Lightweight Multirole Missile for Stormer HVM - Slower but Surer

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Alvis Stormer HVM is a vehicle known for firing a unique in its design Starstreak missile. However, the 3 darted menace is not the only missile that the Stormer can threaten its enemies with. There is another one, a missile that is as deadly to ground targets, as it is to the air targets.


Lightweight Multirole Missile

Every great thing has its start, so let me explain its development to you.

  • The Lightweight Multirole Missile was initially conceived as Thales’ response to the MoD’s FASGW(L) or Future Air-to-Surface Guided Weapon (Light) requirement. FASGW consisted of both a heavy and light system. The light requirement was to be a new weapon optimised around defeating fast-in-shore-attack-craft. Yes, the missile started as an anti-ship missile, however the multirole idea was with the designers from the start, causing the missile to evolve into a threat to both air, ground and sea targets. The program started in year 2009 and the first version of LMM was presented to the MoD in 2011.

  • Thales submitted a redesigned Starburst missile which would maintain the use of a SACLOS guidance system as means of overcoming the tight rules of engagement present in in-shore waters and ensuring continued effectiveness against low-reflectivity targets. However, during the later stages of the development many different configurations were created.

    This kind of modular approach allows for the missile that is best suited for any mission that it is given to it.

  • The missile was designed for use from very small platforms, including airborne UAVs, weighting only 13kg and with length of only 1,3m, and has zero recoil when fired.

For the sake of this suggestion, I will focus on the SALH/LOSBR version of the missile, the one used on the Stormer HVM. This version of the missile was first showcased in 2019.
The missile in this configuration has a laser receiver that is the same as that in the Starstreak missile, making it compatible with all launchers capable of shooting Starstreak, and the tube it is stored has the same dimensions allowing for easy integration with all types of launchers, Stormer included.


Unfortunately, the LMM is a very recent missile, making some of the statistics classified. However, using sources publicly available, I was able to provide the rough data of the missile.

Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: Length 1.3m, Diameter 76mm
Guidance type: SALH/LOSBR Can be changed before launch to increase the hit probability and lethality, 6DoF.
Speed: Over Mach 1,5 (510 m/s)
Maximum effective range: 8km
Propulsion: 2 Stage Solid fuel, Low Smoke
Steering: PID, around 30g, steered using all four front canards, seeker and canards are on a bearing that slows/negates their rotation compared to the rest of the missile.
Warhead: Dual purpose 3kg Blast Frag/ Shaped charge (Capable of destroying both air and armored targets, similar to MIM146 present in game, the most likely penetration would be around 600mm)

Fuze: Impact and Laser Proximity up to 3m.




Here are the pictures of Stormer HVM with LMM loaded in its launcher (LMM has a beige cover)
2 Starstreaks 6 LMM
4 Starstreaks 4 LMM


Model Based Design employed in LMM development Ronnie Fleming - PDF Free Download
Martlet (missile) - Wikipedia
Martlet (Lightweight Multirole Missile) - Think Defence


Devil coming in like:


Yea, glad it is finally up, maybe we can finally get in game :D


Also guys, is it common knowledge that missiles like LMM have Six degrees of freedom or do i need to add that?
I know it sounds stupid, but you never know.


add everything

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Not a fan of another spaa with full sp cost.

nah just a different ammo

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Its about adding the LMM to the Stormer we already have. IT should not turn it into a td/ increasing spawn points, also doubt they will add another storme with LMM only.

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…tbh wouldnt this turn it into a lower br adats?

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And that different ammo will make stormer tank destroyer. I prefer 70 sp cost.

Do you really think the mim-146 analog won’t get td class? Dual purpose missile = td.

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Well, yes i do hope. Hope dies last. But Stormer needs it for the proxy and close distance shots

What BR would the stormer be placed at after the missile is added?

The best approach would be to add this missile and reduce spawn costs for ADATS to acceptable (SPAA) levels. It is unfair that two top tier nations currently literally don’t have a usable SPAA and are gimped as air defence because of it.


It should stay the same. The stats of the missile are not that impressive.

Would be nice to get the ADATS to spaa cost. Sadly dont think that will happen any time soon.

Im also very happy that tis suggestion, if its gets implemented will open up path for other versions of LMM

and its addition to Air and Naval platforms


(HMS Sutherland)


Love to see it, although, I’d like it to go on a Stormer HVM (late), as its tank killing abilities and generally being an easier missile to hit close in targets, with I’d imagine that would drive the BR up on the existing Stormer, and you can never have enough options for SHORAD.


Well, its all up to devs to decide what to do with it.
I also wonder if we will be able to mix them up, just like irl, or if we will be forced to take only one type of missiles at the time.

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Maybe how like some SPAA have a small amount og APFSDS

That will be harder, due to it having to be a different model, ability to sellect what missile to fire, that might be different to the standard order the missiles are fiered etc.
Also another thing that if we mix them, Starstreak will be stuck to beam riding, while the LMM could be used in either beam riding or SALH (so probably something like in pantsir or tor, where missile would lead in front of the target).

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