Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

Why would they do that? Noone never said that having a sub-tree disqualifies such nation from having filler vehicles from other nations. UK has the canadian ADATS after all.


Britain got the canadian Skink (and QF 3.7 Ram) as well

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We have no plans to remove or move South Africa as a nation form the British tree.


If you add a subTT to a nation, could it be possible after that than some vehicle from this subnation come under other ingame nation as individual vehicle ?

Not really. It will have comparable radar, better energy retention, better A2G capabilities and overall more missiles than the Gripen.

After a nation has been added as a subtree, its highly unlikely any vehicles from that nation would ever go elsewhere from that point.


but any plans to add any south African air in any way

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The Atlas Cheetah C had been passed for consideration on the old forums at the very least, but I suppose that doesn’t mean much when certain other aircraft have remained in consideration-hell for an eternity (Alpha Jet being passed in late 2017)

And the Gripen produces a lot less drag


Plus it’s smaller too so it will properly turn faster

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Slightly smaller then the F16 somehow

Yea no doubt we will properly see these for nation that hasn’t or can’t get top tier jets.

Like Britain Germany ect

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And what difference does that speed make in game compared to the advantages of the F/A-18 listed in the post you quoted? You lose the speed in a close range fight anyway and it doesn’t suddenly make you able to outrun a missile.

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Not to necro a topic or anything, but did we ever figure out which aircraft the Indian Jaguar in that episode of the Shooting Range, by Gaijin Entertainment was based on ?

It doesn’t match any of the serial numbers that I’m aware of
( Quarter Century of the Jaguar in India – Bharat Rakshak )


I don’t think we had

Excuse me?

Germany got another Mig-29. They are not lacking top air.

And how many top tier air the US got in a row ?
Bout 6 I believe

They will with addition of AIM-120. As long as R-27ER is good, 29G’s RWR and CM amount is lacking rn which will only get worse in the future.

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What the point…?

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That how much a nation gets in a previous update doesn’t mean anything.

And my the sounds of things the meta will change a lot in the next update.