Needs and Potential of French Ground for "Seek and Destroy"

If you’re reading this I appreciate the time you’re giving to see my thoughts on the matter.
I’ve already made a topic for vehicles that I’ve been asking for, I figured making a new one would build on it in a more meaningful way.
With the introduction of BeNeLux as a subtree for France, comes many positive changes, while also possible negatives and complications. As I was and still am resistant to the addition of BeNeLux as an addition to France. We don’t need them in any regard, but being a host would give them a chance they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This is definitely a very involved process. So copy-pasting from my previous post will save some time and sanity, a few mistakes might slip their way through. You can still consider this a cope post as well, as it’s what I PERSONALLY would like to see.

This is what I consider to be part my cultivating contribution to the French player base.
Where France could become something close to how fleshed out the more developed trees are if most not even all are added.
Everyone keeps pushing for more top tier, but neglect what can be added for low and mid tier which is what the majority of the player base plays as well, especially if they don’t spend any of their money.
As I researched and suggested the Tiger Block II, but that took a long time of dedication. Building upon others seems like what I’m currently best at.

Also, check out these other posts if you haven’t yet. There might be a few that I’ve forgotten and I’ll add any that I think contribute.

Going into this, I split the lists of vehicles into:
•) Main Battle/ Medium Tank
•) Light Tank/ Tank Destroyer
•) Light Reconnaissance
•) Heavy Reconnaissance
•) Swiss vehicles
•) BeNeLux vehicles
•) Premium/Squadron vehicles
•) Low tier vehicles

Then I decided to take 2 of each that I decided to call Keystones, where they would be what the rest of the tree is built off of. Hopefully they’re satisfactory and if anyone makes a reasonable suggestion as to why a certain vehicle would be more appropriate I’d be more then happy to update it. Hopefully as well, the structure I chose is easy to read and understand.
•) Example (Prefered placement 1 or preferred placement 2)


Main Battle Tank Keystones

•) Leclerc Tropicalisé/EAU
Specifically so it can replace the AZUR. The Tropicalisé is built off of the SXXI as a base, rather then what the AZUR is in game which is a downgrade as a S2. This would allow for the AZUR to be added to the S2 and SXXI as an armor modification.

•) MSC/Leclerc Prototype
This Leclerc specifically as it’s one of the more well known and serves as a basis for the other Leclercs.

Light Tank Keystones

•) SK-105A3 (Tech Tree or Squadron)
It’s a stabilized version of the SK-105A2 currently in game, and serves as the end of the legacy for the legendary AMX-13 with this being a derivative.


•) Panhard Sagaie II (Tech tree or Premium)
A potential rat vehicle only held back by its 90mm. But it’s mobility makes it a capable vehicle to progress the AMX-10RC.


Light Reconnaissance Keystones

•) VBL Mk3 (Tech tree)
Specifically because it’s an introduction to the Akeron system built on one of Frances workhorses and can serve as an introduction to the system. I couldn’t find any specific info on how many missiles are stowed but I imagine it would be 4-6+1 shots, it might not seem like much but it being so small will make it an effective recon vehicle.


•) VBL HOT/ATM (Tech Tree)
It can carry HOT-3’s without adding them to the Mephisto which would increase its BR. While being able to carry 2 missiles, one launcher can be replaced with either a 20mm or 30mm. It should be able to carry 4-6 spares like other VBL’s.


Heavy Reconnaissance Keystones

•) EBRC Jaguar (Tech Tree)
Because it’s the EBRC Jaguar, the Pinnacle of French recon vehicle design. The CT-RW and VBL Mk3 are parts to the system that is the Jaguar.


•) Vextra POLE (Tech tree)
This feels like it belongs close to the EBRC Jaguar. The 120mm and autoloader on a light tank would be a potent combination for situations where the CT40 and Akeron would have trouble.


There’s not much to currently add especially as a keystone vehicle, but there’s still a few to be added

•) SAMM TTB140
After a lot of consideration and some light research, this seems like it’s worth it’s place in the tech tree. While it doesn’t have radar, it still managed to take the AMX-10 RAA’s place.
I would prefer the Panhard ERC, but the AMX-10 is also good enough.


•) VAB TA-23

The Swiss Connection

•) Mowag FL-20
The Mowag Shark wheeled vehicle being one of two platforms the FL-20 turret is mounted on. The other being… German.

•) Mowag Trinity
A very modernized version of the Bofors 40mm to use several automatic systems. It could potentially be an addition for France if it doesn’t go to Sweden, Germany, or Switzerland itself. As the RAPIDFire could potentially be awkward to add.

BeNeLux Vehicles

•) Leopard 1A5 3105
Do I necessarily want this vehicle? No. But BeNeLux is now stuck with France whether we like it or not. This vehicle would make BeNeLux a meaningful addition instead of just throwing dead weight into the tech tree.


•) K21-120
A South Korean IFV exported to Belgium and tested with Cockerill turrets with both 105mm and 120mm guns. For the purpose of the list, I choose the 120mm. It seems like a good concept.


Premium/Squadron Vehicles

•) AMX-10 RCR T40
Put the AMX-10 RC back into development, you get a modern Anti-Tank Reconnaissance vehicle similar to the Jaguar at a lower BR.


•) Leclerc “Ares”
Based on what I know, there was some extra development going from the MSC to the Ares in the EPC program. I could be horribly wrong, if not, Ares is still one of the best options for a pack premium besides the AMX-10 RCR T40.


Low-tier Vehicles

•) Char G1P
It was close to being finished as it had its parts ready for delivery to be put together. It could also fit into the BR of early M4’s and T-34’s.


•) M47 Revalorisé
It could be a development of the M26 and pair with the AMX-30.

Other Vehicles
Prepare for a long list, these aren’t bad vehicles by any means. They just didn’t make the cut for the best 2.

•) Piranha III TML-105
One of the platforms the eventful, but unsuccessful TML turrets were mounted on.


•) VAB CT-RWS (Premium or Tech Tree)
The test bed for the CT40 gun that is used by modern French recon vehicles. It could serve as an introduction to the CT40 system.


•) AMX-10RC TML (late)
Something in between the AMX-10RC and Vextra. It would be best as either a Premium or Squadron to give the French tree another option to be easier to approach.

•) VBL Milan & TOW (Premium or tech tree)
Both are valid but redundant to each other as well as the other VBL’s, the Milan especially to the AML-20.


•) VBL Kernet-E (Premium)
The skill issue VBL that Russia lost because of the Invasion of Ukraine that France reclaimed. It has the same missile as the BMP-2M with 4 spares. Russia gets our thermals we get their missiles, perfectly balanced.

•) AMX-10P HOT (Premium)
Another good missile vehicle that feels redundant. Where it carries a larger reserve of 14 spares but would likely lose it’s scouting ability and speed.


•) AMX-10M HOT (Tech Tree or Premium)
Redundant to the AMX-10P HOT but has a 20mm.


•) AMX-30V/VE (Tech Tree or Premium)
Next up is a bunch of similar stabilized AMX-30 developments. The V and VE are similar except the VE gets commander CITV.


•) AMX-30EM2
Spanish instead of Venezuelan.


•) AMX-30C2
One of France’s attempts to export the the AMX-30.

•) AMX-30(B) SAMM

•) AMX-30 Valorisé

•) M41 LCTS 90
Plus de Chars Légers = Plus de Français
I keep forgetting where the M24 Valorisé is…


•) DAF YP-408 PWAT
A Dutch thing that actually might be good!? If the Netherlands is stuck with France they should at least bring their best.
(Leave Leopard 2s at the door though)

•) BDX APC (Milan)
A decent Milan carrier, since France didn’t seem to use it on dedicated carriers very often.


•) Panhard Sphinx (Squadron)
Redundant to the EBRC Jaguar except it’s smaller and slightly less protected without APS.

•) AMX Auf2 (Tech tree)
It brings a similar gun system to CAESAR except it doesn’t require dismount. It should be able to fire rounds like OCC 155 F3 and BONUS top attack.


•) Pz 61 SAMM
I know what you might be thinking by now.
“Why are there so many French things in the country I thought was mostly just off-brand Germany!?”
Well, that’s what the Germans want you to think.
It’s also why I get a migraine whenever anyone suggests Switzerland becomes a dedicated sub-tree if it isn’t independent. They’re famously neutral afterall.

This also has a two plane stabilizer and hydraulic turret designed by a French company I guess.

•) AMX-10RAA (Tech Tree)
France feels lacking in advanced gun systems for the reason that it felt like a dead end to French military doctrine. There are still a few modern options like this that were being developed up until the end.


•) AMX Mk62
It’s really just a French vehicle exported solely to Switzerland. Could France get this just by itself? Yeah, it should, no matter what happens with Switzerland. There’s also a Mk3 apparently.


•) Thales RAPIDFire (Tech Tree)
With the introduction of the CT40, it created an unexpected return to gun based Air defense for France. Compared to its predecessors it brings cutting edge smart ammunition that would make it potent in its role.

•) AMX-13 FL-15 (Modèle 1987)
Legends tell of an AMX-13 that uses the turret that is on the DF-105. Along with the new turret comes a resigned hull, transmission, and engine.


3 sub branch for now. I think just stop already. Somebody talking about talking about world taking - look for french mains


So you see a Swiss vehicle and automatically assume I’m asking for an entire subtree and IGNORE LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE…

As if I even wanted the entire BeNeLux to begin with


Swiss vehicles in general have no place in the French tree.


Ah, so you’re just here to complain. When there are Swiss vehicles in the list that belong in France.
Good to know I’m being met with negativity.


I’m not complaining, why would I complain about something that won’t happen, I’m just saying lol.

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It’s still just incredibly gross, toxic negativity in general that doesn’t even serve a purpose.


That people have different opinions? I’m sorry but you should’ve saw this coming when you clicked post.

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It’s the internet, so yeah. People are free to vomit out bad opinions.


+1 probably gonna make my own similar post once the patch goes live but this one is great!
Am missing AMX 10 TTB140 my beloved though!


I’ll have to take another looks at that one.
It looks pretty good so far. 😁

+1 the future of the french tech tree just gets more and more bright

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every time i wish more and more they put the cta 40 on the vextra.

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You never know what the future might bring

I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong but the tropicalisé is based on the S2 and not the s21. It can easily be confirmed with the picture you show with the armor addon on the commander side of the turret being relatively shallow and square, while the S21 is much larger and droops a little on the top side

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Last I knew, the initial version of the Tropicalisé was S2, but was upgraded to SXXI.
There’s talks about it going to XLR, but not much is still known about it.

The VBCI is a development from the Vextra. 🙃
The VBCI might be a slightly bigger, but there’s CTA40 equipped versions. So it’s technically correct.

Swiss planes should likewise not be in the German tree, yet here we are. Stranger things have happened.

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Honestly, a lot of these look like useful and meaningful additions, which begs the question: why hasn’t Gaijin added any of these?

They make more sense there than any other tree unless their own.