late) rear

Ukrainian T-84 Oplot rear- Notice the identical vents, the shape of the transmission cover and access port is also identical


Al-Khalid rear view- Notice again how similar the vents are, and how the exact same shape and access port around the transmission are still present

all this indicates that the T-80UD(late) has the same power pack as found on both Ukrainian T-84’s, and Pakistani MBT-2000’s.

Thank you all for reading my suggestion, and please leave your feedback on what you think!

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I am still looking for the full document but this is an segment taken from a Pakistani Ministry of Defense Production documents, that proves that some T-80UD’s, did infact receive the improved engine


Sorry if this is just how you like it, but I think it would look better as T-80UD/L, with the /L standing for late as opposed to T-80UD (Late) or T-80UD Late. The same can be said for early versions too, such as T-2/E instead of T-2 Early.

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I would just be worried the the /L might confuse people into think this is some official variant, perhaps if I specified it is the version with the improved diesel that would make more sense

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I see what you are saying, but honestly it doesn’t seem like too much of a problem. Maybe a year specification?
But to use a few examples from the game, the B-17E/L is labeled B-17E/L on the tech tree icon and on the killfeed, but in the statcard is labeled B-17E /Late. Same for the Typhoon Mk Ib/L, Typhoon Mk Ib /Late. So I think if that distinction between the statcard name and tech tree icon name is there, it should be fine.

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Problem is I have yet to find a date as to when the Pakistan’s made this modification to the T-80UD, only that they at least did it to atleast two, and I’m still working to find the full document to post. I think I’ll stick with the name T-80UD(6TD-2E) for now, so that way people know specifically what version im talking about



Can anyone read what’s written on that poster?

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Unfortunately I can’t, but I can tell you that that is one of the original T-80UD’s as it still has the same turret as found on the base T-80U

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I guess it might be premium golden eagle at rank 7 for china tree or for future independent Pakistan tech tree

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+1 from a proud patriot lol
this will be a great T-80. not to forget that these are the few russian origin tanks that have a good reverse speed

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This should be moved to other-ground-forces, and it probably will be by the mods, but it is a suggestion I fully support. For future reference, any time you suggest a vehicle which is used by anyone other than the actual main nations, ot goes in the “other nations” category, regardless of where you’d like to see it placed.


What ammo does it use, I know it’s compatible with 125-1, I don’t know if it’s compatible with 125-2 and dtc-10

Should be the same autoloader as any T-80U

Fixed, thanks. o7


You’re welcome!

thank you! sorry i hadent noticed early

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WEIGHT: 47.38? TON
HORSE POWER: 1000? HP at 2000? RPM
MAX SPEED: 63? Kmph

All in all pretty mundane info

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