New Tech Tree?

Forget about new trees after the new format of marathons (the BR threshold will increase to 11.6 BR), premium (11.6 BR), season pass, everything will go there. I think this is good because all that is offered here are clones of Germany, the USSR and the USA for the sake of one supposedly unique technology, but this is not so because the gun and platform will be from Europe or the USSR, which means there will be no difference.

Gaijin already stated more trees will be coming, which means that not everything foreign will be relegated to battle pass and events.

There are a magnitude of unique vehicles left from countries not yet (largely) represented in War Thunder, so to call them all derived from x country is wrong.

I have some over Mexico, and Some over Brazil. But as I stated, I know nothing of Niger or Sudan.

Niger pretty much have nothing as far as i’m aware and Sudan is C&P

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Clearly you don’t know enough about either Brazil or Mexico to make a real judgement in their capabilities though…

F16, jas39 and l39ng

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If we look directly at what has been suggested
Nation wise we got:

  • (YU) Yugoslavian Ground Forces Tech Tree【Suggestion
  • (UA) Ukraine Ground Forces tech tree【Suggestion
  • (TR) Turkish Ground Forces Tech Tree Suggestion
  • (KR) South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree【Suggestion
  • (SG) Singapore Ground Forces Subtree【Suggestion
  • (RO) Romanian Ground Forces Sub-Tree【Suggestion
  • (NO) Norwegian Ground Forces Sub-tree【Suggestion
  • (KP) North Korean Ground Forces Sub-Tree【Suggestion
  • (IR) Iranian Ground Forces Tech Tree【Suggestion
  • (ID) Indonesian Ground Forces Sub-tree【Suggestion
  • (CS) Czechoslovakian Ground Forces Tech Tree【Suggestion
  • (CL) Chilean Ground Forces Subtree【Suggestion
  • (CA) Canadian Ground Forces Tech Tree【Suggestion
  • (BE) Belgian Ground Forces Subtree【Suggestion

And there’s also alliance suggestions:

Out of all these obviously some might fit in as an independant nation but others may either never come or like Hungary be added as a sub-tree (There was an independant TT for it)


I know their capabilities are no where near the scale of the nations in game. Nor Aus. or Egypt and the Koreas.

Korea and Yugoslavia 100% deserve trees


Whatever you say bub, I guess that rank I-VII worth of unique vehicles for Brazil isn’t worth shit now and that Mexico somehow does have high tier capable vehicles despite only having vehicles geared towards fighting Cartels, but what do I know /s

A tech tree should have a reasonable amount of content in:

  • Tanks
  • Planes
  • WW2
  • Cold War
  • Modern
    Not necessarily ALL of the above (as proven by the Israeli tree) BUT content should be interesting and original…at least in a good part of the tree.

Otherwise it is better to add vehicles to already existing trees, IMHO.

A combo tree MAY be a good option…but i see a lot of players saying nation X “must” have a tree…and in most cases (even combos) i don’t see a lot of content…and for sure not on most of the items above. Usually it is only some admittedly interesting vehicles on a very specific period…
BUT a tree full of copy-paste and “surreal”, seldom used or debatable import vehicles is not fun to me. Will just add strange opponents to the games…

And the fact these “must have TT” is always country they are from is pure coincidence xD
Then you check their TT and 95% of that is copy paste, prototypes and trainers. Obviously top tier is either full Russia or full NATO xD

Brazil is geared enough, but it will have to be a sub-tech tree, as it’s not really enough to make a full tree, in my opinion.

They dont have any armed forces

They have a coastguard but nothing else.
Not even a significant one at that.

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yea, thats what i was getting at

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Coastguard search and rescue tech tree would be an interesting grind for sure!

Coastguard & Homeguard

I think Switzerland and Austria could be a good tech tree. I know many planes and tanks that were used by those armed forces are already in the game. But for example on the Swiss side it could bring the Piranha tanks (some variants have .50cal, 30mm, tow missiles or a 90mm gun like the Belgian one). Two new jet planes (The N20 aiguillon and the FFA P-169. Maybe even the ALR piranha that wasn’t totally built but the research made on this plane can give way enough data so this plane can be added in the game. There is also the Pz 68 series and the prototype that was actually built and tested of the Leo 2 with a 140mm gun. I can add the Tank Gun 68 which was a Howitzer with actual armor. There is also some missiles and bombs that were only used in the Swiss armed forces. And, the Swiss Hawker hunters were mainly used for CAS and they had specific rockets for it. On the Austrian side it could add the Pandur tanks and the Ulan IFV. Or Maybe the would be better as sub trees but with which nation ?


There is a suggestion for a Switzerland + Austria TT, if you want to take a look at it
But there’s also people who want them as sub-trees for Germany

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