Off Topic Discussion

Discuss off topic stuff here.Please be civil and please abide the community guidelines. If you want to wish list a vehicle then you can do it in this thread:


This thread used to exist in the old forum but for some reason the new forum didn’t have it

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F-22 when popcorn

Before any nation that is not the US or USSR gets anything that could fight 3 gens behind of course.

Naaah we’re getting F-22 tomorrow 100%

British f14 when

well i am up for this becoming the general discussion thread @Deathmisser come here and breath


So we can talk about anything from next Tech Trees to magic missiles here?



Oh nice an off topic thread. Time to talk about the next update here


I just don’t get it they want to have a flame war when I’m wrong but when I apologies and that is for real.
They just don’t seem to care


We’re with you buddy. They just don’t understand


thank you for the support m8

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either way now we got an off topic thread where pretty much anything goes, and they still propably gonna need to moderate through here as well since anything goes, off topic flags cant even possibly happen here

what happened?

I mean basic moderation still needs to happen anyways after all there are still other rules to follow.

I think we can moderate ourselves too.

As long as it’s not insulting and remains respectful, it’s fine.

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