New Tech Tree?

There are a lot of countries that also have tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and jet/planes…
Why don’t gaijin make a separate tech tree for all those countries like Australia, New Zealand, North/South Korea, Brazil other South America countries, Mexico, more of Africa countries like Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan in 1 tech tree?
We live in a modern world today they all must have some kind of military to protect themselves right?

Subtrees better, new tech tree requires new crew training and crew slots. Also have to research from ground up.


Agreed, Like people saying Norway, Denmark, Iceland etc. should be a TT just no… Make them part of sweden you dont have to do that!

Besides sweden already has a Norwegian tank.


Ditto for the notion of subtrees. Otherwise there aren’t enough vehicles to fill the roster and we are back to copy-paste vehicles that the community love so much.

How many of those TTs would include at least one of the following:

  1. Leopard 2
  2. T-72
  3. Sherman
  4. T-34
  5. Pershing/Patton
  6. P-51 Mustang
  7. F-4 Phanrom
  8. F-104 Starfighter
  9. F-5
  10. Mig-21
  11. Apache
  12. Hind
  13. AMX-13

Im sure theres couple vehicles I missed, but cmon.

Inb4 “this variant is totally unique tho because it has extra 5mm plate”.


Latam/Iberian tree

Spanish/Mexican F5
Spanish Mirage F1
Chilean/portuguese F16
Spanish Harrier
Spanish F18
Spanish Eurofighter
Brazilian Gripen
Venezuelan Su30
Cuban mig29

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iceland lol

“it has a extra 5mm plate and unique livery”

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Understandable, lets pump out 6 of those TTs by next friday.

Most of those would work as sub trees, but North/South Korea will probably work the best as their own tech tree.

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Yes, 99% of their vehicles are bought from countries we already have in game.

And which nations can be added with the least amount of copy paste?
All the popular suggestions for a new tree tends to be a lot of C&P

Or just add the spanish AV-8 and F1 to Italy and leave it alone

But this belgian greyhound has extra 20mm plate on top of the turret, ergo it is not copy paste

  • someone, somewhere

Forgot T-54 which we could add one to every in game nation without japan

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Polish tree with czech sub tt would be good too

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Seriously this is a suggestion

If you want top tier consisting of single F-16 just play Japan. No need to add new tech trees :D

New tech tree “everything else” every nation not currently ingame

Oh no!

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