Leopard 1A5 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade

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1-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade

The Belgian company “John Cockerill Defense” recently presented an update of the Leopard 1A5, to do this it acquired a Leopard 1A5 from the Belgian army, verifying its integration on the frame of its modern “Cockerill 3105” turret, it then created a interface to be inserted between the turret and the chassis, which would allow the integration of the turret, an operation that took only one day, as only one cable was needed to bring power to the turret. The upgraded Leopard 1A5 is therefore equipped with a brand new turret made of welded ballistic aluminum, which can be equipped with armor kits bringing its protection up to STANG 4569 Level 5. The “Cockerill 105mm HP” cannon allows you to fire NATO ammunition, the crew in the turret is reduced to two members, being fitted with an autoloader that can accommodate 12 or 16 rounds, the commander’s and gunner’s stations are identical, linked to a digital fire control system, while both operators have dual sights stabilized, and the system allowing hunter-killer operations. Secondary armament consists of a coaxial 7.62mm MG and a trunnion-mounted 12.7mm. The engine and transmission departments, as well as the hull in general, have not undergone changes, however the weight of the turret reduced by 3.5 tons allows for a lighter tank, improving performance. Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade is an economical solution for all those nations that still have Leopard 1 specimens in service and intend to upgrade them. It would be great to see it added in WT for all lovers of this iconic MBT that after almost 60 years still amazes.

Specifications - Performance:


Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade -Specifications - Performance



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2-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade
3-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade
4-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade
5-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade
6-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade
7-Leopard 1 Cockerill 3105 Upgrade


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do you know have fast the autoloader is?

That turret IS already in Game on the patria chasis.

I would really like to see more of this turret in-game, there’s a fair few vehicles it has been mounted on, in addition to the 120mm variant. The Leopard chassis is versatile, and I think it would make an excellent combination with the C3105 turret. +1!

It looks so goofy! +1

big +1, but you could’ve mentioned the MECAR shells from Belgium, specifically the M1060CV shell specifically designed for the 3105 HP gun with ridiculous performance that could make it the Object 120 of top tier haha

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+1 for the neck-tank

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That’s quite a neck. But I suppose it doesn’t matter since it’s a Leopard 1. It doesn’t have armor anyway. With M1060CV it could be quite a potent glass cannon.

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